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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: Our Attempted Take Over of the House [Cassie]

Our Attempted Take Over of the HouseCassanova (Cassie): Labrador_Retriever

This has been a topsy turvy week, Mom is not following her normal schedule, and she claims that we have developed an ATTITUDE. I don't know what she is talking about, she is the one disrupting our plans. Everyone knows dogs are creatures of habit ours is we go out, Dad goes to work, we come in Mom goes to work, Dan goes to school, we fall asleep in the privacy of our kennels with the doors unlocked. Mom comes home, we go out she eats lunch and then we have a snack and a nap in the living room, Dan comes home, then Dad comes home we go out. It has been this way forever. Wednesday morning, Dan left for school, we were sound asleep in our kennels and clip clop here comes Mom in work shoes out she goes we barely had time to look up. Later it was time for Mom to come home and we needed to go out, NO MOM. Later, Mom comes home and we get out just in time. Ok anyone can mess up once in awhile. WELL this pattern continued and BJ our Alpha Dog said, Cass are you going to sit for this (I am being groomed by him to take over the physical part of being Alpha Dog, he still has the teeth and brains in it.), and I said what do we do. He started it with strong marking, and Mom couldn't find it until she stepped in it, not a pretty sight but she figured J is getting old it must have been an accident. Then we started the insistent barking like we needed to go out bad, then we tried the revolving door trick. Didn't work the humans still didn't understand. I started bugging Mom, Ellie and I went for a walk to see if that was what we wanted, we came home and kept it up . Ellie added a nice touch jumping from Moms recliner to Dads and back, meanwhile I was still doing the push humans hand with head (it is a very big head I am proud to say as I am a very large Labbie boy 89# and 26-1/2 inches at the shoulder) and then putting my left paw on moms hand when she continued to ask the wrong questions. Normally they're fairly bright humans, but they fail to see they're out of control.

BIG TROUBLE FOR THE PUPS TODAY, Mom said they're trying to take over, and Dad agreed. Out we went to start the revolving door routine, WRONG, it was time to come in and Dad forgot to leave the door open for us to come in the kitchen, we were locked in the basement. Ellie politely barked a reminder, and so did Little Bit, to no avail. Then Ellie scratched at the door (messed up her pedicure poor girl), then I decided if I was going to get any sleep, I would bark a large Labbie bark. Then it occurred to me when Mom said Cassie quiet. I knew we were in trouble, so we settled down for a snooze, and now things are fine. AS USUAL THE HUMANS ARE IN CONTROL, BUT we have real house privileges again, ah the couch feet in air and air conditioner on. It is nice to know even when things go Topsy Turvy the humans are still in control, makes Alphie's life easy now we can sleep. By the Way I only used Cassanova for AKC and when I had the ATTITUDE.


Date: 06-Sep-97Age: 3Sex: male
Home: Ft.Wayne, INDamage: $0.00Human: Hal and Diane

Comment: You know your routine well. Don't you think you could do some really bad things while your owner go out on their excursions.

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