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Monday, September 23, 2013

Ziggy Cakes

Hi from Rainbow Bridge I heard the new generation of pups need to have the reciepe for Ziggy Cakes THEY ARE WONDERFUL. This recipe cme frome Taz who is having to much fun in the gravy bowl at the moment so with the help of mommy her it is. Bailey still watching over momma
Yummy Ziggy Cakes! Taz: English_Cocker_Spaniel

Here's the recipe our mom sent Boo's mom for the yummy Ziggy cakes. We call them that after a Namerican cocker frend who once ate a whole duzzen of 'em fithout gettin' sick! We think they are great too, even if the humans think they are disgusting. We are sincerely grateful to Donna Stekli, of A*Starz Keeshonds for providing the original recipe; it is being reprinted with her permission, from the February, 1994 issue of the Catoctin Kennel Club Newsletter.

Chipper's (and Tia, Fang and Ziggy's, and now Boo's) Favorite Cupcakes 1 lb beef liver ½ C sunflower or corn oil 1 C brown rice, dry 2 eggs 1 C pureed vegetables (spinach, carrots, etc) 1 6½ oz can tuna (in water) 2 C oatmeal (regular or quick) 1 C cornmeal 1 garlic clove Water sufficient to mix
Cook brown rice in water according to package directions. Process beef liver, tuna and garlic in a food processor or blender until liquified. Add veggies, oil and eggs. Mix together rice, oatmeal, and cornmeal in a LARGE bowl. Make a well in the center, add the liver mixture, and enough water to obtain a stiff (muffin-like) batter. Spoon into paper muffin cups (mom says, use an ice cream scoop) and bake at 350oF for 30 to 35 minutes. Freeze any not to be used within 5-6 days. Makes 1½ dozen regular-sized cupcakes.

Mom sends along this note: "I recommend using a food processor for everything, and processing the liver when it is still slightly frozen makes it a bit easier to deal with. Donna says this is "not a pretty sight", which is the understatement of the year, especially after I spray-painted my kitchen walls with the stuff!" However, the Gang duzzn't mind, as long as we get to lick up after it!

Taz, Queen Tia, TeeJay, Teddy and Gus (still away at the showze)

Gone But Never Forgotten

Sad news to report from the Springer Grrrllzz clan...

Mom and dad had to assist Molly to the Rainbow Bridge this evening. She was having much difficulty with her spine so she could not get up to move and enjoy romping in the grass. It was so sad to see my dignified and stoic auntee having such difficulties.

Mom is leaky eyed and Dad is trying hard to be the strong one, although I did notice a tear in his eye as well.

I will do my best to be a good grrrlll at least for this week.

Wishing that Luv Michi Molly (was here to sign off) with me) - & Maggie Too.

Molly Whispered in My Ear

First, I wanted to thank everyone for their condolences. They helped mom, dad, & I get through the past couple of weeks.

Now that mom has Molly's paw print plaque & wood box with her cremains back at home, she is starting to whisper in my long furry ear a lot.

I haven't followed all of her advice on picking up on the badness yet, but she did want to let every one know that the Rainbow Bridge is awesome. She feels like she is 2 again an she finally met Uncle Bailey by the gravy pool and biscuit tree. He introduced her to Queen Tia and Georgie, along with Lady Ashley.

I am now free have been given permission to pick up where she left off.

Michi Maggie
Age 12

JC Here!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kodi Went to the Bridge

In Loving Memory

We lost our brother 'Kodi Bear' yesterday. Kodi was almost fourteen years old and has been posting here since he was just a "whippersnapper" of a few months.

He quit eating and wasn't feeling well last week so Mom rushed him to the vet. They did blood work and said he was a little anemic, had a high white cell count and one of his liver enzyme numbers was high but that could be due to the anti inflammation pills he was taking for his arthritis.

The vet gave him antibiotics and told Mom to bring him back when he finished them for another round of blood work. The only thing Mom could get him to eat, and just a little tiny bit, was cheese and a little milk now and then. She tried everything ........roast beef, chicken, ham, pudding, yogurt, ramen noodles, all his favorite treats but he wouldn't touch them.

Finally on Thursday the vet suggested a special prescription food so Mom rushed right down and bought some. They gave her a huge syringe to squirt it into his mouth with. When Mom gave him a taste he started eating it but could only take a little.

Then Mom let us out to pee and said "Kodi do you want out?" He was laying on a really thick comforter but his back feet were hanging off. Before Mom could get to him to help him up he tried to get up by himself; his feet slipped on the tile an he fell really hard. My Mom just screamed and we came running back in cause we thought something had happened to her.

He was breathing really hard and had been so sick. Mom just thought it was the sickness but when she thought about him not moving much she later said she wondered if maybe he broke something and couldn't move or if he was just so weak from not eating that he couldn't move.

Anyway, Mom knew it was time to help him on his way to the bridge. She had prayed and prayed that Kodi would go on his own but she couldn't let him continue suffer. Mom lay down on the floor beside him and kissed him over and over and told him how much she loved him and how much she was going to miss him but that the vet was going to give him a shot to make him go to sleep and the pain would be gone.

She explained to him and to us that when he woke up he would be in a beautiful place with all our brothers, sisters and cousins that had gone before us and that he would be young and healthy, able to run and play again.

She told him to tell our brothers and sisters that she loved them and that Dak and I would join them one day and that she would be at the bridge to pick every body up before too long. She also told him that she knew no one could take as good care of her as he did because he was the 'MAN', but that he had taught Dak and me well and between the two of us we would take good care of her so he could go in peace.

Our Mom was crying and crying and then I started howling like I always do when she cries and Dak went over to her and was nudging her and whining.

Kodi always went and put his head in Mom's lap when she cried but he wasn't able to this time. Mom said she felt like her heart was being torn out and she didn't know what she was going to do without her 'Baby Bear'.

She got some neighbors to help her load him into the back seat of the van, cause we are all BIG boys, and took him to the vet. Our vet came out to the van and gave Kodi the shot. Our Mom was right there with him the entire time petting him and telling him that it was OK and how much she loved him. We buried him in our back yard with our seven other brothers and sisters.

While we were burying him our Mom said that she realized that her whole heart wasn't being torn out because there were already seven pieces buried in the back yard and that Dak and I also had our own piece of her heart so there had to be a little left.

We gave Mom lots and lots of loves cause we were worried about her. We are so sad and are really going to miss Kodi. He was a good brother and taught us to be 'Bad Dogs" and lots of bad stuff to do.............and lots of good stuff too, like loving each other and loving and taking care of our Mom.

Rest In Peace Kodi. We all love and miss you Baby Bear.

Ghost and Dak of Brat's Pack

Hi, My Name is Sandy

Hi, my name is Sandy.

Jonathon and Spike at the Rainbow Bridge whispered into my mommy's ear and said that I would be the perfect puppy for mommy.

Well mommy listened and here I am. I know that I have some big paws to fill.

Mommy thinks that I am going to be a good girl but I hear that Jonathon and Spike were proper bad dogs, so I am going to try to follow their examples.

I already pee all over the house. Mommy bought me wee pads, but I run over to the rug and use that instead. I also have started chewing on mommy's and daddy's shoes. That gets a interesting reaction from both of them.

Well, I got to go for now. I need to take my nap and hear what Jonathon and Spike have to whisper to me. Hehe!

Sandy the Puppy Girl

Revenge of the Poodle

Hi BDG! It's Buddy the stealth poodle again. It's been awhile since I have gotten into any serious trouble. Getting older and more mellow, I guess. However, life still has it's reward. Mom sent me to the groomer after a two month break when she just trimmed me with the scissors. I hurt my back and she didn't want me to be handled incorrectly at the groomers. 

Anyway, I had a good 1.5 inches of hair on me when she finally sent me to be washed, dried and clipped. I have what is called a "show coat." This means I have a seriously thick and curly coat. I had never been to the groomers with this much hair before.

Guess what guys! I burned up a set of clippers!!! I was just too much for them. Ha ha ha!!!! The groomer had to switch to a more powerful set. Very satisfying!!

Your pal,