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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: 2 Liter Bottles are Great for Mischievous Pups [Cassie]

2 Liter Bottles are Great for Mischievous Pups

Cassie: Labrador_Retriever

Hearing Mom read Jakes story to Dad, they get a chuckle out of the stories, we get ideas (some are printed out for humans to read and laugh at and we never know what was so good). As Mom read about Jake the cat and the soap, I came over and nudged Moms typing arm I just had to let Jake know of how to make a more effective mess with the help of the kitty.Dad said that the two liter soda bottles are even more fun for a Labbie Boy and his friends. I pop the lids loose so the dribble on the floor (the soda tastes very good, almost as good as stealing a drink from a glass with ice in it.) and pump them up with my paw, then one or more of my friends come along and pull at the top until it sprays all over, this is usually done in the living or family room, velour furniture or clean bedding is a must. This is also very effective when Mom is doing needlework, or the family is busy reading the Sunday paper [there time would be better spent doing things with us, but they have this thing about control. As long as we have fresh water in our bowl, they take the bottle away and clean up the mess, ignoring us].
Speaking of Mom, Dad read somewhere that a Labbie Boy has to have a job to do, so he told me (J had already told me when I moved in) my job is to protect Mom. I take this job very seriousily and I even protect her from him (I am a very gentle Lab, I get in the way). We were sitting watching Tv and Dad decided to hold Moms hand, now this is dominance in my world, so I took my head and helped Dad realize that this was not acceptable, by pushing his arm away and letting her rest her hand on my head. Dad is getting very good at playing with my paws when I am holding Moms hand between mine. Sometimes we play puppy paws, which is to see who can have their paw or hand on top, Dad always ends up winning unless he doesn't realize the game I am playing.
Mom and I were out for a walk recently and a man got off one of those things people call motorcycles, and walked behind Mom and I . Bad move, I put up my fur, on a 25-1/2" and 78 pound body it was impressive, especially when I growled softly. He made a comment about me being Sassy. Lucky for him I was on command, and he didn't come too close. Normally people don't think of making a comment much less walking on the same side of the street as I am when I am taking care of Mom alone. People who know me and I don't see as a threat love me to pieces. I also make dog and human friends very easily. Cassie


Date: 28-Jun-97Age: 2Sex: male
Home: INDamage: $25.00Human: Hal and Diane

Comment: Thoses bottles sound like fun. I think I will put bottles on mom and dad's grocery list when they are not looking.

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