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Friday, October 11, 2013

Classic: Mud, Mud, MUD!!! [Bart]

Mud, Mud, MUD!!!

Bart: Mix

Hi BDC, it’s me Bart again, now weighing 80 lbs. and not an ounce of fat. I have a great story to brag to you guys. You see it’s been raining constantly over here in Md. so the back yard is all nice and muddy. Ahhh, mud, just the thought of it makes me drool. I don’t understand why humans never appreciate it like us dogs do. Don’t they know how much fun it is to roll around in it? Anyway, back to my story. Spike and me had been trapped inside the house forever, humans call it 5 hours but it seems like an eternity. When Cindy let us go outside to do our business I took advantage of it and stomped around in the deep holes Spike created. But that didn’t satisfy my mudding needs, hey a boy got to have his fun somehow right? So I started to roll around in the mud and before I knew it I was covered in it. But it felt so good; hey don’t humans have the same thing done to their bodies? Why pay so much in the spa when you can have it for free in your very own back yard. Cindy saw it and was fuming; I don’t know what the big deal is. Well, Spike joined in too and by the time we were done there were mud everywhere. By then I got thirsty and wanted to go in for a drink, so I started to throw my huge body against the patio door. I think I might have cracked it just a little, who cares, Cindy was going to replace it anyway. Soon the whole house was covered with muddy paw prints and just body prints. Spike just sat there looking at me like I’m stupid. She just doesn’t realize how much fun this is. When I saw Cindy show up with the garden hose I went nuts, she must wants to play tug of war. That will just make my day! But no such luck, she started spraying both of us with water, I tried to fight back by knocking her down a couple of times. She hosed Spike off first and got her in, can you believe she tied me to the door of the shed? Well I wasn’t going to have that so I ripped the door out while she was inside drying Spike off. But my turn came and she hosed me off too. She dragged me inside the house and dried me off with a bunch of towels, she didn’t even had the decency to blow dry me, that’s abuse right there! She put me in my crate and went outside to hose off all the mud on the house. I was stuck having to watch all those pools of mud go to waste. But I did get back at her, the whole house smelled like wet dog for a week. Which is fine by me, I like being the one spreading that wonderful aroma. I should charge the humans for my aroma therapy.

Date: 24-Jun-99Age: 0Sex: male
Home: Maryland, United States (USA)Damage: $250.00Human: Cindy

Comment:You sound like you had a great time! Humans dont often understand simply delightful it can be to romp and play in mud puddles. Well, sometimes the younger ones do ;)...Maggie

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