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Friday, October 11, 2013

Classic: My Wonderful Trip to the Great Unknown [Spike]

My Wonderful Trip to the Great Unknown

Spike: Mix

It's me again Spike, I knew it wouldn't take me long to have another story for my pals. You see it's been raining cats and dogs here in Maryland and I hadn't had a chance to play outside. When I do get to go out I have to do my business without any moment for fun. Worse of all Mommy wipes our feet when we come in so the cream color carpet won't get all muddy. But like a good girl I manage to stamp a few prints while she's busy with Snoopy. But back to the story, Daddy was on the phone with Mommy when he was walking into the door (don't you love cell phones? They taste so good:-) Mommy was busy chasing after Snoopy when Daddy was opening the door, that's when I seized the moment and squeezed my bony body between Dad's legs and ran outside. What a trip!!! I never had so much fun with Mommy running after me (oh yeah Snoopy followed my lead too and head for the door, I knew that dog is cool). Oh the joy of rain, mud, and FREEDOM!!! Needless to say I got grounded in my crate once the folks did catch us. But it was all worth it for that brief moment of escape. That'll teach the folks to pay more attention to me. Until next time, see ya everybody.P.S. I think my older brother wrote a story too, I think Mommy said it's called "I need my fiber from the door".


Date: 14-Jan-99Age: 0Sex: female
Home: Maryland, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Cindy

Comment: We have to have our feet wiped off when we come in the house too. Dad lines us up and each of us has to pass through his legs to enter the house. Sometimes I get impatient and break the rules. ;)

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