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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: Our Wedding [Shadow]

Our Wedding

Shadow: Cocker_Spaniel

Picture of Shadow
Shadow says hi  
My human girl Jeni and this human boy Tom have been talking non stop about the three of us getting married and moving into our new house. Mom had tons of fabric around here some soft and silky (bridal Satin) and some ideal for scratching an itchy body (net) especially after a drink, they call it dogs off .Jeni told me that she and Tom would be getting dressed in white and going to a big church, and that I would be meeting them at the new house for our special wedding pictures. They forgot to tell me that I had to go to the rehearsal dinner, so I thought when they put my white bowtie on me (stunning I'm a Black Cocker) it meant it was the wedding, so I was on my best behaviour. The next night, Harold came and picked me up and took me to the church, it was raining out, but he let me walk to the porch anyway, then Jeni and Tom came out, you guessed it dressed in the "dogs off stuff", all I could do was run up to Jeni, who really loves me, but had a sick look on her face until Harold grabbed me and dried my paws off, then we posed for pictures.
When Mom and Dad took me home, I found some dogs off and got dressed in it sure that I had come home to get dressed, so I chose an ensemble of the silky stuff and went upstairs to the china bowl for a drink Mom thought it was cute. Unfortunately no one came for me until the next day and I was totally unprepared to entertain guests at our new home, but I got to eat wedding food. Just for the record guys I am not doing a disservice to the breed, when Tom gets out of hand (thinks he's alphie) I have drank out of the toilet, rearranged the trash in the kitchen, bounced on their bed, and hid under the porch long enough for Tom to turn wedding white and have Jeni come find me (she was not happy, so I appeared).


Date: 08-Jun-97Age: 2Sex: male
Home: INDamage: $0.00Human: Jeni and Tom

Comment: My human use to live in Ft. Wayne. He spent many of his growing up years in Payne, Ohio. Ever heard of it?Andrew

Wedding Pup Update
My humans got a new den without Air conditioning. We hid behind Grandpa so they couldn't take us. They couldn't anyway, there is a no pets on premises clause in the lease. Grandpa and Grandma like the idea of us being here to entertain the pack. Grandpa says we are here for as long as we want. Our Mom isn't too happy about us not being able to move in with them, but new dens are hard to find on a budget. Shadow

This Story Has a Happy Ending or is it ongoing
We all got to move back to Jeni's and my old room,I let Tom sleep by the window and I snuggle up to Jeni. Tom sneaks me upstairs every night as we aren't allowed upstairs or out of the kennels at night. Sam (my labbie brother) has never spent the night in our bed. Jeni says she and Tom are getting a new den and the canines get to stay with grandma and grandpa for now,(I guess she means they will be moving back in here again)she can't possibly mean we dogs are leaving. They went to finish moving out of the old house, and I told her in no uncertain words, my heart is in my throat, I don't want to go back. Sam is even more worried about it. Not to worry, I know how to make humans miserable and will do what it takes to stay with G&G. Regards Shady

Taz Maybe we'll Meet you at a Field Trial
Cass and I are busy teaching Molly to hunt, maybe next week they'll use the bang sticks. Fortunately, the people have paper targets and clay pigeons to shoot at right by the dog training area. Molly is anxious to try field work. Shadow.

That's Really cute
I loved that picture of you and your dog

Molly, don't be jealous...
and I'll try not to be TOO shy! This time, I would like to ask you to come hunting with me. Even tho' I messed up and didn't pass my first AKC Junior hunting test, I could still show you how it's done for spaniels. I promise you will still have great fun chasing quail and chukar, and catching them when they fall out of the sky after the men with the loud sticks aim at them. The best part is when mom cooks them up and we get the extras with dinner. Taz, English cocker and trying to be a better hunting dog in Maryland

Ladies, The Guys and I have Decided We will Love all of You with no Committment
Thanks for all of the Proposals, and sweetness, do you mind if we just continue to admire each other from afar. The guys in FW will continue to love all of the lady dogs sweet words. Therefor no one will get jealous and everyone needs kind words.
Molly is JEALOUS, she said she hasn't heard from any of the guys on the page. We told her it is because they are afraid of her brothers. We aren't really that tough, but we do take care of her.
The FW Pack

Hey Spike
Spike, you sound a little big for this cocker boy, but you might be just right for my 2 year old labby brother (he joined the family after the wedding). Shadow

Well, my Mom and Dad really love me! When they got married, they had that Wedding Thing outside, just so I could come! Since it was outside, there was no music. I heard all humans like music at weddings. So I did what any good, loyal dog should do, I *SANG*! It was my most beautiful voice too, none of the barking I do every day, this was special just for Mom and Dad! That man in the funny collar was reading something out of a book, but I know he liked my singing too, because he kept smiling while I was singing! I'm a petite girl, a Jack Russell Terrier, but everybody noticed me that day!
Nipper, the Wedding Singer

Hi there Shadow
Hi there Shadow, so that's what you look like. I was beginning to wonder what you looked like when I read your comment on my story that you were in love with me. Now I hear you are in love with Candy too. So, which is it? you dont have to choose right away. But I just love admirers, after all, I'm royalty now. I feel just like my fair lady. well, it's time for my tummy rub so I better go get comfy on the couch---Lady Ashley

Shadow, are you talking about me? You don't know how my heart is aflutter. ---Candy (Cocker in California)

I'm a girl
Hi Shadow, it's Spike. I'm a black and white Lab/Dalmation girl. Most people think I'm a boy from my name but that's because the humans couldn't tell what I was when they got me (I was that young). I live at Gaithersburg with my mom, I don't know where Glenwood is, mommy doesn't know either. Maybe you would have a change of heart if you'd seen my pictures (Mommy is too cheap to send one in, she said she spent all the extra money on doggie treats. Never count on a CPA for money). Anyway, I hear mommy opening the pig ear bag, gotta go.

We Live 2 Blocks From Glenbrook Mall, Spike it sounds like we are both boys
We live about two blocks from Glenbrook Mall. Spike it sounds like you are a boy, right now my heart belongs to Lady Ashley and Candy, maybe you could help me with the situation and it would be a double wedding.
What I really want from a wedding is the parties and presents. No one thought to give this boy any presents, but the humans got a lot. I didn't even get a piece of Pizza at the rehearsal dinner, but I ate well at the gift opening, where I met my little human cousin Abbey for the first time, she wasn't one yet, but loved to share treats with me. She has a little brother now Tyler and he is at about the age where he can feed me well. Shadow

Ft. Wayne Pack Grief
My human used to live in Fort Wayne on Kenwood Ave We had quite f few exciting times with Chocolate and pumps. I never learn. Good to hear from the old scratching grounds.

Ft. Wayne Pack Grief
My human used to live in Fort Wayne on Kenwood Ave We had quite f few exciting times with Chocolate and pumps. I never learn. Good to hear from the old scratching grounds.

A Proposal
Shadow would you marry me so we can have our own wedding cake? Our names even start with the same letter, it's meant to be.
Spike from Md.

Bob and Minnie You Forgot Me
It is I Sampson, I am the Handsome lad with his head going around Grandpa's knee. You were correct about everyone else though. I tend to be invisible at times, and Molly really misses me when I am.
Sampson 1 year old Labbie boy

Hey there Ft Wayne Pack
We finally figured out who everyone is (looking at the picture wonderful picture of Little Bit with all those backs to the camera)! As my memory serves, Cass is to the right, Shadow in the middle and Molly to the right and of course the King York is poking his head out of the human's jacket.
Shadow, you were completely correct to greet the bride first at the wedding of Jeni and Tom. Sadly, your people are not socially correct. I hope you can have some influence on them in the future. Your friends, Bob & Minie

What is it about white?
Why is it that our Moms don't like us so much when they are dressed in white? (Candy --- black Cocker Spaniel in California)

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