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Friday, October 11, 2013

Classic: The Pack is Mad at Me [Sam]

The Pack is Mad at Me

Sam: Labrador_Retriever

Samson here, G&G took all 4 of us to the field. I barked when I saw something interesting and cried for help when the other dogs got too far ahead of me. Now they are mad at me. All I did was tell them where the bird was and then howl to tell them Gpa was holding my leash too tight. Well they told me I can't go with them in the field anymore, to make matters worst G&G told Mom that.The guys at Rb were looking out for me, Mom asked Gpa if I could go if she took charge of me. I was so happy I sang like a happy lab , Mom didn't understand that, she took a long time making me shut up and the other dogs were saying leave him home, we want to go. Well Mom sat in the back seat with us and made us sit in the far back plus be quiet. First I barked and told her we were too far away from the pack. Next I made her hand leak red stuff because I pulled so hard. Gma gave her gloves and she wrapped my leash around her back, until she got a big red thing on it G&G called it rope burn from my longe line which is cotton weave and that was with a winter coat on. Well if she had just let keep up with the other dogs, I would have been fine, but they were hunting and didn't want me scaring the geese and ducks. I was trying to tell them that one of the geese was a dog in disguise (it was a goose who wanted us off his lake, he originally honked like a goose, swam like a goose was dominant like a gander and had a neck bigger than my front leg, so I didn't fall for it when he started barking like a dog, there was a still a goose accent to the bark, and he didn't get me unfortunately big mouth sam wouldn't let the pack surround him {Cass, neither would Dad and I Mom]try having a big mouth field dog giving away the strategy Casio sams labbie boy uncle). Anyway I made sure that the dogs didn't scare anything I sang and barked. Casio actually got to go by the Lake by himself off leash, until he got Gma upset because he couldn't hear her. I told Jeni let me get him, but when Gma walked towards him, he went to her. Bottomline Jeni has a lot of problems welts and blisters on her hands, her back and leaky hands so she has to wear bandaids at work, plus she sent our Dad out at 2 am for medicine for her hands now he doesn't think taking me in the field(he isn't field trained, so I can train him my why if they will just leave Shady at home{fat chance little bro. someone has to protect Mom and keep Dad in control Shady Sams cocker brother})will be fun since Jeni was a trainer and can control us. Anyway I can't do field work without Jeni being there. The other pups didn't get to flush anything and G&G say they won't hold my leash in the field so they don't get asked to leave for my big mouth.
A new trick from Sam, Gpa had me in the backyard in the dark and I started to do a pile on his foot,very effective.


Date: 15-Apr-00Age: 2Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $50.00Human: Jeni

Comment:Is your mom ok? Maggie.

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