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Friday, October 11, 2013

Classic: What you want your lunch bag back? [Harley]

What you want your lunch bag back?

Harley: Blue_tick_coonhound

Hey bad dogs!I knew it wouldn't be long before I make another entry for my misdeeds. Mommy's new year resolution is to bring lunch to work, so she can be healthier and save some money too. To do that she got one of them fancy insulated lunch bags from Costco. Every day she carries that bag back and forth and she's been pretty good about putting it away when she gets home. Well yesterday she had her mind on something else so she left it on the kitchen counter. While she was upstairs busy I took off with the bag and ripped it to pieces. Oh how I enjoyed destroying the velcro and the insulation. When she came downstairs and tried to get it from me, I decided it was a good time to start a game of chase. Hey she said she wanted to lose weight, what better than cardio running around the house? When she finally caught up to me the look of sheer joy on my face just softened her up to just take the bag from me. Apparently I had a huge doggie smile on my face and grinning from ear to ear.
Until next time, I'm sure I'll be checking in soon.


Date: 23-Mar-12Age: 2Sex: female
Home: Virginia, United States (USA)Damage: $25.00Human: Cindy

Comment:Awesome Pawsome! My mom has one of those too.... hmmm and I love a game of c

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