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Friday, October 11, 2013

Classic: Yum ...Chocolate [Spike]

Yum... ChocolateSpike: Mix

Hi Bad Dog Gang,Spike here. Recently Mommy's been on a health kick for me, making me eat all healthy doggy food and stuff, so I decided to get back at her. Mommy is not a big fan of chocolate, although Chris is, so there was a lot of chocolate minis left over from Easter. Well I never really went for chocolate in the past, even if it's just lying around (I'm sneaky like that) so Mommy didn't think much of it. That was her mistake, because after 6 years, I decided to have a nibble. Well that nibble turned into me eating an entire pound of chocolate. Imagine the heart attack Mommy had when she found the bag empty. I even ate the candy wrappers so there's no evidence. She called Chris and said "please tell me you ate the entire bag of chocolate minis". Chris said no, and Mommy looked at me with suspision. That was my cue to scoot out of the room.
Well Chris looked up all kind of unpleasant things to do to me on the net, and immediately drove home. Mommy tried to call the evil vet man Dr. Davis but it was late at night, so there was no answer. Mommy called the emergency doggie hospital and when she told them what I did, they just laughed. They told her to monitor my heart rate and see if I was acting funny. If not, then it's probably gone through my system. I survived the night fine and all, but Mommy swore she'd never leave chocolate lying around ever again. Oh well, I guess I'll just move on to less interesting stuff, like her hair gel or mascara.
Humans, when will they ever learn.


Date: 13-May-05Age: 6Sex: female
Home: Maryland, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Cindy

Comment:Oh my doG. Thank goodness you are ok! Maybe the wrappers helped you not absorb that much of it into your system. I know there are dogs that have died from eating chocolate. The darker the chocolate the worse it is for us dogs. Lady Ashley.

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