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Friday, October 11, 2013

Classic: I tried having a bunch of Seizures [Sam]

I tried having a bunch of Seizures

Sam: Labrador_Retriever

I had to have Grandma do my typing for me. I told her hey, the BDC gang needs to know what is happening to Sam. It started as a normal day, Grandma's day off. I was cleaning house after bringing the dogs in . Sam had been acting a little funny lately, like he wasn't being spoiled enough. I noticed him standing against a chair with one leg up I thought Molly had played wishbone (a favorite spaniel and lab game), but Sam was shaking like a seizure, so I sent the dogs upstairs to wake up Sams Dad Tom. Everyone jumped on top and Sam refused to get off. Later, Tom came downstairs and decided we needed to take Sam to the vet. Sam was quite the center of attention in the waiting room, with the shaking. At the sametime he was getting hotter and then cooling off. The rigidness and shaking came and went with it to. One other owner recgonized it as a seizure, most others thought he just was scared. The vet gave him 10mg of valium, and it didn't phase him. The next 5mg let him relax a little and more later.(keeping in mind he weighs between 35& 40#) She confirmed he was seizing, and said it is usually primary epilepsy in dogs, but she drew blood and kept him for the day and they transferred him to the emergency animal clinic for the night. He should be home tomorrow. All of us are puzzled at the multiple seizures and him not loosing his alertness, or ability to walk (in the opposite direction of the exam room)and to fight going into the vets kennel. He growled once to get Tom to get him out of the vets office, and when Jeni and Tom went to visit him, he stood up and was ready to go home. The techs said he has threatened them thru the kennel doors. He is in a kennel where he can be watched constantly, by staff.Fortunatel it is a large hospital and most of the staff knows us on site.I am sure Sam will have BD stories to tell about his adventure when he comes home. I can't imagine for one minute him putting up with them trying to change the IV line his has going.
Sam and Grandma


Date: 07-May-99Age: 2Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $250.00Human: Jeni and Tom

Comment:Thanks for keeping us informed of Sams condtion, We anticipate his version of the story. I imagine there is a lot to be told...Emily

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