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Friday, October 11, 2013

Classic: We took Mom Geese Chasing [Sam]

                            We took Mom Geese Chasing

Sam : Labrador_Retriever

Last night, our pack went out for our evening exercise and Cass (my 96#lab uncle)and I were walking with Mom keeping our leashes from dragging. Well being the attentive creatures we are, Cass,Mom and I turned our attention in the directions of a flock of geese sitting on the riverbank. Well Cass and my 50# self put it into 8 overdrive and headed for the river too close to a tree, which mom who was being dragged thru the pleasantly damp clay was too close to and grabbed an arm around before we could go swimming. Dad said we dragged her over 6 feet judging by the skidmarks. Those stupid geese did a victory flap of their wings in our river. We'll get them next time, because Mom said (after the fact)that she would have dropped our leashes before she went into the e-coli river. Sammy

Date: 11-Jul-00Age: 3Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Jeni

Comment:e-coli river? The chase sounds fun though! At least you put the fear of doG in those geese! Maybe you'll get one next time... Maggie.

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