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Friday, October 11, 2013

Classic: You better pay attention to me! [Spike]

You better pay attention to me!

Spike: Mix

Hi BDC,It's me Spike again. Well after the bird incident I've been pretty much laying low for a while. Since I'm now a mature 1 1/2 yr. old Mommy decided to let me have the run of the house. Jaime and Bart still gets caged when Mommy is at work but I get the previledge to run free. So far I've been pretty good, that is until last night. You see Grandma went back to China to see my Great Grandma, who's not feeling too well. Grandpa was feeling lonely so Mommy decides to have dinner with him last night. First, she had the nerve to go to work and leave me all alone in the house. Then she was late coming home b/c she had to pick up Granpa. We were pretty happy for a few hours although we didn't get our hour long walks. Grandpa spoils us rotten. Then Mommy and Grandpa went to Aunt Mercedes' house to say hi. When they came back I was behaving once again. But the final insult was they only stayed 20 minutes and Mommy left again (without me!) to take Grandpa home. Imagine the the horror that she even forgot to leave the bedroom door open so I can go and take a nice nap! Well, now that does it. I got into the linen closet outside the bathroom and started my destruction. First I ripped open all of Mommy's nice smelling designer soaps, you know the kind that's carved into pretty shapes with different colors. Then I chewed opened all the new toothpastes and smeared it all over the downstairs carpet. Next came the toothbrushes and Q-tips, those I like best b/c of their chewy texture. I was working on the box she keeps her nail polish in when Mommy came home. She saw the mess and didn't say anything to me, which worries me b/c I know she's brewing up some scheme to punish me. When Grandpa called to see if Mommy got home alright (duh, ofcourse she did, she's sitting right in front of me) she ratted out on me. Grandpa just laughed and said that Mommy should be glad that I didn't follow Lucky's foot step and chew through doors. Ha ha, very funny Grandpa. You better watch it or you'll find one of your slippers conveniently missing next time you visit.
That's it for now, kisses to everyone. Spike the original bad dog of Gaithersburg


Date: 21-Mar-00Age: 1Sex: female
Home: Maryland, United States (USA)Damage: $50.00Human: Cindy

Comment:Go! Go! Go! sounds like you are on a roll! cant wait to hear more! Maggie.

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