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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: I Helped Shady Gain Control [Cassie]

I Helped Shady Gain ControlCass: Labrador_Retriever

As you know, Shady my nephew has been having trouble with control of his Dad Tom. Well I have no question that the other pups and I are above Tom totally, so I took an opportunity to prove it. Tom got out of bed to visit the china bowl, and I jumped in with my girl Jeni (tom's wife). Tom came to get in bed and lost the stare down, needless to say I stayed snuggled up to Jeni. Finally Tom got tired of waitting for me to leave and finally got between me and the wall. When Grandpa (my human Dad)found out, I figured trouble (we're not allowed upstairs),wrong Grandpa said that Tom would have to reestablish his place in the pack. Before dog club the other night Tom was cooking bacon for us, personally I prefer my bacon uncooked, so I took it downstairs to eat. Dad caught me. Tom hadn't planned on sharing, and Dad sided with him. Normally we get the grease off bacon, but not that night. I guess I will have to be polite if Dad sees it first hand as he knows he is over us. I thought we had the battle won. Wrong again, Mom posted notes saying no dogs upstairs and if a human wanted to sleep with one, they could sleep in a kennel with the dog. She actually included Bit and I in the list of dog names. Talk about kissing up to Mom, I am doing it heavy. Meat is going to be scarce around here, Mom got put on a low fat diet. The good part is she will have to start doing a lot of walking or playing with us as a part of it. She is still fighting the chocolate discussion, something about them saying it might be high in bad stuff, personally I vote for the good things chocolate does.For allergy season, we will be sleeping in kennels according to Mom. The spaniels are working on sad eyes to escape, Tom will be our strongest link to the outside world. Cass


Date: 23-Apr-99Age: 4Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Hal and Diane

Comment: The sad eyes will melt their heart.

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