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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: Leashes Can Strangle a Dog I'm Okay [Casio]

Leashes Can Strangle a Dog I'm okCasio: Labrador_Retriever

A Warning for you seat poppers. We had a delightful labbie type day it was raining and the water temp was 34 with the air at 38 ideal conditions for labbies and water fowl. There was swimming (Guys I learned to Swim-Molly)and a lot of running and climbing with no humans to say come up, but they kept us in sight. We went on docks, and bridges plus swam. We chased birds yesterday mostly geese (I gots to flush my first three ducks, but Dad didn't have a bang stick. I still went steady for him to tell me to get them never happened.Molly)Then we got in the van to go home. Dad had both backseats up for us, and Mom took off my leash at least we thought she did. Well Molly started crying she hurt, her leash was hung up and choking her, we stopped, because Mom couldn't get it undone fast enough, but Dad did.
Later on the highway I jumped over the seat and my leash got caught, it was around my legs and pulling on my neck. All I could do was break the silence in the car rule, by crying yelping (very quietly)Mom looked back and the next thing I see her coming between the seats and leaning over the middle one trying to move didn't work. Hey this labbie never does anything halfway. Finally she pulled the leash from the armrest and took it off my collar (lucky I was wearing my leather collar so it didn't cutoff my air)I still cried for awhile it hurt, and plus we were driving down a country road that Dad had pulled on to with tons' of trees waiting to be watered, and I really was a basket case. Happily I am ok now, but Dad and Mom are putting us in harnesses for travel now or kennels. Please my BDC friends spread he word no leashes in the car attached to collars.
I've got to get rested there is talk about field work in the evenings now.


Date: 19-Mar-00Age: 5Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Hal and Diane

Comment:Thanks for that travel tip. We are all glad you are ok. Maggie.

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