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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: They Wouldn't Turn Around [Little Bit]

They wouldn't Turn aroundLittle Bit: Yorkshire_Terrier

Picture of Little Bit
Little Bit and his pals  
Thanks, Bob, Tia, Ivan, Andrew and the groups. Today, Mom and Dad took all the dogs out with me nice and snuggly in my recliner. Next thing I know cold hands are picking me up and putting me inside a coat, Dad and Mom decided it was time to get pictures for the page. I look like a kangaroo looking out of Mom and Dad's coats. Do the other guys need to be looking at the camera? We have great pictures of backs and some profiles [they claim it is difficult to get the eyes to show on the black dogs]. Do you really need to see their faces as long as my little face is showing? Hoover, One picture has Molly giving me a kiss. At least they didn't need to put me down in the snow. You can tell from the picture who the well behaved one is. We were playing the obedience game. Little Bit


Date: 16-Jan-99Age: 11Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Hal and Diane

Comment: The obediance game? Yuk.Emily

loveing DOGS
I think that DOG is so loveing!!!!

So Sweet but looks like others are licking their lips

Hey Bit
Believe me, Minnie is not a prissy primpy york she is so rough and tough it is scary. Mom and Dad think she outweighs me now. Today we got our hair cut and Bill the great groomer said to Dad that Minnie is huge but she is totally solid and not fat. She is sort of an armadillo york. She is alot more menacing when you can't see her eyes. But now we can see them again. She has this weird habit of falling in love with only certain humans(about 1 in 10) that she meets. When she finds someone she likes she goes crazy and is really disgusting. Not at all dignified like me. I am still sweet Bob. You will see our pictures very soon. Mom has it all organized now. Bob

Gophering Sounds Like Fun
Candy, I've done it, one of those critters got in our shed, and I went down the tunnel, and barked until he ran out in to a cage. Grandpa was so stunned, that he didn't close the door and we had to get him out again,Cass (my Labbie boy uncle) broke his neck as soon as I flushed him. Cass and I didn't get a scratch. Imagine a Gophers reaction when we each went in from different entrances. Shadow

Shadow has good taste
Shadow, this is Candy. We should not tell Lady Ashley, but I think you and I could have alot of fun together digging for gophers this Spring. ---Candy (black Cocker Spaniel in California)

Bob It is the Human Way to be Disorganized
Bob, My people are totally disorganized, think of how long it took them to get my picture in. Shadow likes the ladies comments. I think I should make them tear the house apart looking for the little kennel (I fit nicely in it, but prefer my recliner or if worst comes to worst a spaniel size kennel which is mine)it has my leathers in the top of it. Tell Minnie she won't be disappointed, meanwhile Sam wants another picture taken of him. Cass also wants a better picture as Shadow and I have the attention of the ladies. Don't worry about haircuts, I like my ladies with long non fussy coats, then they don't have to primp all the time. Waiting to see a picture of my possible lady love [ha! Bits been neutered,so it can only be platonic,his brother Shadow] and to see if I can handle her big brother (it's a joke Bob our dogship goes back to before I knew Minnie existed) Little Bit and the fw pack

Please accept our appologies
Sampson, we have studied the wonderful photo of all of you, but still cannot spot you. We are embarassed to ask but could you persuade your people to send in one of you? We are embarassed because our mom and dad are so lazy about getting film. When they do have film mom decides that we need haircuts so our eyes will show, then of course we get haircuts and she is out of film. They are so disorganized. Minnie is all excited about a leather jacket, I don't know why. I did notice that Shadow seems to have alot of females interested in him. I am a little nervous about sending my picture in now. Bob and of course Minnie

Tia and the Gang of Four
I was rescued (I had at least two previous families and was a victim of divorce they left me at the groomers so she could find a new family for me. Happily I met BJ while his family was vacationing and we became friends and Dorothy told Mom about me. The next morning after BJ was picked up they came back for me and that was 10 years ago I am one happy York) and about two years old, so no one knows how little I was. I weigh 5.5# now at my heaviest. I am a little York. I got to go thru 4h obedience and some real dog club sub novice work. Maybe we will get a better picture in soon. Ideally it will be me in my bomber jacket and the rest looking at the camera. Molly is beautiful considering she isn't a lady York. We were a little disappointed when she arrived, first a pup and then not a lab or york, but she is great and learns well. We're rather protective older brothers. She would love to go hunting in fact she and Cass are doing field work this week end in the dog field training area no need to be jealous, our labbie boy brother Cass is taking her and she has to stay on leash. Regards Little Bit

Candy, Minnie and Bob
Candy, you are absolutely correct it is Shadow they should be worshipping. Thanks to your brilliant comment (after all you are a black cocker)we had to convince Bit it is Dad we were worshipping not him.
Minnie, you like them rough and tough? Now Bit wants his picture taken in his brown leather jacket, as soon as he finds it. I think my little brother is in love, and I know I am with Candy. Just don't tell Lady Ashley. Shadow

Bit, you're adorable...
...and Molly, you are beautiful, even if we can't see that pretty-girl face! Mommy is oohing and aahing over how cute LB looks peeking out at you all. Tia wants to know how little you were when you were a puppy, coz from the looks of it, all of us guys were your size when we were borned!
Taz thinks Molly is the prettiest girl he's ever seen, and would like to invite her out hunting sometime (but he's too shy to ask himself, so he made ME do it!). But he wants to go hunt for birds, not for bologna and beer, unless it's raining really hard. He says it's time for Molly to learn about the thrill of chasing real spaniel quarry, not squirrels, altho they are fun to chase too. ECS licks to the Ft. Wayne pack! Tia and the Gang of Four

Looks like the others think you are something wonderful. Personally, I think that while you are awfully cute, they should be worshipping the black cocker spaniel. (By the way, what is snow?) ---Candy (black Cocker Spaniel in California)

You're looking good Bit
Minnie says you are tough looking and believe me, that's how she likes them. She says we will send our pictures soon, Mom has promised us. Dad said that he was going to take Minnie to Jenny Craig (?) after our last run in the park. We each weigh in at around 15 pounds, but I am lean and sleek and Minnie is stubby. I run the whole time we are there and Minnie just runs a little bit (ha ha ha) and then runs off and finds something smelly to roll in. She had to have another bath today! Adios muchachos, Bob

Hey there Bit
Great! Can't wait to see the pictures! Sorry you were cold (that was from me, not Minnie). Maybe you will inspire Mom and Dad to send some in of us, too. Bob & Minnie

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