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Friday, October 11, 2013

Classic: Update of Our Lives [Spike]

Update of Our Lives

Spike: Mix

Hey fellow bad dogs,long time no chat. Just to catch you guys up on several things going on in my life.
Mommy got married in Vegas last May, so we're now the Davidsons. Although I did have to spend 2 weeks in a kennel, at least I didn't have to deal with the grand folks and their over bearing dog Lucky.
In September, Mommy left her old job at the Big 4 accounting firm and took a new job with an international company about to go IPO. So far the job is keeping her very busy and she's doing what she does best, telling others what to do, LOL.
Mommy bought a new car in Oct 2006, it's a cherry red Pontiac G6 hard top convertible with black leather interior and a lot of gadgets that the humans like. She finally bid goodbye to her beat up, barely street legal 1996 Toyota Corolla and got her first grown up car. I personally prefer the Corolla, the new car has them fancy bucket seats that isn't comfortable to stretch across.
Mommy started a secret santa paws exchange for bad dog folks she email regualrly in December. So far the secret santa paws was a success, with the exception of one person who didn't get her present. So next year Mommy plans to do it again and will extend it to the rest of the bad dogs clan. She invited one of her friends to join the secret santa paws this year and her friend loved it so much that she is bringing her friends to join next year.
I get to spend Xmas and Turkey Day with Daddy's family this year. I get to meet the great grand parents from Italy and the uncles and great uncles that even Mommy never met. I wowwed them all with how smart and how good I am and in return they feed me tons of treats. Hee, hee, stupid humans, they're so easy to manipulate.
In Jan 2007 Daddy has a stroke (2 strokes actually) and had to be rushed to the hospital. While he was there over night his heart stopped for 5 secs and he had to stay there for a whole 4 days. Mommy was running between the hospital, home, and work juggling everything. I never seen her more tired. On top of everything, I had a major ear infection and was not happy at all, but that could also be from having Mommy's parents dog sit me while Mommy is running around taking care of things. Daddy has came home and had been staying there for 3 weeks now, which I'm very happy about because he gets to pet me every day. Mommy has to take him to physical therapy and between all those icky human doctors (primary, neurologist, cardiologist, etc...) because Daddy is having balance problems (he couldn't walk without a cane for the first week), couldn't drive (was seeing double), has heart issues (heart skipping beats as a result of the stroke), and his whole left side is numb. Daddy is recovering very quickly but the numbness is permanent, but at least he has his motor skills and can still take me for walks, just not any time soon.
So now I get to have Daddy all to myself and Mommy is taking care of both of us while doing work fulltime. Her company is pretty understanding and allows her to work from home at times but because of the nature of her work, she has to be in the office a lot. But at least she comes home every day and cooks us dinner. I think we're get over this hump soon, it's times like this I really appreciate Mommy being the person that she is (meaning she's free with the treat giving and coddling even when things are hectic).
Oh the evil vet said I'm fat so I need to lose 10 pounds. Bad evil vet man!


Date: 06-Feb-07Age: 8Sex: female
Home: Maryland, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Cindy

Comment:you aren't fat just fluffy!I hope your daddy gets well soon. We participated in the Secret Santa with ya'll. We were the only ones that didn't get one in return. Ugh. Lady Ashley.

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