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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: I Want to Take Care of the Baby [Shadow]

I Want to Take Care of the BabyShadow: Cocker_Spaniel

I've got a real handful with Molly and the umans. I say Annie is my baby and I get to take care of her. They say look but don't touch. Like you can resist a sweet smelling windup toy. Stoopid retrievers do, they watch her but don't touch. Molly thinks her job is to chase boy dogs away from the little uman. Like she bites necks and rolls back on her tail if you try to go in back of the umans. I mean Annie cries more than once, the umans are too slow so I try to help. I don't let her get a second wimper before I bark . Just until they respond. Needless to say we don't get in a room with just Mom and the pup. Gma, Gpa or Uncle Dan are always there. Yup lots of extra special treats around here and tention. I think we pups are ready for another baby.Oh yeah the puter is in the same room as the baby so we really have to work to get to it. Sorry bout two stories so close together, but this is citing. For the pups who are afraid of loosing their home we have no fear that way hope you don't either.
Annie is calling me,
Shadow and the FW pack


Date: 30-May-01Age: 6Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Jeni

Comment:Sounds like you have found you calling as a sitter for your new sibling. Emily

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