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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: Molly Spoiled Hide and Seek [Little Bit]

Molly Spoiled Hide and SeekLittle Bit : Yorkshire_Terrier

Fellow pups, we all know how much fun hide and seek can be, I was a pro at hiding until Ms. Molly tried it. The other night, she hid under a car and watched the 5 members of our extended pack search for her, until I told her game is no longer fun. Well the humans were really upset about that (not to mention the day I stayed outside while they went out of town and my boy found me on the front step I did write about that one), and were talking transmitter for dogs, outside dogs not me. WRONG, today they went to a thing called a hamfest, and came home with beepers (The Finder by One for all) for three dogs, and one of the tags has my name on it plus their call sign and phone number. Like we won't find our way home, dog tags, microchips, and now beepers they push a button and all three of us beep.I think I heard them say they were to find keys, but they work great on the dogs. Beware fellow pups, they were less than ten dollars each. Cass and Molly are already working at getting them off. As for me they plan on taking me to Pet Supplies Plus to pick up a new collar to wear mine on .
They're going back to the Ham thing again tomorrow, I hate to think of what they'll come up with next.
Regards Little Bit and the pack



Date: 14-Nov-98Age: 11Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Hal and Diane

Comment: Your scaring me. I didn't mind humans doing the big brother thing to their own species but now you tell me they are going to extend it to us dogs. I think I am going to yelp.

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