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Friday, October 11, 2013

Classic: Shadow is a great teacher and so is Cassie [Sam]

Sammy: Labrador_Retriever

Hi, I am Sammy the youngest of a two dog team, but with an extended pack of 6 dogs when we go to Grandmas.Although I am a Lab, my brother is a cocker named Shadow, he used to live with the big pack (before Ellie moved in) before Jeni and Tom got married.
Shadow is teaching me to be self sufficient. Part of my training is observing everything Shadow does and then doing it. Since as a 4 month old Lab I am taller than Shady, I decided if he could climb on the counter and get a drink or snack so could I. So I did, but the counter is an island and it has a lot of good things on it. One was a retrieving dummy and I knew how Cass and I love to chase those, so I decided to throw it myself and then chase it (they're also great for dropping on humans who don't pay attention). Well it was heavier than I thought and I dropped it on Shady who yelled louder than I thought possible, I heard Jeni coming and forgot how to get down, so I jumped just as she came in the kitchen door.
The way she carried on you would have thought I hurt the cocker, who just soaked up the attention (just like I would have). I told Shadow he taught me that trick well. He says forget it. Sammy


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Comment: Some dogs are such whimps aren't they. My brother Andrew freaks out if anyone steps on even a hair on his tail. He's quite whimpy but he does get a lot of attention. Maybe I will try out the whimp routine.Emily

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