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New kid on the Block Guiness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Picture of Guiness
Guiness at 8 weeks  
Hi! My name is Guiness. I'm a new addition to the family. I live with these two grouchy fuzz balls. Mom says they are very old pekingese. Whatever that is. I just know they are great chew toys. If you bite the right end you get a mouth full of fuzz and the other end turns around and snaps at me. I just don't get it. if Snuggles and Mitzi are dogs, why won't they play with me? I'm so cute how can they not like me? I even try to help them finish their dinners for them and they don't even appreciate that! I'm 12 weeks old and mom says snuggles is 15 and mitzi is 12 years old. Can anyone tell me what a year is? My other favorite toy is to grab on to mom's slipper as she is walking. Then again I just love those Pig Ear things! I can't wait till mom gets home tonight so I can find something new to get into! any suggesstions?

Big Dog
I like your dogs I must have one!

Fuck you Mother & Sister... It is GREAT

those are the cutest two dogs ive ever seen !awwwwwwwwwww!

cool dog
thats a great dog u have got there i have one to is name is sid its still a pupy

Is Sam a Pit Bull Terrier, if so Email me at Because he is a nice size and I just bred my female. Im a Pit Bull Lover. You have pretty dogs and have a good day. Nice talking to ya. I just left OK myself I was at Lawton, Ok. Now back home in MO.

pigs ears
My name is Skipper,I'm a 8lb Pomeranian,I can eat a big pigs ear in one day!

Oh you were such a cute liddle puppy! Er, ahem, you should grow up to become a very handsome AmStaf, Guinness.
~Ollie the Border Collie~

Max - Maxium Distruction
Well my real name is Max. But I used to get called Maxium Distruction that is until my grandad discoverd Vicks Vapour Rub. You see I'm a Staffy Cross Blue Healer and if that plastic don't have vicks on it then I just can't do a thing but chew all day long. Can I also add that my passions in life are food and my humans.

Great Name
I bet my dad would get a kick out of your name. Mine is Captain Morgan.

Hi, Guiness. Don't you just love those big bones? But watch out! To much rawhide isn't good for you -or so my masters say. Sorry the other dogs take your bones. My sisters and brother try to take mine, too. But they don't seem to remember that I'm alpha dog. Of course they don't forget for long. Sarah (Bassett Hound in Florida)

you have the most adorable dog i've ever seen!!!

Hey Guiness!
You're sooo lucky! At least you get a rawhide bone-even a 4lber! My family/owners think they're too messy for me to chew on, so I get stuck with plastic bones instead. Oh, well. My life is pretty good anyway. My sympathies about Sam.
Your friend, Misty ;)

You Are A Credit To The Name
I can see by your photo that you have done the name "Guiness" proud. Great picture. Sorry to hear your buddy Sam has gone on to the Rainbow Bridge. Have a nice St. Patrick's Day today. Tell your Mom and Dad to give you a few drops of Guinness today along with your Pawier vitamins. ---Danny Boy (Cocker in California)

Hi it's me Guiness, The Old timer in the picture is my mentor Sam. He passed away in february of this year, I only knew him a short time but he is sorely missed. Sam was 15. This is the last photo of us taken together before he passed on. so in case you were curious about who he was since we haven't written about him, but I hear he had some real good tales of when he was young. Maybe I'll get Snuggles to tell ya some of the stories sometime.---Guiness

fat golden lab
he waits till my husband goes to work then decides to help himself to what ever is in the trash. so that when mom wakes up she gets to clean up all the mess!!!

Mud Hole

Guiness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hi it's me Guiness once again. Mom and dad were outside last weekend and digging in the front flower bed. Then a this water was all over the place. They didn't cut the water line but I found out later that it had sprung a leak and they had no water pressure that was why they were digging in the flowerbed to find the little gusher between the azaleas. meanwhile, I felt like I should offer my services, in digging, but I was promptly put in the fenced back yard. So I squeezed under the fence (I'm still small enough to get through the hole previously dug by Sam.) (My mentor who recently in feb. crossed the rainbow bridge, we miss him so.) Anyway, I got under the fence and back around where they were having fun. Then this big truck shows up and I was put inside the house. The plumber fixed the leak then left this big hole full of water open to attempt to dry it out, told mom to let it stay that way for about a week. Well, I forgot about that hole and went scampering out the next day being the little bundle of energy that I am. And oops! I fell in. I was crying wet and muddy, I couldn't touch the bottom of the hole! my claws couldn't get a hold of the slick muddy walls, I don't know how to swim yet! and it was Cold! Mom rescued me! I showed her my apreciation by getting her all wet and muddy and then getting it all over the tile floor and bath room, when I got a bath. Snuggles and Mitzi were laughing at me. Anyway, that was this weekends adventure! What's Next!---Your friend Guiness.

Date: 09-Mar-98Age: 0Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment: Gosh, you make my ears stand up. That's not easy for us lopeared golden's. Well, I sure am glad you got out safe. Next time put a ladder in the whole so you can get back out.

mountain out of a mud hole!!!

Oops!!! My name's Little Red Rooster and I had a similar experience, except I began digging one day at the very in a great big circle around my dog house. The next thing I know, I have a moat all the way around! It was great! I was the only dog on the block with a castle and my very own moat!!! Those enemies definitely couldn't get in. Naturally, it starts to rain, and guess what---I couldn't get out!! I was afraid to swim so my mommy had to come rescue me too!


Bones Are Best Buried
Hi, Guiness! Glad to see you have survived all the training by Snuggles and Mitzi. My Mom won't let me have bones anymore, which I don't think is fair. It's all because I take the bone outside immediately and bury it somewhere safe. Then a couple of days later, when it is good and ripe, I dig it up and bring it in the house to chew on. My Mom thinks that is gross. My Dad objects too. Can't wait to see your picture. I'm working on getting a good one of me with all my "feathers" on. Your friend, Candy (Cocker in California)

Hi! It's me Guiness. this time I pulled the trash can liner out of the garbage can, mom forgot to hide and I drug it all over the living room! I decorated the chairs with bits of paper towel and tin foil and then I decided to shred the shredded wheat box and put it on the couch. From there I took all the dog food cans that were essentially empty and licked em clean. then I munched something that made a nice mess on the carpet in front of the fireplace, I found the empty dog food bag next to the trash can and shredded it too! the whole living room was filled with the smells and confetti of the wonderful trash! mom didn't seem real happy with my mess and put me outside on a chain attached to a cement block! I was devistated. Mitzi said I had it comming she says "Hi" Andrew. she seems to be getting around a bit better now that she had that cortizone shot. Anyway, Mom put up the trash today so I cant play with it. bummer. well, I'll talk to you guys later, I think mom got me a new throw rug for the hall way, hee hee hee, munch. --- your Friend, Guiness.

Comment: Guiness, they don't call those things throw rugs for nothing! ;)I sure am glad Mitzi is feeling better. Tell her hi for me please.


Wow! You had such fun. Trash is the best. You are lucky, a new throw rug. Mom replaced the one I ate and I am making her think I havent noticed. Dylan The Unraveller

MouserGuiness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hi Everybody! it's me Guiness again. Yesterday I went out to the compost pile and saw this little grey thing scurrying about. I had to investigate, so I chased it and tried a couple of times to catch it, it was all in fun. but to my amazement I caught it! I bit that nasty little thing and shook it like I do my rope toy, and similar to what I do with socks. and then I went to show mom what I'd done! I was soo proud of myself! I put it at moms feet. she was so surprised and then said Good Boy! then she wouldn't let me take my new toy in the house! why? I thought she liked it? anyway then she burried in the flower bed, so I dug it back up she came out and took it away from me again then put me in the house and took it somewhere and I cant seem to find it now. I'll just have to catch another one tomorrow. this is so much fun---Your friend, Guiness
Date: 09-Apr-98Age: 0Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment: Coool, I have never caught a mouse before. I catch frogs and thought about catching a black snake last week. Lucky for the snake he got scared and slivered into his whole.

I wish I could catch an animal!!
Hey! Its me, Trixie! I'm a border collie... my owners always stop me from catching animals, but boy do I wish I could catch one once, it would be SO much fun! In our yard we have squirrels and chipmunks, and birds, but they say that I can't hunt in the yard. My daddy might take me hunting sometime though!! We'll just have to see! Wish me luck.

It's not fair!
No fair! My dad killed a mouse and a frog. I did not know dogs could do that. Mom said she saw a huge rat run across the front yard, maybe we can have that one. We could practice on the cat. Harley

Stay away, mice!
I hate mice. I can always smell when they've been by my dinner. And when I smell them, they ruin my appetite!!! Then my masters get all bent out of shape, wondering why I don't eat. If I see a mouse, I'll PULVERISE IT!!! -Misty from AK ;)


                                                     Tasty Rug
Guiness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hi! It's me Guiness. Yesterday, Mitzi and I were waiting for Mom to come home Mitzi was laying on the air conditioner vent and I was chewing on my big bone. and I licked the rug. Mmmm. it's just one of those little throw rugs in front of the front door so you wipe your paws on it when ya come in, anyway, it tasted yummy so many different smells! I got one piece of string and pulled, Cool! it all comes apart! I took my new string toy into where mitzi was sleeping and showed it to her. she woke up and told me that I should put it back where mom would see it immediatly when she came home. so I put it back where it usually lays in front of the door and waited. sure enough I heard that car pull up. Mitzi said she wanted to see the look on moms face too. boy was mom surprised! it is so much fun to see human faces when they get all red like that. hee hee hee. also I'm learning to climb stairs! and go back down.My mom's bedroom is upstairs, a curly Q staircase, kinda scary. but I can lay on the landing and survey the whole living room and look out into the back yard! We live in an A frame house in the country. they keep putting up this gate to keep me out of the bedroom but I've figured it out. I think next time I'm up there I might attack the goose down comforter and make it snow! or, those stuffed animals or those slippers mom keeps hiding from me! being a puppy is sooo much fun! I'm 40 lbs now! I think I hear her car comming, better go greet her at the door!---Your Puppy Pal, Guiness.

Date: 14-May-98Age: 0Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $25.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment: Guiness you have it too good. How big do you plan on getting? I weigh 80 pounds.

Where are all the rugs?
Hey, you guys sure are lucky to have rugs. We used to have nice rugs all over the house. Some of them didn't smell good so Minnie and I fixed that. Mom didn't like the new smell and kept washing them. After awhile she put the rugs in a big plastic bag in the closet. She also put away all of these great chewy rugs that got really stringy really fast. She kept yelling that she had made them herself and that they were special. We thought so too, but they are all gone now. Hardwood floors and one little mat in the kitchen that mom says is ugly anyway is all we have. Bob & Minnie

Hi Guiness
Great story. Carpet is chewy, flosses your teeth too. We have something in common, I am a big pup, too. I am 60 pounds and I just turned 7 months. That is how I got my name. I am such a sweet girl with such a ridiculous name. All dad's idea.
Conan (Annie)
P.S. Cookie: start unraveling by grabbing any thread and just pull and pull.

Doormats are Tasty too!
hi guinness, i'm glad you are feeling better and doing your good stuff again with mitzi! my mommy bought this great long doormat thing so we can wipe our paws when we come in from the "mud-pit". i found out that if i grab the corner, i can drag it under the chair in the living room where mommy can't get to me and settle in for a nice chew! only thing is, it's about 6 feet long and i'm just a little guy, so sometimes i get tangled up in it and mom can catch me. she just sighs and shakes her head, then she puts it back by the door and we start all over again. i haven't tried pulling the string thing yet, but now you've given me a great idea! does it taste anything like spaghetti? Teddy (8 month old English cocker in Maryland)



Guiness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hi, I found this strange thing that buzzes and vibrates, sometimes it beeps. Mom calles it dads pager for work. well I was hanging out on the lazyboy taking a nap when I hear this noise, then it sotpped and after a few minutes it did it again. after a while it fell off the tv, so I went to investigate it. I bit it while it was buzzing and it finally stopped then after about 5 minutes it started again, so I bit it again. this went on for about 2 hours. well when mom came home at lunch to check on us she found it in my mouth. oops, I was in trouble. I put lots of teeth marks on it and she called daddy then she turned it off. I wonder if he will leave it around again. hmmm. I also distroved one of dads model BMW cars that he keeps on this shelf with lots of little toys. they might be fun! I hear talk of a gate going to be installed on the top of the stairs to keep me off the bed. this could be a new challange. and can anyone tell me why mom now hides the trash in the closet? well it's time to attack another one of dads little cars---Guiness.

Date: 04-Jun-98Age: 0Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment: I may be wrong but I think you are the first pager muncher on BDC. Congrats

You are tooo cute
Guniness, you are just too cute. Eniwek Ojin hid my pager under the house where i can't go, but I am not asking for your help to get it back. It scares me to think how you would acomplish the deed.

Guinness Fan Club
You are our leader, Guinness. Mom does not think we should hear anymore of your super ideas. She thinks you might be a BAD INFLUENCE. We have a great fondness for your kind of dog. Mom & dad have noticed that we like to play with your relatives at the dog playgrounds. We are Yorkshire TERRIERS. You know what THAT means!!! Bob & Minnie

The Talking Attache Case
The pager story reminds me of this afternoon, the family was asleep for a little afterwork nap. Well I heard voices, and I barked so loud no one else heard them until Mom finally heard someone talking and went outside to check to see if some was here for our building project. No one was there, when Mom came back in Dad said try my attache' case. He had left his Skywarn radio on wake up and the guys were talking. I do wish I could have turned it off by chewing on the hard and soft plastic. Unfortunately the radios are always where we can't get to them. Ellie Mae (2 year old cocker)

Enjoy That Bed While You Can, Guiness!
Hi Guiness, It's me, Chloe! My Mom has to put a small metal parlor chair on the bed when she goes to work because I loved lounging on the bed also. I had such a beautiful view of the robins and quail run around the yard when I was up there. The problem is, I'm incontinent (a leaker when I'm sleepin' only!) and one time Mom came home from the movies and I had leaked all over her bed. She was so freaked out by my leaking on her bed! I take some medicine for it and Mom has been slowely weaning me off. I'm finally getting better, I think. Anyway, luckily, she has one of those foam support things on the bed so I didn't soak all the way down to the mattress. After dry cleaning the quilt and cleaning the bedding and foam up a bit I figure, no harm done. Tell your humans they are lucky to only have to deal with a little dog hair! I'm a Old English sheepdog, so I don't shed. You would think my mom would have been appriciative of that fact at least! Oh well, It was fun and OH so comfy while it lasted. Enjoy it while you can, buddy!

Hi Guinness!
I didn't eat a pager, but i got in a REAL GOOD chew on mommy's lapp-topp! the corner was the best - just the right size to gnaw my aching (teething) teeth on. also, calculator buttons are real tasty, but the metal was a bit hard. last week i bit thru the cord on the new alarm clock - owie! it bit me back! i don't think i'll do that again.
Please say hi to Mitzi too - i have to go chew the lilac tree now! Teddy (English Cocker in Maryland)


Chair TippingGuiness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hi, It's me Guiness once again! I discovered this new game called Chair tipping! What ya do is get to running at full speed and jump into the lazyboy chair and it tips over backwards and you land on the soft back of the chair! I have 2 chairs I play with, Mom doesn't seem to appreciate my new game, so she sets them up for me to play again! Kinda like chair bowling. I also like to make dirty sock tea in my water bowl, first you get a dirty sock and ply with it for a while then put it into your water bowl and let it sit an hour or so, Mighty tasty! When I play the chair bowling game Mitzi hides under the big heavy antique sideboard, she lays on the air conditioner vent. I cant seem to reach her under there but she says that it is her den and that she doesn't want to get run over while I build up speed to hit the chair and tip it over. well, since everyone is at work and Mitzi is under the sideboard again it's chair tipping time! the chairs are set up too!---Your Funloving Puppy, Guiness.

Date: 28-May-98Age: 0Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment: Guiness, you better be careful around my favorite sweety. Mitzi, I got your latest letter and it made me very sad. I sure hope you feel better soon.

Giggling fool
My owner laughed SO HARD when she read your story, that she sprayed a mouthful of orange juice on her computer monitor. Sheesh...and she says dogs do grosse things! Thanks for the good story....from Jake, the golden retriever

Sock Tea?
Guinness, mom wears these things called pannyhose and they make REALLY good tea - speshully when you drag them around outside in the dirt first! Plus Teddy and I can each grab a foot and have a real good chew - they're almost better than shoes! Gus (English Cocker in Maryland)



Catch me if you can!Guiness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hi it's me again, Guiness. I made daddy run for about an hour trying to catch me when I snuck out the front door. I had a blast! I was chasing squirrels and rabbits and he was chasing me with the leash. I had so much fun making him run through the black berry bushes and poison ivy. he was hollering and calling my name along with some words I'm too young to repeat. He got his exercise and I got mine. I disapeared for a while and went to visit the neighbors house. We live on about 2 acres and the neighbor is a little ways away. Dad was about to give up when I showed up sitting in front of the garage door looking innocent. He still didn't look happy so I dashed into the back yard. Dad tripped over the garden hose and used some more of those words. Then I realized I was trapped and then caught. Then he put me on this chain attached to a cement block. Then he brought me some water. But I was hot and wanted in the house so I started to whine and sing. He must like my singing cause it worked and I got to go in the house. Hee hee hee I always get my way! Lady Ashley arrives tonight! Unfortunatly dad made me take a bath this afternoon. I guess so I smell better for Ashley. Mitzi is on the Air conditioner vent doing her rug impersonation. she says hi to everyone. Her arthritis prevents her from doing much anymore, so the keyboard is hard for her to use. anyway, I'll see what else I can get into!---Your Fun loving Puppy, Guiness.

Date: 12-Jun-98Age: 0Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment: Mom just got through looking for me for 45 minutes and chasing me too. I sneak out under the fence. As soon as they cover up an escape hole, I find two more! Hee! Hee! I've heard rumors tho that I may be attached to a long leash when I go in the back yard from now on if I don't watch it.Best wishes with Lady Ashley! All my love to the beautiful Mitzi (smooches).
Sissy, so you think I'm cute? I'd like to see your picture. Where do you live???---Guinness

Okie Dog
Guiness, my name is Sissy and I really think your pretty cute. I might have to climb the fence and meet you somewhere. You live in Oklahoma? We can meet half way, my mommy will never know Im gone. Hope to see you soon.
Sissy Ann APBT I have a pretty red nose with a whit kissy spot on the side.

Catch me if you Can
I know what you mean- my Amweican Stat terrier is also an escape artist- I send her in the back yard on a long leash, but she always manages to get tangledup- I think she does it on purpose, because she is smiling when I go out to rescue her.

One use for you Bottom
Hello , my name is Chance. Im a lab not a puppy but not grown yet either. I have learned in my life that if I put my bottam right at the front door and sit down really hard that sometimes, if someone didn't shut the door right that it will open. THEN WATCH OUT !!! I am let loose into the free world to run wild, Mom and Dad and my boy ( who is 10 and loves me very much ) come looking for me. Mom spanks my bottom when I get back and Dad tells me I've been bad but my boy just talks to me and tells me that he loves me, even tought I stink from the fishy water in the pond. I get up in the bed with my boy and we play the game on the little box, I think they call it the TV or the Ninto, can't really tell, mom is always saying to turn it off. Anyway, I like the games but the controler things are hard to work and I loose all the time, but my boy hugs me and tell me I do great so I don't mind loosing. Gotta run my boy is calling.

Great Job Guiness
Good Job Guinness, my people except for Tom just run the other way, the game is no fun without being chased. You guessed it , he is the thinnest in the human pack. Shadow 4 year old cocker

Your dad, might do what my mom does when I run of, she goes inside close the door, and does not open untill it suits her. That can take for ever , it might even last for the hole night. No fun beeing outdoor all night alone. It's scary. I've stopped running of....... allmost..

What a smiley puppy!

Nice Job
Keep up the good work. Your Dad needs exercise just like all our dads. My people have blocked up just about all of my escape routes, so I have to resort to chewing down the shed to find a way out. I think there may be a chance of digging under the fence behind the shed, once I get it chewed down. Are you out chasing ladies? ---Danny Boy (English Cocker Spaniel in California)

Hey Cassie
Harley and Conan are the females of our pack and Harley is the Alpha, FYI. Dylan (the mama's boy)

Feeling better
Hi everyone, it's me Mitzi. I'm feeling much better now tha Ashley has arrived it takes some of the heat off me with Guiness. I've started walking better and I've cheered up and back to my old self again. Ashley and I have become fast friends. she takes care of Guiness for me. I missed having a female companion to help in raising this moose of a puppy. he is up to 45 lbs now. Between you and me I heard Mommy talking to daddy, I hear he is gettin snipped soon! please don't tell him though. hee hee hee! then he wont be all humpy on Ashley and mommy's leg. well, the Air conditioner just kicked on so I'm going to go lay on the vent and keep cool. Andrew, you are such a sweetie. thanks for caring and smootchies right back at cha---Mitzi.

Harley and Conan, Guinness is a gentleman
Everyone knows it is the female who is responsible for making sure the pack eats, so Guinness take care of Mitzi and Ashley. Please make sure Ashley shows the prissy lady dogs can make it to BDC. The Pack in FW has high hopes for this lady to recover from her earlier trials. Ellie is doing great in overcoming hers. Cassie (3year old Labbie Boy)

Way to go Guiness
We are all very proud of your adventure. None of us have given chase before, but Dylan loves to drag mommy around on the leash. Mom and dad unleash us in the desert and we walk along with them, they are so proud of us, maybe we should give chase and see what they do! Hey, say hello to Mitzi for us. The AC vent is the place to be this time of year. And, good luck with Ashley. Now, Guiness, it is your turn to show some authority........if Ashley lets you. Take care..... PS I am eyeballing that new throw rug. Conan chewed the one in front of the fireplace the other day! Dylan, Harley and Conan

Your dad's problem must be that he is fit enough to run AND say those strange words. My dad James has to choose between standing still and saying them (and since I don't know what they mean, I don't respond) or standing still and shouting in that sort of strangled, up-tight voice "Porsche, COME!" I start to pay attention, and then when he gets down to "C O M E !" without the Porsche part, I know that maybe I had better come. Now they're talking about putting up a fence in front of the house too. Never occurred to him to try getting fit!
Porsche, the Black Dasher

Humans are strange
Guinness, we forgot to mention that when human types like mom & dad are running, they tend to shout out those words. They want to be able to catch you or have you come as soon as they call your name. Do not pay any attention to those words. They really do need the exercise. Stay smarter! Bob & Minnie

Not a very Bad thing
Hi Guinness, we think you did a good thing as humans need exercise. Our mom & dad need lots of exercise, they weigh too much for humans. I am the type that comes when called, that seems to make them proud and they give me cookies. Minnie never comes & mom started leaving her leash on when she lets her run around the dog playgrounds. That way mom, who is not fast at all, can step on her leash when she wants us to go home. She gets her leash all nice & dirty though, but dad says its pathetic, whatever that means. Your fans, Bob & Minnie PS we hope you do something reeeealyy bad soon.

Not a very Bad thing
Hi Guinness, we think you did a good thing as humans need exercise. Our mom & dad need lots of exercise, they weigh too much for humans. I am the type that comes when called, that seems to make them proud and they give me cookies. Minnie never comes & mom started leaving her leash on when she lets her run around the dog playgrounds. That way mom, who is not fast at all, can step on her leash when she wants us to go home. She gets her leash all nice & dirty though, but dad says its pathetic, whatever that means. Your fans, Bob & Minnie PS we hope you do something reeeealyy bad soon.

Way ta Go!
Man, you must have a lot of energy. I hope Lady Ashley has a good time. Hope You're not going to die soon, Mitzi. Way ta go to you to Andrew. Guiness, I could never do that for so long!

Tasty Couch
Guiness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hi it is I Guiness once again. this time I ate the seat cushions on the hide a bed couch. it was so much fun now that I have discovered pillow foam! mom came home from work and saw all my work and sat down in the floor and cried. dad's not back from vacation yet and she said when he came home I was really going to "get it" does that mean I'll get a new couch and cushions to distroy? hope so. Mitzi and Ashley sat and stared at me with Awe while I distroyed the couch. I also tore apart one of mom's cook books quite tasty with a touch of grease! well that was lunch, What's for dinner???---Guiness

Date: 10-Jul-98Age: 0Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $500.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment: Do you think your dad will ever go on another bike trip after all the destruction you have done while he has been goneMaggie

Wow! Eating a couch!!
Even we've never done that! You're an inspiration to us all!!! Your Buds , Ed and Cocoa

Walls taste soooo good
Alright Guiness, Scooby here... You like couches I really like walls (ever tried them)?? Something about the smell of some gooooood plaster... Mom tried to save my BUTT, but when dad came home boyyyyy did I get it.... Back to my crate I went...

where can I get me a free dog like you have Guiness.

A New Fan
Hi. Murphy here. Mom says I have a pillow fetish. I've destroyed 3 so far. Never tried cushion foam yet. Hummmmmm. Mom's gonna send in one of my destruction pictures soon. Stay tuned.

I Feel Your Pain
Hannah the Boxer/Great Dane/Dalmatian from @$## ate our $3000 Dual Recliner Couch, Dual Recliner Loveseat, and Recliner. They are at the dump. When it comes to our belief that little lives are more important than stuff, we are really having to prove it with her!

Just after mom fixed it...
Just after mom sewed it back up again, I waited a bout 4 days before attacking the same cushion again! Dad's home now and he doesn't seem to appreciate my new found love of distruction. Mom is getting upset with me constantly. they have called a "doggie behaviorist that is comming on friday to supposedly train them to train me. yeah right! Bad Dogs Rule!!! anyway, they will learn that it's MY House! well, and Mitzi and Ashley's too. but I'm the Alpha male! ha ha ha ha ha! Mitzi said I need to watch out or I'm going to have to learn to be an outside dog.---Guiness

Hi Guiness!
Whatever happened to sticking with the throw rugs? I ate another one myself. I am hooked on them. Pillow foam sounds quite fun and tasty....great idea. We are trying to behave and gain entry inside ALONE. Then, watch out humans. Dylan

We're Proud of You, Guiness!
Wow, Guinness, you BAAAAD! We ate Mommy's couch in our very first story, but now she put a cover on it and we're not allowed to chew the pillow foam anymore. Mommy says she's gonna get the couch recovered then we won't be allowed on it, but we like it fine the way it is. Teddy says sometimes he can sneak underneath the cover and chew a little bit of foam, but mom gets suspicious when she sees a lump under the covers!
Keep up the good (bad) work - serves your humans right for nutering you! We like to guess what bad stuff you and Ashley are gonna get into next! The Gang of Four ECS, Maryland

I Love Laundry!

Guinness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hi, It's me Guiness again! I've just discovered laundry! Oh, it is soo neat! Mom makes these piles of clothes in the hall by the noisy big white boxes and they all smell soo interesting! I like the underwear and socks best! I've shredded quite a few now. it is soo much fun! I like daddy's socks and mommy's undies best! they shred so great! I try to decorate the living room with them when they are gone or go outside for even a minute. Mommy came in the other day and found daddy's undies on my head. She went to take them from me and I held on and ripped through another pair! I did get a hold of one of daddy's work shirts and ripped the arm pits out, that was real fun too. Oh, the joys of Laundry! Why do people wash the clothes when they already smell so good? Well, Mom has left some more clothes in the basket just for me! So It's Shredding time!!! Your Friend, Guiness.

Date: 26-Mar-98Age: 0Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $10.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment: Wow, you like the exact same garments as us. We are into dads socks and mom's undie's. I wonder is all dogs have the same clothing favorites?

me too!
I love mommys undies so much she had to stop wearing them --I still get daddys sock every once and awhile -- DAkota

Well done boy i too have a love of underwear, which i have eaten when Mum was not looking.Alway's making sure to sick them up in the early hour's of the morning,thus making sure Mum know's i give them back. Bean bag toy's ,gloves , collar & lead's, hankerchief's,tissues i love them and loo roll,sock's they are very tasty,men's tie's, i am not fussy Your's faithfully Kaos the Rhodesian Ridgeback

I ate 10 pairs of undies!
I ate 10 pairs of my Mommy's undies! They were delicious! She called the vet and he said to give me a treat -- burnt toast in milk! Yummy! He said it was supposed to help the undies "pass", whatever that means. But boy was it great! I've eaten a few pairs of undies since, and also a pair of sweatpants. Laundry is yummy! Licks, Bob

Shoes and Slippers
Hey guiness socks and the rest of laundry are fun but have tried shoes and slippers??
your friend Scooby


i like socks and TOWELS!!!
the nasty towels try to sit on me but i show 'em who's boss and shred them, Maggie the GSP

Slippers the real thing
You guys just aren't getting the best treat until you've tried some slippers. Nummy nummy. Mom tries to keep hers put up, but the minute she forgets, I grab and run under the bed. Wheee, hours of chewing enjoyment. Roz the Jack Russell

Beware of Underwear!!
Guiness, you are a champ, and I bow to your greatness. You remind me so much of myself when I was a lad. In fact, my original, registered name was also Guiness, but me mum changed it to Uscar.
However, we should all stay clear of undies, part- icularly our mum's, they can be very dangerous.
Mama used to hide hers from me, but I would still find them and eat them anyway. Whole. the worst time was when I was trying to poop, but couldn't finish, because a pair of Mama's good Victoria's Secret undies got stuck in my rear end on the way out.
I was in AGONY! And the vet and me mum said it was a wonder that I didn't die, having a pair of underwear, whole, in my intestines. Mama had to pull them the rest of the way out, and it was excruciating, but it felt so much better when they were gone!!
Since then, I have eaten only two pairs of her undies, but I would make myself throw up after, so I didn't have to pass them out the other end. Mama said I was "bull-emic", whatever that means.
Me mum said that it was a credit to Victoria's Secret that they made such sturdy underpants, because they still looked the same as before I ate them after they came out the other end. Except they were a different color!
She thought about framing them, but she just threw them out instead. Everybody teases her still, though, and asks if she still wears them.
To this day, Mama wonders how I could swallow them whole without suffocating.
Cheerio! Uscar, the English Bully
PS--I like your pictures, everyone in our pack agrees that you are a VERY handsome fellow!

Us, too
Max and I love Mom's undies and Dad's socks too! But Mom has learned how to keep them away from us, but she keeps forgetting about her bras- and they make great chew toys, too. Now almost all Mom's bras are held together with safety pins because I've chewed the straps in two and the clasps off. The others have holes in them- I'm very thorough. Madison- FL cocker

Dad's clothing
My name is Andy. I am a yellow lab. I love my Dad's stuff like his socks I carry them around in my mouth. I love to roll on his towels or where he has been sleeping. I never tear anything. When I was a little guy I liked to put my head in his shoes. I love my mom but Dad's stuff smells the greates.

Preference for Wash Cloths
I prefer wash cloths from the kitchen or the bathroom. My people have to keep them out of the laundry baskets, as I think those are mine. After all, that's where I hide my Kong when Mom is "doing laundry". That way, she will find it and throw it for me. I much prefer the wash cloths with that neat sour smell to the ones that smell like soap.
Rookie, the Border Collie Boy

Big jocks!
If you tried to put my dads undies on your head, they'd fall off because they're sooo huge!
Love from Tippy!

Sheet Eater
Undies were great little chews and socks too. Then they started saying "no", but I was convinced they didn't mean it. So I started bringing everything I wanted to chew to them. Sometimes they said, "good girl", but usaully it was "no". Sometimes they said nothing at all, I found out this was because they were sleeping. So when I showed them the sheet, Mom just rolled over and Dad kept on snoring. They didn't say anything about it until they stuck their icy little toes out of the hole and I would nibble at their toes, accidently ofcourse. I would quit if they could catch me in time. Shepazoid Puppy

Dogs Love Fish Fry Shirts too.
Some dogs prefer Dad's fish-frying shirt. It tastes best to start eating right about the second button and leave only the part above the button in front and the back. Looks real cool when he puts it on without realizing parts are missing.

We are sock dogs,
they're great for tug of war! We even take them outside for extra fun! Fancy, Shih Tzu Molly, All American

Hi there Guiness
I had undies the other night and they were reallly good. Mom and Dad are so carefull about there undies and socks. I found moms undies on dtopp of the pile of stuff in the wash romm and ran with them. Dad saw me and screamed but mom was watching something so important on tv so she swaid its to late anyway. She was right. and she threw them away anyway. You are really cute with those booties on. Minnie

Shirts are the best...
When I'm home alone with my sisters and brothers(half sisters and brothers anyway) I'll go into my masters room and shred all the shirts pants undies etc. That are lying around. Shirts are easy. I especially love silk. Baboo

Undies are the Greatest
Ellie has taken to hiding Dad's undies, when she is tooo full to eat them or doesn't care to share with a brother. Humans are strange, they throw clothes in the wash, why should they wash a delicacy like those, Ellie (the only lady dog in our household) says mens are the best. In the majority of the packs opinions Ladies are definitely the best, and Mom doesn't appreciate it. Sometimes we eat the part that undies rest against in jeans or slacks. Little Bit (our 5.5# Yorkie brother)loves to sit and lick pant thighs until they are wet all the way thru, fortunately none of the rest of us do that. Dad is making us sit for pictures, doing our obedience game, that is the only time we sit still, and then everyone will know who is who in our pack. BJ, Bit, Cass, Shady (character), Ellie Mae and Sam Poodle, York, Lab, 2 cockers and Lab pup

Well now, Seems we have something in common, I learned how to open my cage (Dad can't take me to work with him EVERY day) And I go up to his room and help myself to a pair of socks and or underwear. Dad still can't figure it out. I always get matching pairs, and he can't match up the socks when he does laundry!! but the mismatched socks are clean, so who wants em anyway.

Never tried undies.......
but I love socks (especially hiking socks) and like ties too (especially the nice silk ones). I almost got to try undies out at Grandma's house but Dave's mom is a lot quicker than Dave when folding laundry. Let me know if you discover the joy of chewing on ties! Take care -Sheena

Undies are best.
Definitely, you have discovered one of life's best (next to Irish beer) treats---undies. Yep, we like 'em too. We're so glad that Snuggles and Mitzi (fussy old ladies) have not interferred with your right to the laundry. Our Mom still laughs when she thinks of the time she walked into the living room to find Danny Boy wearing her bra. Upside down, but hey, who cares. ---Candy, Cookie, Danny Boy (Cockers in California)


Guinness' Revenge

Guiness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hi, Guiness here, have I got a story for you. Dad left and went on vacation leaving mom here to take care of us. we didn't want her to feel lonly so we decided to make a few changes. First before dad left I had to chew up his motorcycle boots to try to keep him from leaving, I left designer doggie teeth marks on each one making it a unique piece of art. He must have liked it cause he made such a fuss. Then after he was gone and mom was all alone with us we decided to cheer her up and keep her busy. It was the 4th of july and all these loud noises were scaring poor Ashley and Mitzi. So I slid off the couch and landed on my back and licked Ashley's big beautiful ears, she said hey I have an idea, and we went into the compost bin and stole all the corn cobs from the dinner that were still soaked in butter, mmmmmm. they were great, Ashley sure knows how to scrounge up some tasty morsels. Meanwhile Mitzi licked the butter off of a cob. Then I noticed that one of moms guests left her shoes on the floor a nice pair of leather sandles I munched the left one. Then I was caught. Then everyone left except this one friend of hers, Monica and she brought over this little blonde mop named Ginger, they stayed the night. Well, I got to sleep upstairs with mom! She said to keep me from jumping on the guests. Well I got her the next morning, right on the head then on the bladder, It was soo much fun watching her scream and squirm! later that day mom was cleaning, I hate the vaccume the broom and the mop! I bark at it, chase it and Bite em! well, not the vaccume, I just bark at it it's still kinda scary. Mom doesn't understand that cleaning is bad. It takes away all the good smells and repalces it with some nasty icky smell. Humans doen't appreciate the wonders of smells like we do. Sad. They don't know what they are missing. Well, later that day, mom was doing laundry, I snuck past her and went upstairs, Hey! the gate was open! First I found a stuffed toy and shredded it, hmm that stuffing was soo much fun I decided go go for something bigger... a pillow back chair! ripped the arms off and stuffing went everywhere!!! I got caught when the stuffing was falling over the stairs when mom walked by downstairs, she screamed something about snow.Anyway, I got in trouble and got stuck outside for a while all alone. I cried and screamed till she finally let me back in. afterall I was separated from My ashley, Mitzi was laughing at me said that I need to learn manners or I'll be going to something called school.
Well, on monday, I went in to have my stiches taken out, I saw that mean vet and went nuts, they muzzled me and it took mom and 2 attendants to hold me down when they pulled the stiches out of my arms, it hurt! well, when it was over I went home and mom went to work. Sooo, while she was gone... I ate the fish food, did some e z chair bowling, ate her dog training book, (it's not doing any good anyway) and then distroyed her new throw rug in the hallway she forgot to put away before she left. She had a nice surprise when she came home at lunch. Oh, I almost forgot, I also chewed up 2 pair of dads jeans and one of his work shirts too, I miss him so and it smells like him. Anyway, mom said she isn't going to give me any vitamins for a while and maybe I'll calm down. But I had to have my Revenge!!!! Take that for nutering me and taking off my thumbs! But life is good, I have my Lady Ashley to play with, I just adore her, and we have the Queen Mitzi to watch over us and give us advice on what to distroy next, afterall she is the mastermind of all my deeds. I have to give them both credit Mitzi for the ideas and Ashley for helping me carry them out! Well enough damage for now, or is it????
P.S. Ashley and Mitzi say hi to all, especially Andrew from Mitzi. she sends smoochies too.

Hi there
Guiness, we are glad that you are ok now. You sound good, like your old self. You are taking things apart and upsetting the humans, and that is so good. Minnie loved the part about the vacuum cleaner, I don't care about it, but Minnie hates it so much. Mom has to lock her in the kennel now when she does it. It is so weird to see her biting it, she must think it is alive, but I know it is electric so I just go away. Bob & Minnie

It's Beau
Sorry Guiness - forgot to let you know that it was me Beau who is jealous. Please keep us up to date on your adventures.
Guinness you're doing us proud
Guinness, You're doing us proud, imagine the straits I am in you get to be at home with Ashley fulltime. My love Shadow goes home regularly, and when I need something figured out he does it. Jeni, regularly comes over, but she leaves Shadow at home. The tough part is Shady does the figuring out of life for me. When she comes I shun her in hopes she will talk Mom and Dad in to picking him up Sam can come too, but normally they don't get to come except on weekends. Mom said she and Dad have plans this week end and dogs aren't included, imagine two weeks without Shadow. It also means I can't go over and deal with flirt that lives next door to Shadow. She doesn't like it one bit when I come over and explain to her that Shady is spoken for. Ellie Mae


Table Legs

Guinness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hi it's me Guiness once again! This time I was chasing Ashley over the couch and knocked over this small table. iIt's a dark wood one with thin legs and had a couple of plants on a lacy napkin thing. Well I saw this and the lacy thing was great dental floss! Then I thought I could use a tooth pick or two so I chewed up 2 of the legs on the table. Hmm. Wood is pretty good! After I did that it was time once again for lazy boy bowling/Chair tipping. After that I had this urge to bother Ashley again. I don't know what is happening to me but I sure wish Ashley would stand still long enough to do what sure feels natural to me. She bit me several times but I don't care all same in love and war they say but she and Mitzi are whispering about something that is going to happen to me tomorrow but they won't tell me what. They said one thing, something about getting tutored or something that sounds like that. Mommy won't stand still either when I try to love on her either. She has been talking to dad about something. Wonder what is going to happen tomorrow. Anyone out ther have a clue? Let me know, let me in on this secret. The suspense is making me want to bug Ashley again. hmmm. Someone please tell me!---Guiness.

Date: 18-Jun-98Age: 0Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $50.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment: Uh oh! I think you're getting neutered. I bet there's lots of dogs out there that can give you good advice on this one. Come on Bad Dogs, let's help Guiness.Andrew

Take advantage of the Humans guilty feelings
Guinness, Tutored would be great from a canine view point, neutered is from Humans view point. I laughed when Cassie came home from the vet with stitches instead of the important stuff. The next day he got the last laugh, I was 8 when it got done, he was 7 months, he never got to visit the ladies at special times, I did but never fathered an little Bits. Occasionally Cass still shows a little interest in the ladies, and shady too, but not me. Must be I was fully mature. Did you have the chip inserted at the sametime? We did, but we can't taste it. Mom said it is so if we get lost, we can be brought home in the Animal Control truck, without seeing the shelter. Another big plus is they can't use you for research if you have the chip. I had it read once, it looks like a satellite dish,seems like the numbers were mixed up and because I am so little, I was easier to take to the vet to be scanned and it didn't hurt. Feel Better, Little Bit(11 year old York)

Good Luck...To the VET!!!!!
Guiness, take my advice before it's too late! EAT THE VET!!! My queen took me to the vet for a slightly different operation (I am female), and I didn't let that vet near me! I clawed, I bit, I kicked, and I escaped. The vet never has tried that operation on me again, and I recently had a litter of three puppies, Gryphon, Jelicle, and Paracoloso (commonly called Perry). My queen said we'll keep Gryphon, which is fine, because he is a bad PUP!!!!!! Lucky, the Brigader

Kiss Your Man-Hood Goodbye Guinness!
Take it from me, Guinness, you'll never be the same! It's called neutering, and it stinks. My owners did it me too--took me to the vet and I tried so hard to stay awake, but I went to sleep and when I awoke my man-hood was gone! They'll say it's for your own good, but I'm not sure about that. They didn't even give me a chance to see a litter of little Smokey Juniors running around. Your Friend, Smokey

Get well soon
Hi Guiness, the same thing happened to me. I was not grabbing on to other dogs very much, but mom said she counted me lifting my leg 35 times at the dog playground. She calls it marking and said I was out of control. Well, the hospital part wasn't too bad and they spoiled me alot when I came home. Best part is, I still get that special feeling for girl dogs during that certain time when they are sooooo attractive. Mom says that shouldn't happen, but I'm sure glad it does. Bob

funny collar
Mom said he is going to get one of those funny collars so he can't lick his wounds. he is going in on Monday the 22nd. maybe he will leave me alone after this for a while---Ashley. hee hee hee.

Get Well, Guinness!
Owies! Hope you feel better soon - we will shred a newspaper or better yet one of mommy's review files for you! TeeJay was neutered (he thought mom said "tutored" too!) when he as only 6 months old, and he got to be the big, FAT Bubba that he is now coz mom felt soooo bad, she kept giving him cookies! I haven't been "cut" yet and neither has Gus, coz we're the show dogz in the family, but Tia got spayed when the babies were borned and Teddy is gonna get it soon since he's only got one dingle! I've never tried loving on mommy's leg, but I used to try with Teejay and then Gus and Teddy sometimes try with each other, but that gets mom upset and she yells "NO HUMPY!" Maybe I should try her leg sometime just to show her how much I love her?
Hope you feel better and are back to your BD ways soon! and don't lick your stitches! Taz and the Gang of Four (and Tia, but she's too snooty to write!)

Well Guiness
My mommy had me neutered, too, when I was 10 months old. I never loved on mommy's legs and do not think I deserved it. I ended up gaining weight, too and now I have to diet and exercise regularly. I really don't have any advice, because those humans get their minds made and that is that. I suppose you could make a run for it, but, you have a great home and those are hard to come by for us canines. I recommend, however, NOT licking your stitches and then putting on that sad baby face for lovins. Get all the lovins you can. Then, when you are feeling better, chew up those tables legs and throw rugs. Your humans must be held accountable for this!!!! This is my virtual get well card for you! Dylan


Guinness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hi, it's me Guiness, I'm feeling a little pooky. I woke up and you guys were right! I was violated! Nutered! Oh the horror of it all! not only that but they had my thumbs, (front dewclaws) cut off too! I now have these green and red casts on my front feet. I'll take em off later today. it's kinda hard to type with em on. Mom has felt sorry for me so I'm getting lots of goodies to eat. Mitzi and Ashley have been real good about it. I'm starting to feel a little better now. but I can't figure out why they did this to me. Now there can't be other little Guinesses in the world. the thing is they had me nutered on my 7 month old birthday! some present. I weighed in 45 lbs. before the surgery. wonder what I weigh now? anyway thanks for the warnings and get well wishes. Mitzi and Ashley say Hi to all. mom is getting the film developed today so she can send our cute faces in to be posted with some of our stories. then you can see how pretty Ashley really is. I think I'm in love. But now I can't show her how much anymore. *sigh* Well, thats all for now---Your nolonger functional friend, Guiness.

Date: 23-Jun-98Age: 0Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment: Did they let you have the parts? I heard humans get to keep their tonsils.Andrew

my dog pandora
hi my name is pandora i have been read so much about you i love all the little pics of you growing up if you can write go to the stories with out pics and write under a coment my title is My dog Pandora pppppppllllllllllllleeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeee write back yours always pandora

Guiness GET REVENGE!! ( once you feel better of course) First milk the injury then get revenge!!!

Missing thumbs
I got my thumbs removed when I lost my tail when I was really little. But a few weeks after Mom brought me home, she tried to trim my nails. She about panicked looking through cocker fur for my non-existent thumbs before she realized they must have been taken off. That part was funny...he he he! I agree though- it's just fewer nails to trim and I have to be held down to do it, too. Madison- FL cocker
Poor Poor Puppy
I feel for you boy, my mommy took me to the "bad place" 2 years ago now for the lil' snip-snip, I still have nightmares. I'm new to this site.... so I hope I can get in with the crowd soon, It's lonely being the new kid.

So you think I'm cute? What do you look like? I've never seen a beagle I dont think. I'll ask wise old Mitzi she'll know. I like to sniff and lick ears too, maybe we could get together sometime... Dont tell Mitzi or Ashley though, they are my older sisters...Guinness
I feel your pain!
I was about six months when I was violated. My buddy Jim just laughs at me. No little Kirbys to raise heck. Anyway, I gotta go chew on my sister.

You're still a stud in my book.
Hey there Guiness... you are too cute. I think I'm in love. I've been spayed so all we could do is lick ears, but that'd be okay with me. Wish I could get my thumbs removed. I HATE to get my nails clipped, that would be two less I'd have to have done. My mommy has to take me to the vet and they have to muzzle me 'cause I don't take it very well. I holler a lot.
Missy - the beagle
You look like a nice young fella...
but one thing confuses me. How can you be a an AMERICAN Staffordshire terrier. I Thought Staffordshire was an English County.

Hi There Guiness
Long time no talk. We were not too active in the desert heat. It is beginning to cool and we should be on the path of destruction soon. Great to see your picture. You are a great looking dog. Til Later, Your friends in destruction, Harley, Dylan and Conan the Demolition Crew in AZ Yes, we are still around!

Poor, poor Guinness.
I understand, and I feel your pain. One thing you could do to show Mitzi and Ashley you affection for them is to go through the entire Canine Courting Ritual.
1. Chasing.
2. Ear-licking.
3. Nose-sniffing.
4. Butt-sniffing.
WARNING - Now that you are neutered, NEVER mount them. It's like saying "up yours". Now that I've given you the best advice out there, you can thank me profusely and grovel at my paws. Not really.
Forever knowledgable, Ollie the NEUTERED Border Collie

Tough Luck,Guinness
Sorry about the surgery, but remember, the dewclaws might have gotten ripped off if they hadn't been removed, and that would be painful. As for the other thing, I'm female, so I don't know anything about it. If it makes you feel better, my little bratty brother, Gryphon, is going in soon. Maybe he won't eat walls so much. I intend to tease him all the time about being in a few seperate pieces, and hope Mom doesn't catch me. Rocket

Hi there Guiness
I was neutered, too, at 10 months. I weighed 58 lbs when I went in and now I weigh 90. I was 95, but I lost a few. Who wants to eat in the scorching desert heat? Although I would like to admit my jewels weighed alot, I did not lose any weight from losing my manhood, if I did, I sure gained it back. I thought the females were supposed to gain weight? Harley and Conan look quite good after their surgery. And, let me tell you, the females really have it rough after being spayed. You can still show Mitzi and Ashley how much you love them, without the humping thing. I know it takes away all the fun, but, there are other ways. I like to lick Harley and Conan's ears and keep them clean. Mom says it is my way of loving my sisters. Glad to hear you're recovery is going well. You should be back to destruction in no time. I recommend a throw rug for starters....... Dylan

Hi, Bear the Red Chow & Patch's brother here. My mommy was going to ask for my parts. She was gonna keep em on her desk at work, but daddy thought that was gross. He kinda freaked out, so she told me never mind, she figured co-workers and customers might do the same. (I'm still the same old Bear. Why'd they even bother?) Bearsy.

Get Well Guiness
I am so sorry to hear about your thumbs. I did not know they would do that to you. Guiness, remember, you may not have little guys, but maybe you can still enjoy life. I do sometimes and I hope you can too. your fan, Bob
Lazy Boy Munchies

Guinness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hi all! it's me Guiness once again! I chewed up a few things today before lunch, lets see... a couple of nice throw rugs in the kitchen, a roll of tape, that was real fun! I also did a little reading, I tore the pages out of stephen king's the stand hardback ed. lots of pages! chewy covers too! then Mitzi said you know, you can make a grown man cry Guiness, try eating dad's favorite lazy boy chair, you know the one you like to "bowl" with. (see other story chair tipping) actually I think Mitzi is really trying to get rid of the chair cause it scares her when I dump it. anyway, so I pulled the buttons off the front and made about a foot long rip then it was foam city!!! I don't know if it will make dad cry but it made mom cry when she came home at lunch. said something about calling the dog behaviorist for an emergency session. we shall see, I have learned to heel, sit, and am learning "NO" they are trying to teach me not to jump up on people or furniture, and so now they said something about no chewing? yeah right. dad said something about a muzzle. I love playing ear tag with ashley she has the most cool ears! Mitzi and her say hi to all. I better get back in there and find something new to distroy!---Guiness.
Date: 27-Jul-98Age: 0Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $500.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment: You sound like you are on a roll. I think next time you should stay focused on the destruction and when you are all done write it down and send it to us.

I swear that you could be my twin, we have soooooo much in common.
Bad news
Guinness, mom caught on to us - Teddy forgot to clear the cache and now she found the BDC site! she thinks that YOU are the baddest inflooence on us and now she doesn't want us to do BDC ennymore, coz you give us too many ideas on how to be distructive. little does she know that we would probly be WORSE if we didn't have an outlet to share our fun with! Gus and the rest of the Gang of Four
cut down on the vitamins
I keep telling mom to cut down on that puppy's vitamins! it is like that puppy is on expresso! Ashley and I have our hands full. Andrew, I need a vacation from this wild child. I wish they would buy him a large kennel to stay in while they are at work. it would probably cut down on the mess and distruction. They have started getting up earlier to try and tucker him out, and just after he distroyed dads chair mom bought this real stinky stuff to spray on all the furniture. Oh, it is just awful stuff. lets see if it deters him any. As you probably noticed by his hastend writing style is has more energy than you can imagine. he could power the AC in the entire house if they put him on a treadmill, that is if he didn't chew it up. I'm just waiting till he touches one of moms antiques; then I don't know what she'll do. I think his tally of damage is over the 1000 dollar mark already. mom says she is getting tired of comming home after a full day of work to make dinner and do upholstry repairs along with trying to tire that puppy out and pet us 2 good girls. (I use the term lightly because we are not always good but not near as bad as Guiness) He is OUT OF CONTROL! the dog behaviorist is helping but he has only been here 2x so far and will be comming back every friday for a while till he is a little more livable. I get tired just watching him. I better go hide now he's started up again,---Smoochies to Andrew, your adoring fan Mitzi. (Ashley says "HI")

Motorcycle Boots
Guiness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Ha ha! I showed Daddy! (it's me Guiness and I'm feeling better now) I extracted some vengance on daddy for taking me to the mean vet to have me nutered and have my dewclaws removed. I chewed up his Motorcycle boots! they have neat designs and holes in em now. I like the feel and taste of leather. mmmm. since daddy is fixing to go on a motorcycle trip now he has to buy new boots! have to get daddy where it hurts, in the pocket! he was mad at me but hey, I have to get some vengance here! he was stupid enough to leave em out where I could get em. they were fair game! hee hee hee. hey, Andrew, Mitzi says hi and smootches, and Ashley says hi too. Ashley is becomming my partner in crime. when I start something she joins in! she has already helped me with laundry, the bathroom trashcan and the compost bin! well, I better get going not to see what else I can find to get into!---Guiness.

Date: 01-Jul-98Age: 0Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $100.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment: I don't blame you for chewing on the boots after what they did to you. Ask your dad what he would do if us dogs forced him to get his ummmm... removed.

Not tough enough not to de-stuffGuinness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hi Gang! Mom made the mistake and tried trusting me out of my cage while she was gone. Actually it was the dogsitter Al that did it. He was so taken with my pitiful face and thought that I "looked tired" after my long walk that I wouldn't do anything. well, he first left the satalite dish remote (the new one) on the coffee table so I decided that the 70 dollar remote that keeps daddy so busy and keeps him from playing with me should "die" so I "die-sected" it. Then I noticed that my rawhide bone was stuck in my chair, so I had to dig on the chair to get it loose, well in the process I started having fun when the foam started flying and I couldnt help myself! I destuffed and shredded the whole seat of MY lazyboy chair. I knew mom would be mad. but it was irrisistable! Mom was Mad when she came home, she got me with the No! NO! NO! when I got home and then was put outside while she sewed my bed back together. I just love mom. She fixed my lazyboy so I could sleep in it again that night. Now she doesnt trust me when she goes to work again so I get the inhumane treatment of being stuck in jail. bummer. Hey all, My 1 year old birthday is comming up on Nov. 22! lets get together and trash the place before she gets home! lets have a big party for me while she's at work, will someone let me out of jail first though? Ashley and Mitzi say hi to everyone and they are doing just fine. well, I better hide now, I hear mom and I'm not supposed to be upstairs but she left the gate open so I got to tell you my tale, I'll keep you up-to-date on my escapades!---Your Friend Guinness.

Date: 13-Nov-98Age: 0Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $500.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment: What did that $70 dollar remote do? Does it open and close the back door to let you outside or something. My dad keeps buying those $8 dollar remotes. He says it isn't worth buying good ones because they keep getting broken. ;)

Wow, Guinness, I'm impressed!
Your story was interesting. I'm very fond of books and anything stuffed, but the best things I ever ate were some things the cat left in her box. I don't know why Mom got so upset-- the cat is always making those things and there are plenty to go around. She doesn't need to be so greedy, especially with something so yummy!
Best Wishes, Gunnar

Damage Tally
Hi all! this is my wonderful list of distruction, mom figures it at LEAST at the $1500.00 mark now, but probably more. here is a list of all the things I've distroyed in my first year! 2 lazyboy chairs, 1 couch, the living room carpet, 1 antique chair, 3 throw rugs, 3 throw pillows, 10+ pair of socks, 10+ pair of undies, 3 shirts, 2 shorts, 2 potted plants with baskets, 1 pager, 4 books, 1 pair of motorcycle boots, 3 pair of shoes, 2 pair of flip flops, 1 pair of slippers, 1 robe, 3 remote controls, 5 cassette tapes, 3 drinking glasses, 1 trash can, 3 dog bowls, 1 blanket, 10+ dog toys shredded, 1 small antique table, 3 leashes, 2 fly swatters, 1 window sill, 4 frizbees, 2 balls, 3 cans of fish food, 4 basil plants, 3 azalias, chewed on the hot tub lid, lots of paper plates/plastic silverware, 6 dish towels, 5 pair of panty hose, 1 garden hose, 8 dog towels, and 1 laundry basket. I think thats it for now!---hee hee hee! I just love being the puppy! ---Your Fun loving Friend, Guinness! 8==8

Go, Guinness!
Hey Guinness, have your mom and dad totalled up all of the damages from your first year yet? Our mommy gave up after the couch and the screens and the clothes and her shoes and...well, you get the picture. What fun is your first year though if you can't be just a LITTLE distructive? Happy birthday - tell you mom you want ice creem cake like we got, but without the Pepto-Bismol! Teddy and Gus

Dad puts Duct tape on the battery holders
Our Dad puts Duct tape on the things that hold batteries. They also worry about those batteries. Little Bit

good to hear from you Guinness
Well, in our house, Mom & Dad lose the remote all the time. Minnie chewed it once and got the battery things loose and Mom screamed that Minnie would die if she ate one. Now we leave those black plastic things alone. We mostly eat weird stuff in the street. Mom tries to get it out of our mouths, though. Mom said she has some furniture to sell you. Bob

Hope your birthday bash works out better than the bachelor party
Guinness, you're great,say Hi to Ashley and Mitzi for us. As you know our Grandma is creative like your Mom she made a sample of a bachelor party invitation for my pals and I, it sounded like fun, but never took place, we were going to trash Toms house where he lived with his Mom before we got married. Shadow 4 year old Cocker boy

70 dollar remote
the 70 dollar remote is specifically for the satalite dish system. no other remote will work with the system. so if I dont want dad to watch football, and just play with me, just kill the remote and he is "helpless" and is forced to play with me! after all the world revolves around me, doesnt it?---Guinness

Knock Mommy in the kneesGuinness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hi Everyone! I had a good time last night. I started running as fast as I can around the living room and through the dining room, round the table and back through the living room several times. Poor mom got in my way and I rammed her in the knees and she and the phone went flying! Wow! I didnt know she could do that! She landed on the ground, but I didnt stop, I just kept hurdling her so she couldn't get up! Oh it was so much fun. Mom didnt seem to think so and grabbed an icepack to put on her knee when I finally got tired and got in my lazyboy chair.Oh, I forgot to mention she made tacos and left the cheese on the counter! YUM!!! She caught me but not before I finished it off! Ashley and Mitzi were So jealous I didnt let them have any. After all I'm the only one big enough to get up there to get it...Finders keepers!
Mom is working on putting up a website for me. I'm not real sure how to do it so she's helping. Me! My own website. Although this is still my favorite web site! I love everyone's stories and it gives me some inspiration and ideas to direct my badness! Your fun loving friend, Guinness.


Date: 14-Sep-99Age: 1Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment:Glad to see you are still up to your old tricks! Keep up the badness, boy. You still do us proud. You have inspired many yourself. You be Nice to Mitzi and Ashley. (Hi Mitzi, How is my sweetie?) Andrew.
hi Guinness
i am telling on bob, he goes nuts alot and runs mostly outside the house butt not always. he runs way to fast and aims at mom and dad alot ov the time. ssweet bob has put big spots on moms legg. of coursse being york the spots are low down. mom thinks he has something missng. who knows. we miss hearing all your really good sstories. minnie

Long Time No Hear From!!
Hi Guiness!! My mom and I thought you've been good too long! I luv to play race horse in the house and, now and again I get really lucky and smash mom right in the knees! Hee, hee, hee! Can't wait to see your website. . . yours in badness, Parker, English Cocker Spaniel

I do that too!
It's me, Norman. I also like to use the house as a doggy track. I go as fast as I can and I use furniture as obsticals. If there is ever a dog olympics i'll be the first to qualify unless there is a height restriction. (short stubby legs) Luckily I haven't knocked mom down doing that yet.
P.S. Guiness, my mom thinks that you are so cute that she keeps your picture on her computer wallpaper at work.

Try this!
I like to throw my mom in the air also. My favorite trick is to wait till there is snow on the ground cuz then she flies high and slides a long way. See, we live on a hill, so I think I'm just helping her learn to sled. And always do the sneak attack from behind!

Guinness and Ladies Nice to Hear from You
Nice to hear from you guys, we were really starting to worry about you and your Moms Asthma (we know the funny noise they make all of our humans have it)glad to hear your being worthy of the page . Can't wait to see the website. Maybe Dan (our human pup who is 19)teaches classes init so Maybe he'll let us have one.
Charging Mom is a great game, Molly left bruises on her calf and ankle, that she had to explain to the physical therapist (human beater is more like it)and she is being treated for her shoulder and arm the bruises were that obivious. Shall we having a human bruising contest? Actually I think it is a bad idea, the other humans get grumpy when Mom has to sit around too much.
Molly has decided that she won't try that with Mom anymore as she didn't get a good girl treat for coming in the house after that.
My love to my ladies as always.
Shadow with a little help from Molly

Hello, Guinness!
It has been so long since we heard from you, we thought you had REFORMED! Now we know better! Keep up the bad work! Shelly and the gang from South Carolina


Kill the Squirrels!Guinness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hi everyone! I don't know about anyone else but I HATE Squirrels! The Annoying little rodents invade our space! Mom feeds them on this wooden thing in a tree with a spike she puts corn cobs on. I can see it from the dining room window. I cant believe mom tortures me so! she even feeds them from bird feeders in the back yard! I go nuts when one is near. I let mom know yesterday I didn't want her to feed those tormenting little rodents! she let me out front for a few minutes to follow her to the mail box, I jumped up at the squirrel feeder and grabbed on to it with my teeth and brought it to the ground. I just ripped that thing right off the tree. Now, it wasnt easy as this feeder is almost 6 ft. off the ground! But I did it! then this morning, our dog sitter came by and put a corn cob out on the ground for the squirrels! he came back in and shortly he was going back out, so I snuck between him and the door and there was a Squirrel eating on that corn! I almost had Him! I even had a bit of fuzz from his tail! I WILL Catch one SOON!!! Does anyone else hate these little pests too?---Guinness and Ashley (Mighty Squirrel Hunters) Mitzi just likes to watch the show.
Date: 25-Feb-99Age: 1Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $10.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment: I hate all critters that get near my yard. I chase squirrals, armadillo's, racoons, deer, cats, birds, etc.

Squirrels and Rabbits and Cats, Oh My!
Sorry to hear of your squirrel stress. We don't have to many squirrels here, but get this..we live in a big house with a family who has 2 cats, one rabbit and one bird!!!
Now, I'm a 3 yr old pit/Am Staff, a self-respecting kind of a guy, but it sure is tough when I have to share my back yard with a RABBIT!! Yes, a long, floppy eared rascal, not too big not too small...faster than, well, not a speeding locomotive, but she's fast. And jumps?!
That's not all. Now I don't mind sharing the back yard with my sister, a 2 yr old Am Staff F, goes by Red. We each have our holes to lay in, I have my yellow Playschool kid's table to lay in the sun and survey the cul-d-sac...but by doggies, its just too much when I'm inside and the rabbit's out. That little varmit comes right up to the ground level window in the corner, right where my big pillow is and she stands up on her back legs and looks in at me!!!
All that's between us is a pane of glass. My mom always shuts the window when it's open so I can't jump thru the screen and get into the back yard. Other than that, she's a good mom.
So I know how you feel. And to make matters worse, my mom likes the bunny and buys her parsley, carrots, other bunny stuff at the store...spending $$ she SHOULD be spending on toys and treats for ME. Boy, isn't that a doggie downer..
One time I guess the littlel girl here left her bunny out by mistake and we were in the back yard together at the same time!!!! But that day my mom gave me a bone outside so I was busy and the rabbit musta been very very quiet and still!
Mom says no Riley Dog, no chasing cats, she makes me wear my leash to the car cuz there's so many cats in the neighborhood (isn't that another story. So as you might guess she won't let me into the back yard to chase the bunny either. She says something about we're all God's creatures or something...heck, I'm a DOG, I don't know what that means!
Hang in there Guiness!! If those squirrels are anything like this bunny, we'll probably never ever ever catch them!
Your brother in the chase,
Riley Dog/Ventura, CA

We got one!
Hi guys! Kodi and Hunter here. We got a stupid squerl the other weekend. He was so dumb he tried to jump from one tree to the other and went SPLAAAAT on the ground. We got a bug chunk of squerl tail before dad made us back off. But they're so dumb they just come back to torture us some more. WE HATE SQUERLS! THEY HAVE NO PURPOSE IN THIS WORLD EXCEPT TO TORTURE US - AND THEY DO A REAL GOOD JOB OF IT. Keep up the good work. DOOM TO ALL SQUERLS!!! Kodi and Hunter.

I love Squirrels, that is to eat them, I want to tear all of them apart and eat 'em. Yum, dinner. ~Patches

Squirrels Shmirrels
I'm glad to see there are so many squirrel killers out there! Lets get 'em!
We have bird feeders in the backyard too. Sometimes my human will shoot at their tail with a BB gun and they do a backflip off the feeder into a bush. Its so funny, but I wish he'd put me outside BEFORE he shoots them... I wanna get it when it flips! Once a squirrel came down the tree and he missed the hole in the chain-link fence. He bounced back and landed in-between Sally's front paws. That goody-two-shoes didn't know what to do with it. She picked it up then spit it out. WHIMP! Some rottweiler she is... a disgrace! So the squirrel got away. I'll have to take her aside and s'plain to her what its all about.
Missy - a squirrel huntin' beagle.

Fast squirrels, slow dog
I used to love to chase squirrels, before I crossed the rainbow bridge. Even when I was really old and my arthritis was getting bad, I would try to chase them. Mom or my human sister would open the door and say "Sparky, squirrel!" and I would run out of the garage and into the backyard and chase the intruders away. Eventually, I got so slow that they were long gone by the time I got to the back yard, but I gave a couple of my most intimidating barks to let them know I was on patrol and they better watch out. Sparky- Alabama border collie, crossed last year

Woody vs Squirrels
I hate squirrels, too. I would be better at catching them if Mom would let me go after them. I really took her for a ride one day when she was on her bike not watching me and I took off after one. Mom was screaming and going really fast through somebody's yard. I forgot we were attached together when I chased the squirrel. Oops. Woody- chow/golden retriever mix

Squirrel Lover
I don't hate squirrels--I LOVE 'em! To kill that is. I am a great squirrel catcher and have caught and killed at least 8 of them in my 6 years. Course it helps that they are so dumb that many times after me and Madison have chased one up a tree the squirrel decides that tree is not the right one and jumps back down to the ground! Right at my feet! My mom and dad don't like me to kill things so try to stop me whenever they can but when I have killed one they usually let me play with it for a while. I love to make them into flying squirrels by tossing them in in the air and catching them again or flinging them by their tails. What fun!

What's A Squirrel?
Is that anything like a possum, cat, bird, or rat? If it is, I'll come out and help you. ---Danny Boy (English Cocker in California)

My Sister Hates Them
My prissy sister Murphy hates squirrels. One time a baby one jumped through the gate into mom's garden while Murph was standing there with daddy and she swallowed it whole. Daddy pried her mouth open and immediately extracted the baby squirrel by its tail and it hopped back through the fence. She's really fast and can catch birds too. I would like to play with birds and squirrels but my mom says I'm a little slow and I don't think she means my running speed.
Hoover - Springer from PA

moving to michigan
I grew up in Montana, so I never saw a real squirrel until recently. Earlier this year when my people accepted jobs in Lansing, Michigan, I moved with them. Now, those little rodents really annoy me. They just run up a tree and never let met catch them.

Stamp Out Squirrels!
We hate squirrels too! They run up the trees, hop on the roof even dash across wires. We can reach pretty high and are very fast but we still haven't managed to catch one. Do they taste good? Our Mom calls 'em tree rats and sez they have rabies. Mebbe your mom is trying to help you catch them by luring them with food? Nicki & Ziggy--Afghan Hounds

squirrels are pests!
I can't stand squirrels either. My dad yells "Squirrel!!", every time he sees one and I go ballistic!!!
Ernie, the squirrel despising black lab

Squirrel haters unite!
Hey there, it's Spike from Md. I hate squirrels too, but unlike your humans, my humans dispise those rodents. Daddy always talk about a squirrle hunting day with me as his faithful sidekick. Mommy hates them too, they always dig up her plants and make a mess out of everything. Keep a close eye on them squirrels, they are thieves.


I Got The Christmas Bear!Guinness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hi all! Mom brought home this stuffed bear! she put him on the dining room table with a buch of paper stuff and put it into a big colorful bag with fluffy paper stuff. then she left it on the table while she went looking for something in the other room. I had spied the bear earlier and wanted him for my own. I had to be sneaky...I waited till she was out of the room to make my move, There was the bag taunting me calling my name to come and investigate....Eureka! I got that bag and drug that bear out, I grabbed that fuzzy bear by the muzzle and let him have it! thats when mom came running and offered me a cookie in exchange for the bear. can you imagine, one cookie for an entire bear? Oh, no so I kept shaking the bear trying to get to that wonderful foam and mom brought the entire box of Milkbones and some beef jerky to trade, well, thats more like it! I let her have the bear back, but he had no nose so mom had to go buy another one. funny, she put him in a bag too! then she put it in the closet so I cant get to it. bummer. I must think of a plan to kill this other christmas bear! I must protect Ashley and Mitzi from these dangerous beasts!---Guinness.
Date: 22-Dec-98Age: 1Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $25.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment: You left us hanging. Did you get to eat the whole box of Milkbones?

Where's The Bear?
So what happened to the first bear? Why didn't your Mom let you take it outside, after the good job you did. I always run right outside with my stuff that I sneak. I learned early. If you keep it in the house, they take it away too fast. ---Candy (Cocker in California)

Good Guinness
You keep the Alpha's in fine form. Cass (4 year Old Labbie boy)

We kill bears, too!
Good going, Guinness! It's the job of us alpha males to kill any threatening intruders, like stuffed bears or dinosaurs or ducks! I gave a black stuffed bear a thryoidectomy, and ate the ears off the brown one. But my favorite kill was a stuffed snake someone gave mom last Christmas; it had a rattle on the tail and a squeeker in the head, so I KNEW it had to be dangerous. I just had to protect mom and the babies from that one!
Keep up the good work, and hope Santa Paws is good to you. Merry Christmas. Taz, devil dog and stuffed bear killer supreme

My sister likes stuffed stuff too
My sister, Murphy, had an obsession with tickle me Elmo two years ago. They had to take it to someone elses house. This year she found my human brother's girlfriend's turtle slippers before they got wrapped and chewed one of the eyes out. Mom was really mad because they didn't have any more at the store. I guess she is bad sometimes, too, but I am almost sure I can have better bad dog stories this holiday season.
Hoover - Springer from PA

Nope it was just a tease, I only got about 10 Milkbones and a big piece of real beef jerky. but the jerky was Real Tasty!---Guinness.

I didnt mean toGuinness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

I didnt mean to chew the screen that made mizi able to go out onto the patio! That was not my intention! I was enjoying chewing on the screen not realizing I might cause Mitzi harm. I cant help my nature to chew and chew! I have apologised to mitzi and she just snorts at me and walks on. she is giving me the silent treatment. I cant stand not being tha center of attention!---Guinness.

Date: 06-May-99Age: 1Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $250.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment:Guiness, I know you didnt intentionally harm my girlfriend. it's in your Bad Dog Nature to Chew...And chew you do...Andrew.

Lucky Dog
Man, you are just lucky that the only thing Mitzi does is give you dirty looks. Remember when you were a bad puppy and she would bite you somewhere tender? ---Danny Boy (English Cocker in California)


Guinness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hi guys! just so you know I havent gone good on you, I helped mom strip the bed and shred the sheets yesterday. I just love that sound of tearing fabric! I took those sheets and ran around the house playing keep away from mom. Ashley hid under the table. She says I can be rough sometimes. We are getting along better now.Mom and dad are spending more time in the yard and garden now so we get to go out and chase rabbits and squirrels! I help mom by digging up her plants and putting them where I think they should go. Ashley keeps digging up potato plants. Mom makes such a fuss about our efforts, she must be very proud of us.
Mom made the mistake of leaving the cheese on the counter when she was making tacos and left it unattended for just a few minutes but I was watching and I got the shredded cheddar! I didn't share with Lady Ashley, she is supposed to be on a diet anyway.
Well I'll Yap at yous guys later! Guinness.


Date: 15-Apr-00Age: 2Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $25.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment:Glad to hear you are up to your tricks again. We worry when we don't hear from you in a while. Andrew.
Hare-E-CarrieGuinness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hi Fellow Bad dogs! Last night I was sitting on the hot tub lid as usual surveying my kingdom after dinner, watching mom in the garden picking veggies. Well I hear mom yell "RABBIT!" Well thats my cue and I went to investigate. I immediatly lept from the top of the hot tub and ran to the 4 1/2 ft picket fence. I lept up in the air to get a better look at the rabbit and...I came down...The wooden picket scraped my neck and caught my collar! I was hanging! I couldn't breathe! I fought with my entire body! I had this pointed thing pressing at the bottom of my mouth! Mom Shrieked and ran real fast! she undid my collar and I fell to the ground. I'm sore but my ego was hurt. That evil rabbit got away! I pouted in my chair the rest of the night. Guinness.

Date: 27-Jun-00Age: 2Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment:All rabbits are evil. We are glad you didn't impale yourself! Where have you been Guinness? You havent gone good on us have you??? Andrew.

i know wats going on Guinness
your in jail arent you. i know you cant say anything to giv yourself away but i know. the rabbit thing soundds like a setupp altho i dont kown wat a rabbit is. maybe like a cat or raccoon. minnie the miniac york and i have had my problems too. PS sorry you were tricked into choking yourself. nexttime me more shreewd.

Both of you?
You and Ashley both have been bothered by rabbits lately. What's going on in your yard? If you ate all your Mom's garden, I bet those pesky rabbits wouldn't show up anymore. Either that or just get better at catching the rabbits, instead of the two of you getting caught by fences and briars. At least you didn't get a haircut like Lady Ashley. Max- FL chihuahua


Happy Yappy New Year!Guinness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Happy Yappy New Year from All of us, Queen Mitzi, Lady Ashley, and Guinness! We had a party New Years eve and we got snacks! I(Guinness) Got to kill some of those horrible noisy horn things and some party hats! I had so much fun shredding those paper hats! I even stole the Champagne cork! Mom chased me around trying to get it from me but I would'nt let her have it. I made it into little tiny pieces all over the place, kinda like cork confetti! I even took one of the guests (Tom) a fellow dog person's ball cap when he wasnt looking and took the button off the top of the cap and started working on the strap in the back when I was discovered. Uncle Al dropped some of those tasty little sausage things and some cheese on the floor, I got some but Lady Ashley is real fast when it comes to floor surfing. Mitzi sat next to mom all night and got some chex mix. A good time was had by all, but I knocked over a champagne glass on the floor with my tail and it broke all over the place. When People arrived and when they left I had to hug them and thank them for comming to see ME! After all I am the life of the Party. Ashley just loves the food at parties and hangs around where ever the food is waiting to snatch any tasty morsel she can. I'm sorry I havent sent anything in lately to BDC but I've been kinda busy with my big greasy bone. I have to watch it closely because Ashley will try to take it from me. She got one too but I confinscated it. Now it's mine too. Mitzi got a pig ear and I thought she was taking too long with it so I helped her out and finished it for her. well, I better get going, Ashley is eyeing my bone again... Guinness.

Date: 05-Jan-00Age: 2Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $10.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment:Happy Yappy New Year to you guys too! Say hi to Queen Mitzi for me, she is my sweetie you know. Andrew.
Happy New Year to You To
Happy New Year to Guinness and the gang. Especially the lovely ladies.
May all of our Moms get new puppies before Parvo season.
Casio and the FW pack

Lord Guinness, Lady Ashley and...
QUEEN Mitzi!!! Happy new year or milleniyum! Good to hear from you guys. I think our fireworks were the best in SF, even though we only saw them on TV. We did our share of floor patrol, mom cooked dinner and took it for the celebration to the old ones. They sure did pack alot of the corked wine stuff so those old ones can do it, too. We wish you guys a happy new year. Bob & Minnie


Happy Birthday to Me!Guinness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Happy Birthday to Me! I am 2 today! Mom is making me some oatmeal cookies! I can smell them now! Time to party!!! Guinness.
Date: 23-Nov-99Age: 2Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment:Happy Birthday Guinness from the Bad Dog Gang!!!

HBD, Guiness
Yappy Birthday, Guiness!!!!! Don't quit being a bod dog just cuz you're older. Frozen Yogurt and cookies?! Yum! Too bad we can't record all of us howling a birthday song and send it to you... Noel and the 4 Chi's in TX.

Happy Birthday Guinness From FW Pack
Guinness, Let's hope you have more stories this year, in many ways you are our mentor. Do you have a good recipe for peanut butter dog biscuits? We would also like the recipe for oatmeal dog cookies.
Happy Birthday to you with love to my lovelies Mitzi and Ashley

HB BD Guinness
Man, Happy Birthday to you! Mom makes the Irish oatmeal stuff and makes dad eat it. Do they make cookies out of that? I prefer meat or what I mostly get, catfood drippings. Hope you and your pack celebrated properly. Bob & Minnie

Happpppppy Birthday!!!
Did you get lots of presents?? Frosty Paws is what Patches got for his. I hope everyone had a good time. Happy Birthday to you!!!!
Freckles, the Paper Terror & Patches, Mommys Boy

Happy Bow-wow Birthday
Hey Guinness, just oatmeal cookies and may be some frozen yogurt--not even steak or a liver pate cake---man they haven't figured out the good birfday stuff for you yet have they. I specially think they should be serving you some Guinness Stout, that would really let you feel your oats. Guess I'll have to try to go across to the 7-11 and try to filch some for ya--being two is a great age--I'm two and I had ground liver and oatmeal cake for my birfday--it was made with eggs and stuff and frosted with whipped up curdled cheese and had shredded cheese on it for sprinkles--it was made just for me and was soooo yummy. I don't know why the human didn't want any but I didn't care. Hope you have a great time being specially bad now that you're two.
Snoopy the GSP

Happy Birthday
I was just a kid last year, 2 years old too. Enjoy your birthday kid. Tyke

Cookies and frozen yogert! I got cookies and frozen yogert! I see a round steak in the fridge when mom opened it! I'm hopeful that will be MINE! MMMM we shall see in a while... Guinness

Just cookies?
Never had oatmeal cookies, but we got frozen yogurt ice cream cake for our birthday. I bet oatmeal cookies would go good with that! Next year tell her you want steak, too. Happy birthday, Guinness! Max & Madison- FL chihuahua & cocker

Ah, the terrible twos....remember them faintly! What a great age to be bad! Have a great day and eat those cookies 'til you're ready to toss cookies.
Max - Boxer - 11 years

Birthday greetings to Guinness
(That's Englsih cocker for "Happy Birthday!) Wishing you lots of cake and oatmeal cookies and tell your mom not to forget the steak! Best Wishes from the Maryland Royals, Queen Tia and the Gang of Four

Happy B-day Guiness
Many happy returns, Guiness. Save some oatmeal cookies for your new cousin, Pepper!

Halloween PartyGuinness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hi all! My parents throw a big halloween party every year and there is lots of great food! Lots of people to pet Me! Ashley usally gets dolled up with bows and a little dress or as an angel, Mom usually has me as either a little devil or as for this year she got me a tee shirt that say's Hell's Hound. I am the official greeter of the guests! There are usually about 25 people to steal food from! I'm usually tired after a big night of partying.I killed mom's ghost windsock this morning because it was mocking me and taunting me! Mom put this styrofoam thing in the yard she called it a toumbstone or something, and I made confetti out of it! Then mom put these corn stalks on the front porch and it attracted those horrible squirrels! OH the torment! And she wouldnt let me at em! I tried to tell her that I was trying to protect her fall display but she went ahead and let the squirrels make a mess of things. She wouldnt let me do my job. HUMPH!
Oh I forgot to mention, that Mitzi is still doing fine and says hi to everyone. She usually spends most of the party upstairs so no one steps on her. Mom keeps her locked in the bedroom so she can have peace and quiet without worrying about getting stepped on.
Well, thats about all for now, Guinness.


Date: 12-Oct-99Age: 1Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment:Glad to hear you haven't gone good on us! That party sounds like fun, especially the food! Say Hi to Lady Ashley and Queen Mitzi for me. She's still my sweetie. Andrew.

Hey there Guinness
I miss your stories. We don't have halloween stuff cause the kids are old now. Your party sounds like fun. Have no idea what ghostsock or cornstalks or squirrels are but wish you could have gottem all. Bob


Got me a possum!Guinness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hi Again! it's me Guinness! I killed a possum last night!!! I was standing by the screen at the back door and I smelled him! I whined and dad let me out...and the chase was on! I got him!!! One mighty snap of my jaws and he was toast! Why was mom upset though? I was so proud of my kill I tried to bring it in with me. But dad wouldnt let me. Dug a hole and put it in it. I hope dad and mom arent watching when I dig it back up tonight! Guinness.
Date: 24-Oct-00Age: 2Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment:MMM possum stew...We miss them here in Hawaii. Andrew.

I cought a possum once too!
It was about the size of a kitten and I cornered it as it was about to go up a tree. It froze stiff but I didn't try to hurt it I just wanted it to play with me.
Quasimoto, Chihuahua

Possums Are Ugly
The first time our mommy saw a possum she thought it was the biggest ugliest rat she ever seen.
You have to come to Venice, California which is a part of Los Angeles, we have possum.
Abby, Mikey and Anthony

Get that go cart!Guinness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hey all! I escaped the yard when dad was getting firewood, I heard this terrible noise! I headed in the direction of that noise and discovered it was a rapidly moving small contraption with 2, 8 year old girls driving it. They screamed when they saw me so I thought it would be fun to chase them and give them a good race. Well I took off and the noise was horrible! I then realized that mom and dad were chasing me and in close persuit behind Screaming for me to come back. I ran even harder nipping at the rear tires on the smelly noisey machine. The girls sqealed louder. I ran faster. Next thing I knew, I was caught by dad when they came back around by our driveway. That was soo fun, maybe they will come back and I can go for a fun run again! Guinness
Date: 08-Jan-00Age: 2Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment:I bet your parents didn't have to walk you after that! Emily


From throw rugs to carpetsGuinness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hi all it's me Guinness once again! I got bored waiting for mom to come home at lunch so I found this thread on the carpet by the stairs and I pulled it. hmmm, it made a funny ripping sound so I pulled more, and low and behold I got a nice rip in the carpet about 4-5 ft long and about 6 inches wide, carpet was flying all over like confetti! then, I heard her car pull up, so I quickly acted innocent and went to give her a big hug when she came in. I usually put my front leggs around her waist and stretch, it's my way of hugging mom. anyway, she saw my handywork and boy was she mad! she got out all the heavy cast iron skillets and pots and put em over the spot I tore a hole in. well, then the dog sitter came and stayed with me all afternoon and took me for a walk! then this morning, dad went to the store and came back with a big kennel, then they put me in it! oh, the horror or it all! the dog sitter is here now so I escaped to the computer to tell you all I find carpet to be great dental floss! I better get back in there before he catches me at the pooter, hee hee hee ---Your Friend Guinness.
Date: 29-Sep-98Age: 0Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $100.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment: JAIL! Ahhhh. I would rather be declawed and detoothed.

Sounds Like New Fun
How did you find that thread to start with? I am a little bored with opening cupboards and drawers, but this carpet thing sounds like a lot of fun.
Hoover from Pennsylvania

Why'd you go and do that?

Pure Evil!
Not a KENNEL! Of all evil forms of torture! Try to get them in the kennel.It might work.

Go Guinness!
Carpet munchies are great - almost better than LazeeBoyz. Teddy ate a big hole in the carpet by the bay window, and mom put a plastic bucket full of cement over the hole. It's still there, almost a year later. Humans - go figure!
We were starting to get worried since we hadn't heard from you or Ashley or Mitzi in a while. Glad to hear you're still up to your badness - you are our hero! Taz and the rest of the Gang of Four, English cockers in Maryland
P.S. We all say hi to Danny-boy, too - haven't heard anything "bad" lately from our relatives out on the West coast!

What do you really want??
Guinness, we don't have any rugs in our house anymore. Minnie chewed them and I peed on them and Mom just got rid of them. She still gets upset when we pee on the wood floor, but she sighs alot and seems ok. Just decide if you want rugs or not and go for it. Bob your Yorkie fan

Your Mom put pots and pans on the hole in the carpet?!! What was that for? That would just make you think about food and want to eat more carpet. Didn't you explain that Ashley actually ate the carpet? ---Danny Boy (Your hunting buddy in California)


French bread banditGuinness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hi BDC gang! Mom left half a loaf of french bread on the counter last night when she got through with dinner and was watching TV. I snuck into the kitchen quietly and there was that bread taunting and teasing me, just daring me to get it. So I quietly stood on my hind legs and got it! I got the hard end bit and ran into the living room beating that french bread on the furniture and watching the crumbs fly! Oh such fun! Then Mommy started chasing me, Ha! finally she caught up with me and grabbed the other end of the french bread...Tug o war game! YES! Well the bread tore and mom fell on her butt! I took my piece and did laps around the living room with it and mom said Ok, you can keep it but you have to eat it outside. Yeah! I won! I got my way again! Lady Ashley and Mitzi were both jealous caus they didnt get any! Mine ALL MINE!---Guinness.

Date: 25-Jun-99Age: 1Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment:That game sounds like fun. Next time get your mom to butter the bread for you too. :) ...Andrew.
i remember the time i stole a raw tatoe....

All right!
Tell your mom that these are part of the wonderful memories that you create for her! She'll remember the tug-o-war when you're long gone. Enjoy it buddy, there's bound to be more where that came from. :-)

the skinny long ones are easier to grab
Guinness, i know you have a biggerr mouth than me and so you can get at the fat ones but i know where there kept and i get em when i can. minnie

Glad to Hear Your Mom is Better
Guinness, Great to hear you're inside to do your old tricks. We were worried and said an extra prayer for you guys and your Mom with the Asthma.
But bread, come on guy, what did they eat with the bread? You're a smart boy, but then you got Moms attention and a good chase, plus a great laugh. Did the lady dogs go over and make Mom feel better?
You and I both know counter shopping usually involves protein based foods, like spaghetti or some italian delicacy. Humans seem to think they have to eat a lot of grains though, dognally I think grain is better left for grazing animals like horses, goats and sheep.
You are over do for some major bad dog activity.
Shadow sends his regards to Mitzi and Lady Ashley.
Your fellow Alpha Dog, Cass 4 year old Labbie boy and the FW pack

Lucky Dog You Are!
Hey Guinness, you really are a lucky dog! See, I have this other dog that lives in my house. She always wants everything she wants and she gets it! if I'm chewing on a chew toy, and I look around(I do this because I feel like it, okay!), she gets it! Oh, how I hate that girl! Her name's Maggie, you'll see her writing comments too! See ya! -Apollo

Bread is GOOD
but cookies is better! I'm jealous of Guinness coz I love French bread but mommy duzzn't but it ennymore coz it goes stale b'fore she can eat it all an' she won't share it wiff us. But last week she got some SnackWells cookies, an' I got up an pulled them outa the grocery bag before she could put them away. She thought the store people forgot to put them in her bag, and I got to eat eight of them b'fore she figgured out where they went! Then I didn't wanna eat my dinner but it was OK coz she gave me a milk-bone b'fore bed. But I wanna play tug-o-war wiff some bread, too! Yore pal, TeeJay

yummy bread!
mmmm, we just love the french bread. Mom and dad give us the old ends which are good and crunchy! Yum!
Conan and Zenobia

Oh Guiness
You sure are a crazy lil' pup. I don't think anyone has more stories to share than you.... but then again I just found this site so I might give you a run for your bisquits! If your mom thinks your bad just put it to her this way.... if you were good she wouldn't get all this excercise chasing you around. Love and sloppy squash kisses, Spankie Squash


Frankenstein chairGuinness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

Hi all! it's me Guinness again. I have this addiction to dads lazyboy chair. I keep ripping it up and de stuffing the back and mom comes home all mad. then she fixes the chair again. it has so many patches on it now! I'm just trying to make it more comfy by re arranging the stuffing. it looks kinda funny with the patches and all. I've left the couch alone for a while now cause they leave the cushions upstairs where I can't get to em. so I attack that chair. I leave my chair alone. afterall I want nice things. anyway, dad deserves this treatment when he leaves in the morning without my morning walk. I don't understand why work is more important than I am! I'm the baby! how dare he pay more attention to something other than me! Mitzi says I've gone off the deep end, whatever that means. Ashley says I'm a real pain cause I play with her ears and nip her butt then I back her into a corner and put my butt in her face. unfortunatly she usually bites me where ever she can get a hold of me. her favorite place is my ears or right by my mouth. she also likes to bite me on my chest and sometimes she know where! but I don't care I do it again and again! I weighed in at 56 lbs on friday. now I'm 8 mo. old. Dad took me to the lake on sunday! I learned about water! it can be fun. I got a lot of attention from these little humans that wanted to play with me! I gave them all a good licking! then I stole one little girls hot dog. mmmm. I hope I get to go again soon! well, Mitzi says hi to Andrew, and Ashley says hi to all, and I'm going to go get that chair again before mom gets home at lunch. munch munch munch. Chair for lunch!---Guinness (chair muncher)
Date: 11-Aug-98Age: 0Sex: male
Home: Oklahoma, United States (USA)Damage: $250.00Human: Brigitte and Earl Riggs

Comment: You should send us a photo of your artwork.

                               Chew are flameous lick me
Dis is Cupid I didn't nose chew were in pawrint. Could chew sends me yer autopawgraph wen chew kan. Yer furiend Cupid

Hey! mom seasoned the stuffing of the chair with dried Chile peppers. that made it real interesting to de stuff! don't know if I like it though. just a little too spicy. mabe she will add some garlic and some salt to make it even more appealing. hee hee hee, just love to munch that chair! oh, and I ate the other satalite dish remote this morning too! a 70 dollar value! lets see what color mom turns when she gets home at lunch! I wonder what color patch she will put on the chair today? this is just too much fun---Guinness.

Hi Guinness
We also worked on a chair, an antique!!! The arm fell off and Minnie finally chewed it and then Mom screamed and Dad took it to be fixed!!! Today the chair came back and Mom says OFF everytime we try to check it out. I agree with Andrew (Minnie, too) let us see the Chair. It must look really good. Your fan, Bob


Final Act of BadnessGuinness: American_Staffordshire_Terriers

First I want to warn you that this is very hard for me to write. I write this from the rainbow bridge. I felt I must give you my last confession. With That said You can either read on or not.On the morning of March 6, 2002, it started out like any other... We get up, we go outside to potty, we get breakfast and the we go upstairs where I play hop on pop in bed and Lady Ashley goes into the bathroom where mom turns on the light and the heater and shuts the door and comes to see if Dad will be getting up (just like we do every day)Well thats where the story changes. I don't know what came over me. Mom seems to think it might be something called canine rage syndrom which is a form of frontal lobe epilepsy that causes your eyes to dialate and the imbalance of certain chemicals in the brain cause you to do attack your owner.
Well, All I remember was feeling a little wierd and I heard myself growling and snapping and mom screaming and dad screaming. Then as quickly as it came it stopped... I knew I did something really Bad! Mom was bleeding and I could taste it in my mouth.I felt soooo bad. I couldnt take it back! Mom ran into the bathroom and dad grabbed me by the collar and put me outside. I screamed and cried and tried to get in to tell mom how sorry I was. Dad was all freaked out! In a few minutes dad came back and let me in and put me in my kennel den the momma came back down the stairs with a rag on her face. She came right up to the kennel and put her fingers through the holes and scratched on my ears, she told me she loved me and knows I didnt know what I was doing and forgave me. Then Dad took her away. A little while later he came back and got me Dad was real sad. I gave him kisses and licked away his tears. I wondered where was mom? He took out the leash and we went for a car ride... to the vet... There the vet gave me a shot...Thats all I remember. When I woke up I was here at the Rainbow bridge. I then learned my momma got 167 stiches in her scalp, ear, face (near lip), and arm. It took em almost 4 hours to sew her up. They even had to call in a microfacial/oral surgeon to patch her up. I know she forgives me but I feel so bad to have hurt her like that. Sadly that is my final act of badness. I have hand picked and sent her my predacessor I have been woofing at him in his sleep and giving him some great ideas. I have to continue to inspire even if I'm not there to teach him in body I can in spirit and dreams. Thank you Bad Dogs For all the support you have showed my mom. She is healing physically and shouldnt really scar much, and little Shamrock and Lady Ashley are helping to heal her big heart. Guinness (Guardian Angel to Bad dogs everywhere).


if moose,my sister is with you...tell her to hand pick a gsd puppy to carry on in her place.

We Miss You Guinness
Our Mom is sitting here leaking all over the place from just reading about the terrible thing that happened so we know it had to be horrible for you, your Mom and Dad. We know that what happened was beyond your control Guinness and that you wouldn't have intentionally hurt your Mom because you loved her so much. Just remember that your Mom and Dad understand and still love and miss you. Thanx for letting us know what happened. Be sure and look up our brothers Thor, Zeus and Herc there at the Rainbow Bridge and tell them that we still love and miss them. Mom still leaks over them too.
Fang, Chilli, Chewey and Kodi of Brats Pack

I know you just weren't yourself that day. I have had the same feeling one or two times in my life too and once hurt mommy so bad she needed stitches. Luckily she was not so badly hurt that she had to send me to the bridge, but it was close. We will pray for your family. I am sure it is the hardest thing they ever had to do. They will miss you because they still love you. We know you couldn't help it. Patches the Cattledog

To Guinness & His Pack
We are very very sad to read what happened. We know dog rage because we bit our Human Dad twice in his hand. Once when I was going after Tatum's tail and Minnie bit Dad when he was trying to break up one of our fights. It caused a lot of concern. Minnie has also attacked two friend dogs. Mom never forgets that.
What happened that day was awful and painful in memory forever. There are also the great happy times that you all enjoyed. Our prayers and hearts are with you all. Bob & Minnie & Mom

So long Pal
Dear Guiness...So long,Pal.I will miss you. You always made my mommy feel not so bad when she read about the great things you did...She had never seen dogs writing stuff like this before.I went over the rainbow bridge a while back so I know it must have been so hard for you to write to say goodby so soon.

How Sad For You & Your Humans
You poor sweet,lovable guy. We howl for you. Mom said to tell you thank you for letting us know about this very weird stuff. We're still sending you & your humans lots of snuggles,cuddles & deep sighs for healing purposes. Montie Old East Dallas Pack

Cuddles to you and yours
Dear Guinness,
I know it wasn't your fault, and I hope that you realize how much you family loves you still. Take comfort in the knowledge that they know you loved them will all your being. Illness does NOT diminish all the love in your pack. We all still love you and know that you didn't mean it.
Your Royal Highness, Princess

heartfelt howls and ECS snuggles
to Lady Ashley and little Shammy, and especially to Guinness' mom and dad. Mom is leaking as I type this, she says Guinness didn't know what was happening and can't be held accountable, but it doesn't help the hurt in our hearts anymore. Guinness, we are so very sorry and we appreciate you writing to tell us what happened; we realize how difficult it was and that you were able to do it just reinforces what a special boy you were. We forgive you as your momma and daddy did, and we love you and miss you. Keep on inspiring little Shammy in his dreams, we know you were behind the towel-pulling! Our snuffles and licks, from Queen Tia, Taz, Taylor, Teddy, and Gus, and Mike and Ike the grandkids

Sniff Sniff We Know it Wasn't the Real Guinness
that hurt his mom. Just like it wasn't the real Ellie that hurt Little Bit. We know rage first hand and it isn't the sweet dog that normally inhabits that body.
Thank you for your heartfelt story of your (nope not the real Guinness)last act of baddogedness, sorry in our book it doesn't count. Nobody got hurt when you actually were a bad dog.
Our hearts go out to you and your humans plus Little Shammy and Lady Ashley (one of my many loves Shady).
Mom says once again to thank Brigette for the note, earlier as hard as it was too write. Mom cannot begin to imagine how difficult it must have been for her to write. We all continue to pray for your family.
Thank you, Casio, Molly, Shady and Sam from the FW pack
Little Annie (the uman pup )wants to say Hi too. Of course the umans wanted to express thanks too specially for you sending the Shammy boy to your Mom.

Im Sorry....
Dear Guinness, I Hope You Will Be Watching Over me! ive been really bad since you crossed rainbow bridge.. Ive done the following.. 1.Ripped up My Moms Pillow 2.Peed on my Daddy When he was sleeping 3.knocked over my moms party Favors (At Her Thank You Party) 4. Dug Several holes in my yard, and the neighbors
but Im sorry for you... and your mom.. my sister Peggy joined you a short while ago tell her I said hi! Im Sorry and I hope your mommy feels better... Hugs and doggy kisses- *Kira The Irish Setter*(Puppy)

Note from Guinness: Thank you so much I really appreciate your distruction! I'm watching over you and if you listen I'll give you more ideas in your dreams...

Our hearts go out to you Guinness and to your parents and to all other dogs this ailment afflicts. Take care. Nero, Shayna, and Bailey

We miss you!
Hey Guinness... we know it wasn't your fault and we forgive you... we love and miss you... and we hope that you are having fun at the Bridge...
-sniff niff... Julius and Elroy the wonder pups

We love you anyway!
Poor Guinness... poor Guinness' Mommy & Daddy...!! *sniff sniff* *howl* We know you didn't mean it. You are sorely missed, but we know you'll be guiding every Bad Dog endeavour here on earth. Take care! Much love from Bailey & Whiskey

We know it wasn't your fault, sweet Guinness. You are forgiven...
Cisco Kid


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