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Friday, October 11, 2013

Classic: I think,I learned to Hunt [Sam]

I think,I learned to Hunt

Sammy: Labrador_Retriever

My brother Shady and I had a boring day Tuesday,and he offered to teach me how to hunt. Jeni and Tom our owners had been visiting and kissing our aunt and uncle dogs at Grandma's house. Imagine we were left at home and they said they were at work. Jeni went to bed,and left Tom to watch us from the office. First we hunted in the main bedroom,then the guest room,then we found some game in the Beanie Baby cabinet. Somehow it got opened,and Shady showed me how to remove what we heard was 50 of them when Jeni came downstairs. Now any hunting dog knows you have to have a light mouth and not ruffle any feathers or in the case of BB's labels. Shady said that since I didn't have to look for the game we should hide it,so we did. Tom thought we were being too quiet,so he came down and caught me reaching for the game on the third shelf,his scream told Jeni there was a problem and she came down and made us show her where they were. Well Thursday, Jeni let Shadow spend the night at Grandmas' house,because I was howling at the scanning radio. Well hunting was so much fun,I caught 2 little black guys and lined them up on the floor,for Tom to see what a great hunter I am,he ran to the bathroom,faster than a Lab mom after a bad pup. Jeni came down and told me what a good boy I was,so I caught another. Jeni said they were mice that I caught,and I was a good boy, she is currently trying to figure out how they got in. Grandpa said he will pay to have a human go out and make sure the entrance is closed. We are thinking about going in the bed unmaking business,we undid both beds in the house and managed to get four pillows wet (I am not telling, but Shady does have a reputation). With all of this fun, Shady was coming home,and Ellie said she was going too . The last thing two bachelor dogs need is an alpha female dog coming along to spoil the fun. She hopped up in the chair and Jeni put a leash on her after Shady growled and told her no. Shady must have been the worlds best pup in the truck,as Jeni took Ellie home after a short drive, and told G/G what a gentleman he was with Ellie in the truck. With Ellie there, nothing is done wrong,by Shady,because as both of them are Cockers,Ell is afraid that she will get blamed and loose her home (something about her being rescued for being bad). Boy is she wrong, Jeni,Tom and Grandma and Grandpa always say what a lady she is.Sorry this is so long, but we had a busy week. Sammy


Date: 10-Jan-98Age: 0Sex: male
Home: Fort Wayne, FLDamage: $0.00Human: Tom and Jeni

Comment: You guys sure did have a busy week! Can't wait to see what you do next week!Maggie

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