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Friday, October 11, 2013

Classic: I Devalued the Tiny Beanies [Shadow]

I Devalued the Tiny Beanies

Shadow: Cocker_Spaniel

Have the rest of you run into the Beanies that come from the drive up window at McDonalds yet? They come in a bag just like burgers. Cass and Ellie came over to help Sam and I get rid of a badger who was living under my deck, once that was taken care of Dad invited me over for a sleepover, Mom [Jeni gave grandma a bag with Beanies in it] Well Grandpa took the Teeny Beanies in and put them out of Ellies reach, so I told her I would teach her how to really tease my Mom. Typical of Grandpa, he forgot about the beanies and I in the same house when he went to bed and work. Grandma came home from work and noticed a beany on the floor, but had more important things to do than pick it up. So I continued the lesson in the care of beany babies, we took them out of their bags and removed the tags, they're sharp on the mouth. Well Mom stopped by and was very upset that the Beanies had come out of the bag, and gave Ellie (she loves plastic) credit for that and then saw the tags missing, sure enough I got credit for a light mouth and the precision with which I removed the tags. Fortunatley Grandma and Grandpa respect jeni's toys but aren't really into them. I felt it was the better part of valor to spend another night at Grandma and Grandpa's as the Beanies were being put away for Jeni's birthday. I was her 18th birthday present [I did get to pick her out] and I would be hard to beat, I don't think the engagement ring from Tom beat me. Do you guys have and experience with these guys? Shadow (3 year old cocker boy)

Date: 23-Jun-98Age: 3Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Jeni and Tom

Comment: I have never touched a beany baby. Humans are crazy over those things. I think you are the first to ever get a tooth on one.

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