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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: He Stole My Salami [Little Bit]

He Stole My SalamiLittle Bit: Yorkshire_Terrier

Hi Guys, It's me Little Bit up at Rainbow Bridge, where I've just arrived last Wednsday to be exact. I went in the kitchen to be with Mom and the pack, but I was tired after my drink. I laid down and went to sleep, Mom bumped my leg I was sprawled out a little, and bent down to pick it up under me, and decided to cover me over for my nap. Later, Mom came in and bent down to me giving me salami right in front of my mouth. Well my buddy Shadow knew I was already in a better place, so he took my Salami . Then Mom knew I was gone, she went and got my human brother Dan (he's 19)and he agreed I was gone. Then she picked me up in my nest and put me in my kennel, then she paged my human girl Jeni. Later, Jeni and Tom came over to say good bye to me. When Dad came home there were last sniffs by my canine brothers and sister while I was in my nest and also in Dad's arms. Shadow wagged his tail like he knew I had gone to a better place. Cassie turned away choosing not to look at what I used to be, he knew I was gone. Molly and Sam were polite too much so for them and left. Then came the human ritual of a funeral. They said prayers and were very sad as they said good bye to me.

As you know I have a great view from up here, Mom was playing with my fabric, and no one knew what to do because I always kept the other dogs away from the fabric and yarn or fiber. It was very difficult for her to cut out a pattern without me there to help hold it in place and make sure she did it right. Even hemming a dress was difficult as I was always under it keeping it safe.

I didn't realize how many of my old friends were up here. No one really knows how old I was because I was rescued, but I went peacefully as I wasn't sick or anything, just tired. The last ten years of my life were great, I got to do all the stuff that comes natural to a Yorkie boy. The last week I slowed down a bit, but I still took a stroll to check out my ladies, I was still the sneaky yorkie.
I will write more from RB Bridge of antics I didn't get caught in.
Little Bit


Date: 23-Aug-99Age: 12Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Hal and Diane

Comment: Farewell. It sounds like you went peacefully. :) I can't wait to hear about those stories you could never tell because of the danger of your humans finding this site and reading about what you had done.

Goodbye Little Bit....
We all hope to hear more stories from the Rainbow Bridge.If you see my buddy,Digger tell him I said '"Hi".Hes a Rough Collie also -Lassie-

Farewell Little Bit
Farewell Little Bit, You will be missed. Mom got all leaky when she read of your crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Say Hi to Snuggles and Sam for us, until we meet again...Mitzi, Ashley and Guinness.

Thank You For Your Thoughts
As Alpha Dog I said I was going to Thank all of you for your thoughts about our Buddy Bit. Minnie, don't hurry, I don't think our Moms' could take it. Finally mom has leakey eyes, that is good we knew she was up tight and that will definitely help. When she sits down, she really misses the little fabric weight. So do we . We get locked up when she is working on fabric, because the little guy used to chase us away. His favorite time was when she was winding fabric for the loom, he would lay on the fabric and dare us to come near it. Then he would bite our faces.
We miss his occasional special treats, plus he always climbed on Moms chest after she ate to clean any crums off.
He will be happy to see BJ and Leigha, and probably a little leery of Ellie, but Leigha will help her to understand. Thank you for remembering them.
Cass and the FW Pack

oh my Bit
i will speak for uss all, mom leaked all over the computer,so its obvious she can't. we send our deepest licks aand sniffs. i loved bit and i think my people and bob did too. i will miss him so much. minnie ps Bit, i will meet you at the bridge, ok?

bye bye little bit
we really enjoyed your stories, and look forward to hearing more. our mommy cried when she read your story so we have to go comfort her now.
conan and zenobia

Requiem for Bit
All of us in the Gang of Four and prissy Queen Tia will surely miss your antics. Thank DOG you had a good life for so long, you had wonderful humans looking after you. Your pack will miss you too, but now you can find your buddy BJ and Miss Ellie at the Bridge. We send big English cocker licks and a communal howl to all of the Fort Wayne pack. Taz and the rest of the Gang

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