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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: Labbie Boys Are Not Too Bright [Ellie]

Labbie Boys Are Not Too Bright
Ellie: Cocker_Spaniel

Hi, My human parents thought that Cass should send in a warning to other owners who are video tapeing action shots of dogs, and previewing it on tv, he said it is too embarassing. I thought other pups should know of this trick humans are playing on us. Dan, my boy took Cass and I out with the video camera, and let it make it's noise while we played games. Then he came in the house and we all sat down or sprawled (in Cassies situation) to watch tv. First thing you know Dan is calling me, so I come, Good Dog. The video was very interesting, a dog that looked like Cass, he said one of them looked just like me, then the toy throwing started, and the next time we watched it, Cass tried to catch it thru the tv, it wobbled, but it didn't break. We got to go out and play again when we watched the tv again, he didn't go after Saturn, maybe because Dan was snuggling him.By the way I am a Cocker Spaniel, and have never seen a cocker do anything so dumb (Mom's comment, I have)
Be Careful


Date: 20-Aug-97Age: 3Sex: female
Home: INDamage: $0.00Human: Hal and Diane

Comment: It sound like Mom should video the you knocking over the television!

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