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Friday, October 11, 2013

Classic: My Tummy Hurts:-( [Spike]

My Tummy Hurts:-(


Hi fellow Bad Dogs,I just gave Mommy a big scare and seriously drained her wallet. I had been having severe stomach upset since last night, pooping blood, vomitting, won't eat or drink at all. This morning my condition still didn't improve so Mommy took me to see the man in white (well except today he was in blue), Dr. Davis.
The vet said I had to stay hospitalize for the day and he put me through a whole series of tests. He stuck me with needles repeatedly (evil vet man!) and left one big needle in my arm (really evil vet man!). He got me on all kinds of medication with long names and put me in this funny machine that takes pictures of my insides (duh, if they want to see what I ate just check my poo). So far we have no idea why I was feeling bad, but hey at least we know I'm out of the danger zone. I am feeling better and stopped pooping blood and throwing up. I just can't wait until Mommy comes to pick me up and take me away!
Don't get me wrong, Dr. Davis is great. He's about the nicest vet I've known and he was real sympathetic when my brother Bart passed away. He even made a clay paw print of Bart for Mommy and sent her a real nice card to console her on her loss. But I just hope that every time I see him he doesn't stick me with those sharp needles. Well at least he's not going to tell Mommy to put me on any more diets, I lost 3 lbs from being sick!
I'll be checking in to let you guys know how I'm doing and you can be sure I will be MILKING every last bit of sympathy out of the humans. Heh, heh, heh...


Date: 15-Mar-04Age: 6Sex: female
Home: Maryland, United States (USA)Damage: $500.00Human: Cindy

Comment:milk it for all it's worth! Get well soon. Glad you are going to be ok! Emily


Bad Dog Chronicles said...

Posion Toad Perhaps?
Hey Spike,

Did ya eat a posion toad? I did one time and got real sick like you. Oh the indignities I had to suffer because of it!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you get better soon.

Molly of The 3 Dog Nite Clan

Hello Ice!
Mommy and I know very well that pitbulls are nice doggies. In fact some of her favorite dogs are Rotts, Dobies, and Pits. The only reason I said the pitbull that attacked me was a meanie was because he came out of no where and was charging at me repeatedly and growling. I also had been attacked (bitten) by another neighborhood pitbull that was offleash. The one that attacked me this time was full of mange and apparently he escaped from his backyard. His owners eventually came to pull him off me.

Tons of Spikey kisses for you pit cuties,


Bad Dog Chronicles said...

Hope you're feeling better
Glad your tummy is getting better, but one spoon of food per hour sounds like torture.

Hope whatever caused the problem is gone for good.


Greetings Spike!
What did the vetman say you had? Our passed on bro Rio had sumthin like that and the vet sed it wuz pancratitis (or sumthin like that) He wuz inna hospital for 4 dayz and they didn't think he wuz gonna live..but he DID!!! Just remember not alla us pitbulls are mean Your Mommy can come and see us annytime and we won't scare her Love Rage Toots and Ice

I Hope You're Feeling Better.
One Thanksgiving Day I ate a remote control and threw up the remote control parts.

I even posted the event on Bad Dogs.

Love Mikey

I'm Feeling Better But Now I'm Starving!
Hi everydoggie, thank you all for the good wishes. I am feeling better and I'm almost back to my old self again. But the evil vet man is still torturing me, he told Mommy to only feed me one tablespoon of special doggie tummy food every hour. One tablespoon! A dog me can't live on that! So to prove my point I'd sit in front of Mommy, stare at her and make sure she sees me drool. But she is turning evil too because she is still sticking to the one spoonful of food per hour. That's it, next time I'm going to poo in Dr. Davis' office.

So far we still don't know what caused my sudden tummy problem. It could be caused by fatty table scraps, eating rotten grass, even me getting into something, or just a bad tummy bug. Mommy thinks it's a bad tummy bug because she only fed me chicken and dry kibbles the day I got sick and she taped everything down so I couldn't get into anything. She did take me for a walk but I didn't eat any grass on the walk. I did get attacked by a stray pit bull but I scared him away. I don't get Mommy sometimes, I tried to protect her from the mean pit bull and she kept trying to get between me and the aweful dog. Humans, no wonder we're the boss at home.

Well time to give Mommy more guilt, tons of kisses and hugs for all of you.

Spike, Bad dog of Gaithersburg, MD

Get well soon!
Greetings my sweet little Spike! You poor, poor baby...I'm sooooo glad you're feeling better and in such good evilvetman hands. Keep us posted, especially if you find out why you got sick. You poor baby. I'm proud of you for milking it for all it's worth.

Your Royal Highness, Princess

Dearest Spike...
You make sure your mommy pampers you for a good long time. That's the best cure I know.

I hope you feel better soon!

Love, Spot

Get well soon!
We are keeping our paws crossed for you...Rexie

I Know...
just how you feel Spike, am glad you are going to be OK.


Aw, Spike!
Get well soon, buddy! I don't like to hear that one of my pals is not feeling well. You didn't eat a rawhide, did you???? Those make us poop blood. Our vet said that rawhides are not digestable. Keep us pupdated on your condition, please!

Your pal, Charley

Dear Spike
We are glad that you are better now. Keep us posted if you find out what was wrong with you. Too many sick bad dogs lately...

Love, Bailey & Addie

Oh Spike
Please be well, I had a tummy ache Last night, but when I pooed, I was ok. You sound like you might have eaten a porcepine! (sp)? You told your problem in such a funny way, still...Well, we love you get well NOW!

Chi hugs, Lil Sir Rico.