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Friday, October 11, 2013

Classic: You're Too Fat!! [Bart]

You're Too Fat!!

Bart: Mix

My name is Bart. Some people say I have a serious weight problem. I don't think I do. I don't care, I still like to eat. I have never turned any food down. My mother took my sister, a chinese Shar Pei, and I to Mohans, TX one day. At Mohans they have these great sand dunes. It's nothing but sand and large hills and lots of kids to play with!!!When I got to the sand dunes I immediately spotted a whole bunch of kids and headed up the hills. My mom couldn't see me. It was great these kids had tabaggins (sleds) and they were sledding down the hills, just like snow!!!
I saw three kids lining up in a row to sit down on their sled. One, two, three sat down in a row, now it is my turn. I sat down like the fourth kid, right on the sled.
The kids thought this was okay and headed down the first hill. Everything was okay and boy was this fun!!! All of a sudden the sled slowed down and then stopped. The kids were trying to help the sled along but it wouldn't go anywhere. All of a sudden they started yelling at me.
"Get Off...Your too fat!"
My feelings were hurt and I didn't play with them anymore. I don't believe i'm to fat and I have continued to eat like a little pig ever since.


Date: 26-Feb-97Age: 1Sex: male
Home: unknownDamage: $0.00Human: Amy Meredith

Comment: Don't sweat it Bart, my parent say I am fat every once in a while. I am just husky.Emily

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