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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: I Ran Away From Home [Molly]

I Ran Away From HomeMolly: English_Springer_Spaniel

Hi , This is my first time writting to Bad Dogs, but the guys Cass and Bit told me that it is a part of being in this pack. As you might not have known Bj and Ellie went up to Doggie heaven recently . Ellie was a rescued dog, and after Bj left it made her problems worst,and there was nothing more that could help her.Mom Belle and Dad Beaux (they were Springer Spaniels) interviewed my new people both, Hal and Diane and Belle and Beaux agreed that they wanted to meet before we were meeting each other. Well Dad really liked them, and Mom let them come and see us. There were 7 of us up for adoption, I took one sniff of Hal and said I am interested, I went subtlely over to the corner and watched him. Then we all went outside in the yard and my Dad to be Hal and mom to be Diane sat on the ground one of my brothers jumped on Dianes back, but after we drained the waterbowl, we all went over and climbed over Hal, I got to climb the highest, and stayed there until one of my brothers came and told me to go chase Dad with his bottle, that was boring, my friend Hal was more interesting, then Mom came over and put her paw on Hal and told me I could have him. About that time, Hal said I've found my puppy, it was me.
I had a long drive from Sturgis Michigan to Ft.Wayne, IN, but I had the luxury and privilege of Ellie Maes old kennel and her pretty mauve rug which is perfect with my liver and white coat. We stopped at a restaurant and a lady came out and said Molly, that is my call name now. The lady was my big sister Jennifer, she has two dogs of her own Sam and Shadow. Then we bought some great smelling things and stopped at another place where the humans ate, but not me. Next we stopped again and a man (a year older than my old human brother)Dan came out to see me and said how much he liked me. Dan lives with us they say he is still a kid and I will see him at lunch everyday to. Cass said he is my human brother and that Bj raised him from a pup.
I found the computer during my travels this morning,and snuggled with Mom for awhile, but I am Dad's dog, he says I am very bright. I will be going to puppy class as soon as I get all my shots, today I am going for my first ride in a bag, Mom and Dad say I can breath the air on our walk, but won't get into the germs. I will have my paws and head looking out at Cass doing the walking.
Dad and Dan took tons' of video of Cass, Bit and I hopefully we will get one sent in.
Shadow will be my jump tutor, and I look forward to meeting him.
The humans still miss BJ and Ellie a lot, there were a lot of tears around here for both of them according to Cass and Bit, I have cheered things up a lot, and I plan to keep them very busy, did you notice that in Leighas story, it had the name of Lady Elizabeth Rosalee instead of Leigha? I guess the computer keys were even upset.
So you can see I ran away from a great home to a greater home. I plan to really show Mom and Dad what a challenge a lady Springer can be. I am almost 10 weeks old. Molly


Date: 20-Sep-98Age: 0Sex: female
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Hal and Diane

Comment: We look forward to reading some of your adventures Molly. You have quite a way with words.Andrew

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