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Friday, October 11, 2013

Classic: Me and My Big Teeth and Paws [Bart]

Me and My Big Teeth and Paws

Bart: Mix

Hi BDC,I knew it wouldn't be long before I have another article to submit. First I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words for Griffin, the golden that passed away. I never met him, he lives with Mike's parents, but I hear he was a great boy and is missed very much by grandma and grandpa.
I've been growing like a weed, I went through 40 lbs of food in one week. Mike loves it, he likes macho dogs like me. But he's not the one taking care of me, Mommy is. You see since I'm part Rott I inherited the laziness gene. I would go up to the huge water bowl and lie down in front of it. Then I would use my paws to pull the bowl under my chin so I can rest my head on the rim and drink at the same time. Since I still don't have complete control of my huge paws I always knock the bowl over instead. But that doesn't stop me, I just lie on the wet floor drinking what is left inside the bowl. Then I get up and rub against Mommy with my wet body because I love her so. For some reason Mommy always get mad at me, all I did was drink from the water bowl.
Another thing I did was chewed up Daddy's favorite chair. It's his fault really, he knew I'm getting my grown up teeth so my gums are itching. He went upstair to take a shower and left me and Spike downstairs playing. Spike got tired of me drooling on her so she got up on the sofa and chewed her bone. My gums started itching again so I tried to sooth it on the arm of Daddy's favorite chair. It worked! My gums felt much better but wait, what's this I taste? The wood tasted really good, so I thought a little chewing won't hurt. What harm could possibly come to that? But before I knew it I left some pretty scratches on it and I was going to finish my job except I heard Daddy come down the stairs. So I laid down and did my "I felt off a building" look. It wasn't until a week later that Mommy saw the damage, and she automatically accused me. How unfair! Why do I always get blame? I'm not the only dog around with teeth. So what if I'm teething? Spike could do it.


Date: 02-Jun-99Age: 0Sex: male
Home: Maryland, United States (USA)Damage: $500.00Human: Cindy

Comment:Sorry, but is very common for humans to blame the puppy. Afterall, they have a concept of doggie teething. you can look at other stories here on BDC on what to chew next...Come on guys give this pup some new ideas! Hey, Guinness where have you been lately? Don't tell us you've gone soft!...Andrew.

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