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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: BJ is Up with Me [ Lady Elizabeth Rosalee]

BJ is Up with Me

Lady Bug: Mix

This is not really a baddog situation, but I thought the other baddogs still on earth would like to know there is another baddog up in heaven with me.Being the selfrighteous little guy he is BJ (16 year old poodle) he didn't do anything wrong this time (emphasis on this time), he had several strokes, and finally couldn't even enjoy his morning bath, or breakfast. Jeni, Tom, Mom and Dad all took him to the vet and Dad held him in his little sleeping bag while the vet gave him the injections, and he came up here. I must admit things are a little livelier uphere now that he is here.
While it is a sad time for those left behind, It sure livens things up around here when a guy like J arrives, the blindness is gone, the arthritis is gone, and his energy level is back.
I don't know when the pack will figure out what happened, when it happened to me, Cass arrived two days later and one day Mom called Cass Lady and then BJ and Bit knew that Mom missed me too. I knew it long before that as she and I were best friends. My memorial picture is still in their living room, and Dad will be doing one for J to. Everyone seems to agree they want it a year or so before he left, so he is the ball of fluff he was.
Probably the one most affected by his leaving was our boy Dan. He was two when Jay found him, he didn't know that Dan was an ear biter, for discipline, Jay never crossed him twice the sameway. Jay is the reason that Dan talks (constantly now, but he never talked until Jay moved in at 8 weeks old). Have an Asthma or Croup attack Jay got everyone to come and help. Dan also helped Jay learn how to hide pills, when Jay was having problems, Mom found some of Jays pills in Dans old hiding places for his Asthma pills. Having observed both of these con men in action they were very similiar, you could see them swallow the pills and then they would appear magically in the hiding places. Jay and I were both 4H obedience dogs, and also got to visit our kids classrooms at school. Jay made sure that Cass would do some of the activities that tired him out with Dan. He taught Ellie and Shadow (he only visits regularly)to sit up with people who didn't feel quit right, and didn't quit doing it until he was sure they did it right. Sometimes he just sat on the steps to send the trainees back up.
Ellie being the nurturer she is was busy giving kisses to Mom before it happened. Ellie was the one who sat with J and washed his face to help him. Shady sat and watched every move he made. Little Bit (J's best friend)checked on him periodically. Cass regularly sat with him, and got bent out of shape when the humans didn't run and check on J when Ellie told them to.
J said everytime he went to the vet before it happened, he thought it would, but Mom and Dad always agreed as long as he could rule the pack, eat and wasn't in pain he was going home with them.
I was happy to see my little buddy, he and Bit reguarly came to sit with me before the cancer got the best of me.
For those humans who have a doubt about what they call hospice care for dogs, and then getting the injection, it is best for us and painless too. Watching the humans, nothing could have stopped the four of them from being with J or me when it happened. When I left I had both Mom and Jeni holding and petting me, with tears in their eyes as I left. They stayed to make sure there was no pain except the poke.
Jay got to have a lot of lap and human time in the end, they put cushy rugs on the living, dining and family room floors as well as the kitchen floors incase J got tired on his travels. They also regularly took him out and let him sit in the shade of the maple tree so he could enjoy the scent of the outdoors, less than a week before he joined me, he climbed into the garbage can that the pack had tipped for him. He chased the rest of them out while he got his favorite delicacies. Just for the record, there is one rabbit who is a dare devil teasing Cass and the cockers, well he teased Jay to so he will be in for a real surprise when they finally get him. J says it is fun watching the chase, from uphere.
One day we will all get our pictures in.
Keep up the good work. Lady Elizabeth Rosalee


Date: 30-Aug-98Age: 10Sex: female
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)

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