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Friday, October 11, 2013

Classic: Big Trouble for a Little Cocker [Shadow]

Big Trouble for a Little Cocker

Shady Character: Cocker_Spaniel

FINALLY!!! I did something very bad, in human terms, but great in Bad Dog terminology. Under very difficult and well supervised conditions. Unca Dan went to work. Gma was on pup patrol. Opportunity strikes a baby food jar in the door, Shady is out the door. Now I figured the others would come along, and I called them. Nope the goody four paws stayed with Gma. Great the security gate is open, adios amigos. Hey no one to play with, and its cold and rainy. Gma open the door. She calls me and the pack looks out at me. Molly and Cass tried to tell Gma, I was outside. Well she was tired of my getting stuck, and knowing (hey I wasn't)I was inside and just indignant she nored me. My mom and Annie were still sleeping.Then I hear Gma calling from the door, and Mom yelling Shadow is out in front. Finally mom comes out only partly dressed (bad dog points here)and picks me up. No punishment, I was smart enough to come on a recall.
I got to go. My coat still isn't dry totally. They used a towel and dryer, but it's a potential show coat versus a field coat like Molly's.
Bye for Now Shady


Date: 24-Jan-02Age: 7Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Jeni

Comment:So you escaped...glad you got your mom to have to come outside partly dressed... but you might pick a non rainy day next time... Andrew

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