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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: In Dog Terms I was excellent, in human terms I was Cute [Shadow]

In Dog Terms I was excellent, in human terms I was Cute

Shadow Dog: Cocker_Spaniel

Today is Christmas Day,and as usual we are at Grandma and Grandpas house. We came two days ago, but I visited earlier, and Cassie (G&G's Lab and my best bud) told me that there were dog toys on the front porch, lots of them. Now the idea is for me to investigate and open the toys for the pack. Lab's are too sophisticated to do it,Ellie (there Lady Cocker)is too prissy, BJ (the poodle who is Alpha dog)doesn't dirty his paws with things the underlings should do,and Bit (the 11 year old 5.5 pound Yorkie)is not tough enough since he had dental work done. So that left it for the pro. Well knowing how the human pack works,I decided that my share of the toys might disappear if I got into the stockings that held them. No one in the pack was happy with me.This morning,we were told we had to wait for Jeni and Tom to come over before we could open our presents. They didn't even put them under the tree for us. Half way thru the day, Jeni and Tom came. Grandma went out to the porch,and I escorted her with several other dogs. I jumped up on the swing,and went to get the stockings, they were gone. Not a scent,except Grandma who was in the living room talking to Grandpa. Finally, Cassie was telling Dan to hurry up and open his toys. Cassie getting toys,in my humble opinion they had my name on them. Like a flash I was in and saw Grandpa telling people who was to help which pup open their stocking. This is what I was waiting for. We have to wait for Tom to open all of his batteries,there were more batteries than we have paws on two dogs . Well I started pushing,and finally I went to the sad eyes lying on the sofa across from Tom. Jeni finally helped him put his batteries away and then I flew over to get my toys. A new stuffed toy I was in doggie heaven and collapsed on the sofa. Well it turns out there were a lot more toys for me,and I kept getting called back for more. When it was over, the guys and Ellie said why couldn't you (meaning me)open the toys like the pokey humans did. We could have had them sooner.
I am getting too good for my own good in human terms. But I am certain that the rest of you would agree in pack terms I was very bad.
To make amends, I am wishing all the dogs on the web Happy Holidays from our extended pack. Shadow


Date: 25-Dec-97Age: 3Sex: male
Home: Ft.Wayne,IndianaDamage: $0.00Human: Jeni and Tom

Comment: I opened all my own gifts but Emily and Maggie had to get the humans to help, just like you.It's really fun ripping into presents.....esp. when you are supposed to! Merry Christmas!Andrew

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