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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: My Mom Doesn't Understand Me [Shadow]

My Mom Doesn't Understand Me

Shadow: Cocker_Spaniel

As you know, my brother Sam and I are currently living with Grandma and Grandpa while my parents deal with a no pets clause in their lease.Well there are rules and different rules. As any cocker knows we are height disadvantaged, when compared to Labbies and jump disadvantaged when compared to springers. So I have been compensating.
To see out the dinette windows I sit on the kitchen table (which meant clearing off the shopping sitting on it thus it cost money)to watch who is coming to our house. Well Mom caught me coming to greet her, the plan was to jump in her arms. Is she happy to see my wagging little body? No it is no peanut butter cookies this week for you. Then Gmom and Gpa tell her about my ability to wash dishes from the chair next to the sink. For years, I have watched my labbie boy uncle Cass put his nose down the food eater in the sink, (I still haven't figured out where that is yet),so I figured I would help the portly lab. Wrong Jeni doesn't appreciate it. Neither does Gmom, she pulls it a little further away, I can sit and talk to her while she cooks, but something about hygiene. Why do they have to put dishes in the things that makes the noise and takes the smell off the dishes when there is a perfectly good cocker boy to take care of it? Molly my springer aunt has to be shut out of the kitchen when Gmom fills the machine because she trys to wash the dishes too. I just tried to hop on the washer and got sub buns out of the cupboard above it. Dog alive can Grandma run, I didn't even get the package opened before she took it away. Humans just don't appreciate us.
Shadow Gmom and I have to make dinner now


Date: 23-Sep-99Age: 4Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $10.00Human: Jeni and Tom

Comment:We appreciate you! Well, granted we are fellow bad dogs... The Bad Dog Gang.

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