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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: Things are Too Slow [Molly]

Things are Too SlowMolly: English Springer Spaniel

I have been trying to perk things up around here lately. First Mom was very slow going to the place she hides in the mornings, so I took the boys (they just don't think )out and all 4 of us hopped in the van while MOm was playing with work bag. She was in such a hurry that she pulled out the good treats for rewards, Cass was too slow (he was watering the big yard because he can't go in it alone)and I volunteered to go out and get him, but witchey Mom said stay and when she is a witch in work clothes I listen and my nephew dogs weren't about to go past Mom if I wasn't. Finally he came in.Well the best was yet to come, she left a big jar of hershey kisses with no top on, on the counter behind the grill . When she arrived home from work, we were all content, and not all that excited to see her. Then she saw the empty jar and looked all over to find where she might have missed placed it at. Well one of us pushed it off the counter or picked it up in a big labbie boy mouth without disturbing anything. We are not about to tell who did it. Fortunately all of us are fine (tells you how much chocolate there was talk about cheep), I still don't understand about chocolate, but now Mom and Dad keep it locked up in their special den.

I also sampled part of Dads grilled cheese and when Dad was making lunch, I told sam to steal Dad's baked potatoes (I would have done it but Dad was there and he instinctively swats a nose if you try to steal food, and my sensitive nose doesn't care for that but as this is a no hitting house Sam didn't know about the nose swatting), well they made it to the floor and I figured three of the "good dogs" would share and the bad boy wouldn't get any. WRONG that rat of a Dad put the potatoes in the compactor.
One last thing, Dad is taking his sweet time in helping us with our website. If he doesn't speed up , I will print our address and let everyone see me when I was just a pup almost smaller than a rawhide. It has a lot of good pictures so far.
Molly 1 year old springer girl


Date: 08-Oct-99Age: 1Sex: female
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Hal and Diane

Comment:I like grilled cheese too! We all look forward to seeing your site. Emily

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