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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: Dad Doesn't Want My Help [Molly]

Dad Doesn't Want My Help

Molly: English_Springer_Spaniel

Hi Guys, Molly here. This morning Dad was up fixing the morning meal, and I decided that he could use a little Springer Advise . I sprang up and missed the counter where he was working, but he put me on my back, in front of the pack. Talk about humiliating, the guys came and sat around saying ha ha little miss perfect is in trouble. Now I batted my lovely green eyes at Dad while he rested his foot on my tummy knowing he would melt. Boy was I wrong,he was ignoring me (I might add much to our surprise and he had to work hard to ignore her)totally, I spent a very long time there (all too short in our opinion less than 2 minutes)just because I wanted to get first choice for the meals. Did you know humans actually make two meals in the morning, one for the morning and one for midday that they carry to work with them.Well that night I grabbed Moms bag she carries the midday meal in and cleaned out the stashes she had of chocolate and cookies. Yummy, it was delicious, (she didn't call us we came in and found she had killed the zipper that locks it shut, canineally I feel that zippers only belong on peoples clothes so it was a great kill we helped with the goodies )now I knew that there was no way for Mom to take a midday meal in that bag or at least I could steal it before she left. Wrong again, she used the same bag just flipped a flap over the top.
Cass says I am an amateur at stealing lunches, BJ and Bit could fillet a sandwich out of a lunch bag so no one would know it until they got to work and had no sandwich.
I see Sammy flapping his ears at me. Molly
(I better go keep the juveniles in line the comments in brackets are from me Cassie 4 year old labbie boy)


Date: 26-Aug-99Age: 1Sex: female
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Hal and Diane

Comment:MMMM sandwich stealing one of my favorite pass times Maggie.

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