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Friday, October 11, 2013

Classic: Possums Growl [Shadow]

Possums Growl

Shadow: Cocker_Spaniel

Last night, Cass (my labbie brother)said there was a major hunt, Mom let me out and I joined. Well, finally Mom went in and told dad she needed Male human help, so he and the human pup Dan (he's 19, but he used to be a pup)came out. Dad got up tight and told Mom to get the dogs in . No way the possum was growling at me. When Mom heard about it, her protective instincts went into high gear and she made us go in. She actually brought out a pound of hamburger to bait us. The possum was trapped in the shed and we had to go thru bikes to get it. Dad couldn't see what it was, just hear the barking and growling. Mom told him to grab me, and he said he wasn't going to be the last one out. Well I was and it wasn't going to be without the possum.Enter Moms brain again, out comes the hose and Dad sprays us, well possums aren't dumb and neither are cockers. He took off down the side of the shed and I followed, but couldn't catch out the shed door and over the fence. Guys, it was a wood fence that had been a problem for me in the past, possie dug his claws in it and so did I , He jumped off into the yard next door so did I.He ran under the neighbors fence panels they had angled against their garage, so did I. Then he hid out of reach, I did a few victory laps around the neighbors yard (the rest of the pack had already accomplished going over the fence and I got left behind now I have a way)[Dad's comment he is now confined to the pool area where they can't climb out], then I went back for the hunt. Here I am sitting listening for possie and Dad climbs the fence, he didn't want me out of his sight. Well no way Dad is getting me, he is a big guy and could just shine the flashlight on me, so much for my black cocker camoflage in the dark, possie knew where I was. Enter a strange human male with fire in his mouth. Big mouth Mom says, he doesn't bite so this human mole comes under the fence and carries me out holding my head so I can't bite just in case. Now Dad would never let a strange human male in his territory, much less to touch one of us. Which is how I let him catch me totally off guard. To add insult to injury Mom introduced us all around, and they shook hands. Next he is walking with us home, but he stopped at the house we are told to keep the humans that go there away from us. Well Dad had explained how well we protect our territory two from the rear and two from the front. Then he stopped at the house, and it hit mom who he was. He won't catch us again. Dad did give us hamburger for being such good hunters.
Shadow Shadow


Date: 10-Sep-99Age: 4Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Jeni

Comment:So who was the strange human with fire in his mouth? At least you got some hamburger out of the deal following your chase and great escape. Maggie.

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