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Friday, October 11, 2013

Classic: A Baby is Not All Bad But Tornadoes are [Shadow]

A Baby is Not All Bad But Tornadoes are

Shadow: Cocker_Spaniel

Finally we gots the baby order in. Like Mom went to the human hospital 3 times and 6 sleeps before we got her. Her call name is Annie. First we met her thru the fence and then on leashes. She is Purfect to this little dog cept we got no cheerios for her is she broke?Cass and Molly tried to climb in her bed with her blankie before she came home. We knew her scent, I told Dan I don't want to sniff a stupid blanket, I want the baby and cheerios. Molly wanted the blanket. Gma washed the bed down with smelly stuff after the big foot went over it. Sam isn't sure. I figure the cheerios will come in time or it was false advertising.
Oh yeah the tornadoes in FW were in our territory like we have walked there on leash. The major damage was about two miles from us. But the canine fatality was when a little guy was sucked out of his car by the tornado. We don't know his name or his family. I think the tornado made the baby come but they said she came on Friday and the nado on Saturday. Heck she didn't come home until Monday they said she had surgery to come. Nobody got seriously hurt. We pups were home by ourselves, but Dan came home to check on us and Moms friend Mary left the hospital to let her dog Lady in she out ran the tornado, but lady had let herself off her chain and was hiding in the garage with the cat and the nado never hit her area, then she came to check on us. Then Gma and Gpa came home to eat and feed us.
I gots to check out the baby.
Shadow and the FW pack


Date: 28-May-01Age: 6Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Jeni

Comment:Keep us updated on your new addition. We've had tornados here too from time to time... That big one on may third of 1999...We live in Oklahoma. Guinness.

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