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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: Montie Reminded Me How Great I Am [BJ - Sir Byander]

Montie Reminded Me How Great I AmBJ aka Sir Byander: Miniature Poodle

My wise webmasters and webmistresses, how bout an address of Rainbow Bridge. I mean a lot of the cyber pack is up here. You know how many stories we have to tell. Andrew did you appreciate our help on your recent excursion. You're not ready. We're still telling stories.I am BJ Casio's mentor as alpha dog of FW pack (humans and canine, cept for Princess Leigha the alpha female). I chose the family for my own, the choice was between two poodles, but it was love at first sight .
I will give the highlights of a 16 year career with this pack. Minnie sorry lovely lady, I was the pro. First week a syrup bath, followed by a real bath. Then I taught them to feed me from the table and before them. The house is mine to control, and I did it well with here a nip there a nip. I got the human Jeni and Mom most. Dad was certain I was a little Gentleman. Then Leigha moved in as a pup. She put Dad in his place (hey guys get it straight ladies rule Princess Leigha)he called her [forget it MALE], Lady came out the same command [ladies I'm yours]. Too bad for me dad got the picture. Next I got to tear the skirt off the couch they had to replace the couch. Ignore the little guy once and he bite my ear with his stainless steel teeth, we're best friends and he got a warm bottom from Dad.(Note from Dad we don't hit, but he hurt the pup deliberately. It didn't hurt the little guy he was very well padded but got the picture )Piles hidden in shoes, to reprimand humans with being 11 pounds and 11" tall it was easy. They boarded me while they went on cation WITHOUT ME. I made a purchase of my own, I met Little Bit and told him I would take him home with me {I couldn't believe how much power J had. I had been bused by more than one male.See my doption story elsewhere on this site.)
Unca Al came down to the playroom and went upstairs saying there is a gray tornado in the basement. I had torn the broom apart. He had never met me before, but he became my partner in crime. Granny is a non dog person, but she loved me cause I alerted to Dans' asthma and also got him to talk. I took a flying leep over furniture to her when she arrived and dropped slimmed toys in her manicured hands. Unca Al and Dad said she had to play the game. The faces she made. I carefully marked all the corners in the dog Gmas new house, hey she had all lady dogs, it had to be done. She discovered it after I left.
{Ok someone sent me a copy of this note, before it got to the BDC gang. For the humans why did we keep this monster. He was a sweet little dog who could excell at obedience . He identified croup and asthma attacks before we had a chance in our young son. He would snuggle very well. He read us like a book and played us like a fiddle until we took our first puppy class and especially second puppy class with Shadow (aka trainer of baddogedness)and learned the games he was playing . He was always a cheerful little dog, I spent 2 weeks in bed and 2 months recovering with bronchitis and J willingly came up and visited me . I even played toggle switch (in my lowered capacity do to a fever)by batting his tail back and forth. He never had a cross word, that was when he was in control BJ's mom)


Date: 16-Oct-01Age: 16Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $500.00Human: Hal & Diane

Comment:We always love hearing from our friends at the Rainbow bridge. So many of our friends are waiting for us there. I know I have narrowly escaped my trip to the bridge 2 times in the last 2 years. Once being hit by a car and then I tried cliff diving. Andrew.

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