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Friday, October 11, 2013

Classic: Mommy Got Married [Spike]

Mommy Got Married

Spike: Mix

Hi Bad Dog Gang,Long time no chat. It's been a busy year for us. First of all, I got cancer, on my ear flap to be exact. So the evil vet man cut a hole in my ear to remove the lump, I am completely healed now, just a little odd looking. Mommy is very happy that she gets to keep me around. Yeah right, like I would leave her. I got her train well finally, I don't intend to let my hard work go to waste. I want to milk it for at least a few more years. I am still getting new lumps, but Mommy has been keeping a close eye on all new lumps and the evil vet man is running lab tests on every one of them to make sure they are not cancerous.
Well Mommy finally got her head together and managed to get married on May 21st. Chris is now officially my daddy. He is thrilled that he has legal custody of me:-) They got married in Las Vegas (they were originally supposed to get married in Venice, Italy but the plans got changed at the last minute). It was a beautiful wedding. They then honeymooned in Italy for 2 weeks. Unfortunately I couldn't be part of the wedding ceremony because the grounds would not permit animals. Also Mommy is paranoid about me flying (she heard too many horror stories about pet air travel). But it was a lovely wedding and a great honeymoon. Now that they are back, I am making them feel guilty about leaving me at the vet (how horrible could it be! not only am I kenneled, I'm kenneled at the vet!).
Unfortunately, other than the occasional trash can destruction and poopie on th floor, I hadn't been doing anything really bad lately. I guess I should get my act together and do something that's worth writing about. Hugs and kisses to all you bad dogs out there.


Date: 12-Jun-06Age: 7Sex: female
Home: Maryland, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Cindy

Comment:Keep us informed about that nasty cancer monster. We are so glad your mom finally got married. Congrats!!! But poor you being kenneled of all places at the vet! Emily.

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Bad Dog Chronicles said...

my mommy got married on may 21st too! Sorry about your ear! Bite the vet man next time.

Joey Turd bomber Beagle

Necco Here!
Congratulations to your Mom! Make sure you take Queen Tia up on her offer, they have a fun yard with lots of squirrels!!

Sir Necco

Hi Queen Tia and the Gang
Thanks for the offer, we most likely will take you up on it since Mom boarded me at Germantown Vet while she went away. I came back with sores on my elbows and on both sides of my lips. And my voice is still very hoarse from the over barking.

How is Tia doing?

Hugs and sniffs from the Spiker

woohoo, we are so happy for you!
Congratulations, Spike and Cindy and Chris on becoming one big happy family! We are all so happy for you, we are doing the butt-wags and whole-body wiggles. Teddy is even arooo-roo-rooing, but in a happy voice!

We are glad your mommy got married, but too bad she left you at the vet. Next time she goes away, you should have her call our mommy an' come stay with us! Smoochies to everydoggy, and congrats again! Taz, for Queen Tia and the Gang

When my Mom got married, I didn't get to be at the wedding either -- Mommy thought I would act up. What's that supposed to mean? I always exhibit perfect wild, rowdy and explosively loud German Shepherd behavior, what's wrong with that? I'm a high-drive working dog, of course I'm energetic! Wags, Bob

sir JC here