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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: Mom Forgot to Serve the Pack [Cassie]

Mom Forgot to Serve the PackCasio: Labrador_Retriever

It's been awhile since I've done anything memorable. Well I made up for it. Mom served dinner to the 2 footed members of the pack and covered the rest with foil. She did check to make sure there was no way for the little retriever or the Spaniels to get to the ham. To make a long story short, I was lying in the family room watching and waiting for dinner. Good the family had left the kitchen and the ham smelled delicious beyond belief. I saw that you take the ham out of the bowl, and put it on a plate to slice it, and then put it back, then the next human does the same. Well all the alpha characters had been served, and no one said anything to me. So I took my turn as alpha dog and removed the ham to the floor, I didn't drip or move the bowl, and I just moved the foil enough to get the meat out. Then I took it down to my favorite place to eat, and the rest of the pack watched ME they didn't stand guard for humans. Next thing I know CASIO BAD DOG, and from the other room what happened did they knock the stuff off the stove. Then did Cass get a piece of the ham. I don't get riled up easily, so I continued with my dinner, and Mom took me away from it, and the spaniels moved in for a piece or two. She ungraciousily took it out of their mouths mid bite and put it in the refrigerator . Fortunately she doesn't hit or hold grudges, but she did tell the humans no snacks for the dogs tonight. Poor little Sam didn't get one bite.My friend Rowdy ( a lady boxer whose scent I know but haven't had the pleasure of meeting in person yet)was going to come and help with the ham, but her Mom who isn't used to chasing dogs had to chase her three blocks (too bad for Ms. Rowdy my Mom told her Mom Beth that if Beth goes the opposite way Rowdy is going, instinct will make Rowdy chase her Mom). When her Mom called my Mom she said she could talk now, but still hadn't caught her breath. Seems like Rowdy tried lying on her back and twisting away from her Mom. My Mom with the big mouth told her Mom that Rowdy is trying to be the boss and to ignore her. By the way if you see the current of Dog World, destroy it. It deals with helping humans take control of the pack. I do believe that we will be meeting Rowdy and going out to play together. I think I may be flattering myself to think Rowdy was coming over to help eat my kill, but the rest of this plus the fact that Rowdys Mom had to take some major human pills for her back problem that Rowdy aggrevated is true. Later Dad gave each of us two pieces of pepperoni without the stuff that makes your joints feel great. I can currently fly over fences on the days I have the stuff in me, otherwise, I don't jump much do to sciatic nerve problems from when I got hit by a car or truck three years ago. I might have a little arthitis too. It is glucosamine Chrondroitin and calcium. My little lab nephew Sam takes Echinacea for his neurological problems (he had a lot seizures one day and hasn't anymore since)and you can tell by looking at his eyes if he hasn't had the pills.
Shadow my nephew cocker decided to spend the night on the second floor of the garage, but Dad finally made him come down and in the house. I think Shadow would probably have called the pack in the middle of the night if Dad hadn't seen Shadow out all night as trouble.
Molly is being her normal princess self she can do no wrong in Dad's opinion. Heck, imagine Dad sitting reading and you decide you want attention. All Molly does is walk on Dad and press the magazine into his face. Trouble for most pups, but not her he puts the book down and snuggles with Molly. Molly hops in the car for a ride, and Dad doesn't take her around the block, he takes her to the park so she can see if there is anything to chase, and then drives her back home without letting her out of the car. Cass


Date: 29-Oct-99Age: 5Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $10.00Human: Hal and Diane

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