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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: I'm Confused [Molly]

I'm ConfusedMolly: English_Springer_Spaniel

I've got a question, so it will be short and sweet. Shadow taught me how to do unders which is travel under everything, so I am very good at it. When I went under Cass I found something to bite so I did, he now sits down when I look like I am thinking about going under him. I went under Shadow and he yelped and jumped. Well my human kids went shopping and my brother in law was puppy sitting (I don't know why they call it sitting because all we do is play or snuggle when someone is sitting me) and I decided to take a little Bite out of the same area of him as I did on the boy dogs, I ended up in my kennel courtesy of Tom (really that is all he could do because you can't hit a pup in our house) who told my Dad what I did. Everyone thought it was funny but didn't tell Tom although later he probably thought it was as I heard him telling Shadow he knew how he felt in front of Mom. How come it is funny to a human and the dogs fail to see the humor in doing it to them ? I am headed for a cold Nyla bone. Molly

Date: 03-Oct-98Age: 0Sex: female
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Hal and Diane

Comment: Don't ask questions. Just chew your Nyla.

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