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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: Pack Rules [Ellie Mae]

Pack RulesEllie Mae: Cocker_Spaniel

About three weeks ago, I got a new home. My old home was great, I ruled by intimidation. They had things for a bored cocker to take care of, like the carpeting and wallpaper in the kitchen. They had cats for me to tease, and lots of room for me to do what they called being hyper, I thought this was lots of fun.Then I was picked up by my new Mom and Dad, at my old house, I left with everything, and enjoyed the car ride. The first member of my canine family I met was little Bit (a Yorkie) and he ignored me, then I met the alpha dog B-J (13 yr old min. poodle), he told me not to cross him and we would get along fine. This was going to be great I would be right under J in the pack, until I heard that's what you think in the form of a very large Laborador Retriever named Cassie. I explained to him that since I was a lady I would be number two in the pack structure. Then we started to discuss it pack style fortunately Mom and Dad stopped it quickly and no one was hurt.
After several days of musical dogs, either Cassie or I in our Kennel, Mom decided that we needed to become friends and she was going to control it. She was feeling pretty good about it as both Cass and I had the respect of the dogs in the neighborhood, and we walked together on the leashes just fine. After our walk, Mom took Cass out into the big yard (totally fenced) and Dad let me loose, I played fine with Cass until after a while he said something I didn't like and we put on a good show for the humans, (Mom put her foot in the middle and didn't get bit)so she sprayed us with vinegar and water, then picked me up and in the house I started to go. All of a sudden Dad stopped and put me down from then on Cass and I got along fine much to the relief of all.
A couple of days later, Jeni (my girl who lives in a different den) came over again with and I told her I wasn't going into my kennel and she said I was, so I went, my teeth don't scare anyone in this house. Then Mom and Dad came home and took Cass out in the yard with Shadow (the wedding pup) and then Dad let me out, so Shadow and I could get acquainted, it worked fine with a little reminder to Shadow we have vinegar.
I was a puppy mill dog, so I really never knew any of my own breed until I met Shady, and we are having a great deal of fun hunting with Cassie. I Show Shadow tricks and he shows me other ones.
One trick I showed Shady was how to control humans with his teeth, he didn't like that one as he ended up on his back with his feet in the air for a longtime .
Those of you with only a human pack are really missing out, pack rules are very strict, and we all make sure each other follow them. Pack rules require that the humans: Give you special treats, in pack order and after they have eaten. Require that you eat from the self feeder whenever you want to as long as a higher pack member isn't eating. Run and hunt a lot in a yard where you know your boundaries.
You also need to sleep a lot to keep up.


Date: 19-Jun-97Age: 1Sex: female
Home: INDamage: $0.00Human: Hal and Diane

Comment: Pack rules? Are they different from team rules? Mom says we are a team. We don't seem to have a hierarchy. Emily tries to be leader but Andrew just ignores her and Maggie says whatever. Andrew puts his feet down if someone tries to take his food but he never tries to take something from the other dogs. Maggie could be the leader but she is to oriented towards being around the humans that she never takes control. Are we mixed up dogs?

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