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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: Casio was Bad [Molly]

Casio Was Bad

Casio: Labrador_Retriever

Molly here . Friday, Cass got in the van with the alpha humans and they left with the portable den behind them. We all decided that Cass was not supposed to be with them and when they found out he would come home. Two sleeps later, the people come home and who struts in ahead of them but the big guy himself. Smelling of skunk, deer, raccoons, and all kinds of things not to mention drivethru windows. Well Sam told him he was now alpha dog and Cass slapped him over on his back with one paw. No problem Cass is in control. He checks out the yard and lays on the couch human style and passes out. The only time we had done that was after the surgery poor fella. Finally he tells us his trouble Seems like he had to eat treats for four of us. He had to sleep in a human bed and travel with them all the time. He had to escort them around campgrounds and thru the woods. He even flushed a bird at the outlet mall. Did he invite us no.Dad and Mom told us Cass has to go by himself once more before I can go so he will calm down. He never barked, but bounced around the camper so they figure I will really bounce, and they only want one bouncing with excitment at a time. Can you believe the big guy actting like a springer, I mean a 96# stuck up labbie boy. I think he set it up so he could have the humans to himself again.


Date: 29-Feb-00Age: 5Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Hal and Diane

Comment:Is Casio being stingy with the humans? How dare they play favorites! Emily. (I know I'm moms favoite but don't tell the others)

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