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Friday, October 11, 2013

Classic: You're Too Fat!! [Bart]

You're Too Fat!!

Bart: Mix

My name is Bart. Some people say I have a serious weight problem. I don't think I do. I don't care, I still like to eat. I have never turned any food down. My mother took my sister, a chinese Shar Pei, and I to Mohans, TX one day. At Mohans they have these great sand dunes. It's nothing but sand and large hills and lots of kids to play with!!!When I got to the sand dunes I immediately spotted a whole bunch of kids and headed up the hills. My mom couldn't see me. It was great these kids had tabaggins (sleds) and they were sledding down the hills, just like snow!!!
I saw three kids lining up in a row to sit down on their sled. One, two, three sat down in a row, now it is my turn. I sat down like the fourth kid, right on the sled.
The kids thought this was okay and headed down the first hill. Everything was okay and boy was this fun!!! All of a sudden the sled slowed down and then stopped. The kids were trying to help the sled along but it wouldn't go anywhere. All of a sudden they started yelling at me.
"Get Off...Your too fat!"
My feelings were hurt and I didn't play with them anymore. I don't believe i'm to fat and I have continued to eat like a little pig ever since.


Date: 26-Feb-97Age: 1Sex: male
Home: unknownDamage: $0.00Human: Amy Meredith

Comment: Don't sweat it Bart, my parent say I am fat every once in a while. I am just husky.Emily

Classic: Just Call Me the Intimidator [Bart]

Just Call Me the Intimidator

Bart: Mix

Hi BDC, yes it's me Bart again. Bet you guys aren't surprised to hear from me again so soon. Including my shoe story and puppy tossing story this will be my 3rd in 2 weeks. No wonder Mommy says I'm bad to the bone.This story involves Grandma, if you read my "Fly Away Shoe" story then you would know she's not the sharpest tool in the shed. She's a sweetheart, don't get me wrong, but totally not dog savvy. Anyway, Mom and Grandma went out to dinner and when they came back me and Spike were ready to play! We jumped and pounced and pushed Grandma down so we can lick her face. As usual she screamed and hollered to let us know how much she loved us. After half an hour Mom thought we settled down enough to leave us alone with Grandma so she can go take a shower. She should've known better. Just as she was stepping out of the tub she heard some thumping, my barking and a door slammed. She put her clothes on and open the bathroom door, just to find me and Spike sitting outside with our tail wagging and big smiles on our faces. "What did you do with Grandma?" Mom asked. Then she saw Grandma cracked the bedroom door opened peeking out. "Can I come out now? That big dog of yours chased me up here and won't let me out!" Mommy fell on the floor laughing. I thought Grandma wanted to play peek-a-boo so I jump and swung the bedroom door open and knocked her down again. Me and Spike gave Grandma quite a tongue bath. She must've been impressed by how great our breathes were, as she was leaving she was muttering "Damn dogs, got tongues like sandpaper and breaths like rotten fish."


Date: 03-Sep-99Age: 0Sex: male
Home: Maryland, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Cindy

Comment:And Grandma wasn't happy with your enthusiasm? Humph! Humans, Go figure. Andrew.

Classic: Me and My Big Teeth and Paws [Bart]

Me and My Big Teeth and Paws

Bart: Mix

Hi BDC,I knew it wouldn't be long before I have another article to submit. First I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words for Griffin, the golden that passed away. I never met him, he lives with Mike's parents, but I hear he was a great boy and is missed very much by grandma and grandpa.
I've been growing like a weed, I went through 40 lbs of food in one week. Mike loves it, he likes macho dogs like me. But he's not the one taking care of me, Mommy is. You see since I'm part Rott I inherited the laziness gene. I would go up to the huge water bowl and lie down in front of it. Then I would use my paws to pull the bowl under my chin so I can rest my head on the rim and drink at the same time. Since I still don't have complete control of my huge paws I always knock the bowl over instead. But that doesn't stop me, I just lie on the wet floor drinking what is left inside the bowl. Then I get up and rub against Mommy with my wet body because I love her so. For some reason Mommy always get mad at me, all I did was drink from the water bowl.
Another thing I did was chewed up Daddy's favorite chair. It's his fault really, he knew I'm getting my grown up teeth so my gums are itching. He went upstair to take a shower and left me and Spike downstairs playing. Spike got tired of me drooling on her so she got up on the sofa and chewed her bone. My gums started itching again so I tried to sooth it on the arm of Daddy's favorite chair. It worked! My gums felt much better but wait, what's this I taste? The wood tasted really good, so I thought a little chewing won't hurt. What harm could possibly come to that? But before I knew it I left some pretty scratches on it and I was going to finish my job except I heard Daddy come down the stairs. So I laid down and did my "I felt off a building" look. It wasn't until a week later that Mommy saw the damage, and she automatically accused me. How unfair! Why do I always get blame? I'm not the only dog around with teeth. So what if I'm teething? Spike could do it.


Date: 02-Jun-99Age: 0Sex: male
Home: Maryland, United States (USA)Damage: $500.00Human: Cindy

Comment:Sorry, but is very common for humans to blame the puppy. Afterall, they have a concept of doggie teething. you can look at other stories here on BDC on what to chew next...Come on guys give this pup some new ideas! Hey, Guinness where have you been lately? Don't tell us you've gone soft!...Andrew.

Classic: Mommy Got Engaged [Spike]

Mommy Got Engaged (and I was the ring bearer:-)


Mommy and Chris got engaged on Monday night, and I was part of the proposal:-)Mommy was on the phone talking to her cousin in China. She was having a bad day and an even worse one as she is discussing her cousin's divorce case, it's not looking good. Chris took me out for a nice long walk through the woods, and when we came back, he put a big red ribbon around my neck.
When we came in, Chris told Mommy to get off the phone asap. Mommy thinking I got sick or injured on the walk immediately got off the phone. I was thirsty and hungry so I went straight to my food bowls. Chris kneeled down on the floor and called me to him, I came but went back to the food bowl immediately. I did that several times until I had enough water and food, then I came to them and burped in their face. Chris told Mommy that a little girl thought I was cute so she put it on me. Mommy fussed over how cute I am as I lean forward and stretch. After a few seconds (they call it 15 minutes, humans can't count time) Mommy took the ribbon off. That's when she noticed the ring tied to the ribbon. That's when Chris asked Mommy to marry him. And ofcourse she said yes and I went off and ate the rest of my food.
When I was done, and Mommy and Chris still kissing, I stuck my head in between them, burped again, and wiped my mouth on them. They both laughed and pet me. I am the cutest thing on earth and I can get away with anything.
The ring is beautiful, too bad Mommy has it on her hand all the time so I won't be able to do my jewelry disappearing trick to it. But it does come in a very pretty cherry wood box and Mommy does let the box sit around...


Date: 01-Jul-04Age: 6Sex: female
Home: Maryland, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Cindy

Comment:AAAAWWWWWW!!!!!! How sweet! I love your special touch of the burping at them! Perfect! Lady Ashley.

Classic: Mommy Got Married [Spike]

Mommy Got Married

Spike: Mix

Hi Bad Dog Gang,Long time no chat. It's been a busy year for us. First of all, I got cancer, on my ear flap to be exact. So the evil vet man cut a hole in my ear to remove the lump, I am completely healed now, just a little odd looking. Mommy is very happy that she gets to keep me around. Yeah right, like I would leave her. I got her train well finally, I don't intend to let my hard work go to waste. I want to milk it for at least a few more years. I am still getting new lumps, but Mommy has been keeping a close eye on all new lumps and the evil vet man is running lab tests on every one of them to make sure they are not cancerous.
Well Mommy finally got her head together and managed to get married on May 21st. Chris is now officially my daddy. He is thrilled that he has legal custody of me:-) They got married in Las Vegas (they were originally supposed to get married in Venice, Italy but the plans got changed at the last minute). It was a beautiful wedding. They then honeymooned in Italy for 2 weeks. Unfortunately I couldn't be part of the wedding ceremony because the grounds would not permit animals. Also Mommy is paranoid about me flying (she heard too many horror stories about pet air travel). But it was a lovely wedding and a great honeymoon. Now that they are back, I am making them feel guilty about leaving me at the vet (how horrible could it be! not only am I kenneled, I'm kenneled at the vet!).
Unfortunately, other than the occasional trash can destruction and poopie on th floor, I hadn't been doing anything really bad lately. I guess I should get my act together and do something that's worth writing about. Hugs and kisses to all you bad dogs out there.


Date: 12-Jun-06Age: 7Sex: female
Home: Maryland, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Cindy

Comment:Keep us informed about that nasty cancer monster. We are so glad your mom finally got married. Congrats!!! But poor you being kenneled of all places at the vet! Emily.

Classic: Mommy Got Nipped [Bart]

Mommy Got Nipped

Bart: Mix

Hi all,Long time no write. It's Bart the wondermutt here in Gaithersburg, Md. A lot has changed since we last wrote. Mommy and Daddy have now broken up, and Daddy is no where in sight anymore. He refuse to take responsibility for us dogs, apparently us mutts cramp his dating life. Not that he ever cared for us anyway, Mommy is the one who took care of our daily needs. She is queen and I'll beat up all those who disagree. We do wish she spends more time at home, she's got a new job working as an auditor and she travels a lot. Not to mention she does kickboxing, karate, and Brazilian Jujitsu (wrestling for short), that doesn't leave much time for her to spend with us mutts. But Mommy said if she doesn't do all those contact sports she would go crazy. It's actually therapy for her after Daddy turned out to be such a jerk.
Anyway, Mommy's friend Jesse came over to pick her up for a night out and since we never met Jesse before Bart decided to nipped Mommy on the thigh to warn her of letting strangers in the house. He left a pretty good bruise on her thigh, and he got a bop on the noggins for doing it. He still didn't learn and tried the nip her hand that's opening the door. She's not ready have company yet and it's our duty (no our right) to drive away any possible intruders!
To all with love,
Bart, Spike, and Jamie (the original bad dogs of Gaithersburg)


Date: 20-Jul-01Age: 2Sex: female
Home: Maryland, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Cindy

Comment:Not only that but sometimes they don't have a good judge of character. We have a far superior judgement of that sort of thing, mom should follow your instincts not hers. Maggie.

Classic: Mud, Mud, MUD!!! [Bart]

Mud, Mud, MUD!!!

Bart: Mix

Hi BDC, it’s me Bart again, now weighing 80 lbs. and not an ounce of fat. I have a great story to brag to you guys. You see it’s been raining constantly over here in Md. so the back yard is all nice and muddy. Ahhh, mud, just the thought of it makes me drool. I don’t understand why humans never appreciate it like us dogs do. Don’t they know how much fun it is to roll around in it? Anyway, back to my story. Spike and me had been trapped inside the house forever, humans call it 5 hours but it seems like an eternity. When Cindy let us go outside to do our business I took advantage of it and stomped around in the deep holes Spike created. But that didn’t satisfy my mudding needs, hey a boy got to have his fun somehow right? So I started to roll around in the mud and before I knew it I was covered in it. But it felt so good; hey don’t humans have the same thing done to their bodies? Why pay so much in the spa when you can have it for free in your very own back yard. Cindy saw it and was fuming; I don’t know what the big deal is. Well, Spike joined in too and by the time we were done there were mud everywhere. By then I got thirsty and wanted to go in for a drink, so I started to throw my huge body against the patio door. I think I might have cracked it just a little, who cares, Cindy was going to replace it anyway. Soon the whole house was covered with muddy paw prints and just body prints. Spike just sat there looking at me like I’m stupid. She just doesn’t realize how much fun this is. When I saw Cindy show up with the garden hose I went nuts, she must wants to play tug of war. That will just make my day! But no such luck, she started spraying both of us with water, I tried to fight back by knocking her down a couple of times. She hosed Spike off first and got her in, can you believe she tied me to the door of the shed? Well I wasn’t going to have that so I ripped the door out while she was inside drying Spike off. But my turn came and she hosed me off too. She dragged me inside the house and dried me off with a bunch of towels, she didn’t even had the decency to blow dry me, that’s abuse right there! She put me in my crate and went outside to hose off all the mud on the house. I was stuck having to watch all those pools of mud go to waste. But I did get back at her, the whole house smelled like wet dog for a week. Which is fine by me, I like being the one spreading that wonderful aroma. I should charge the humans for my aroma therapy.

Date: 24-Jun-99Age: 0Sex: male
Home: Maryland, United States (USA)Damage: $250.00Human: Cindy

Comment:You sound like you had a great time! Humans dont often understand simply delightful it can be to romp and play in mud puddles. Well, sometimes the younger ones do ;)...Maggie

Classic: My Buddy is Leaving Me [Spike]

My Buddy is Leaving Me

Spike: Mix

Hi to everyone at the Bad Dog Gang, it's Spike again. I'm very sad these days because my foster sister Snoopy has found a new home. Although Mommy assures me that it's a wonderful home with loving people, I don't want to see my buddy leave. I've finally got Snoopy to come around to become a bad dog like myself and they are taking her away from me. I will miss her very much, I love playing with her. I sleep better at night because our crates face each other. How could Mommy let this happen! They took away my other foster brother Shoestring (a horny little cocker spaniel that wouldn't stop humping me) and now they're taking away my best friend. This just isn't fair. I think I will write a nasty letter to the MCSPCA about this. I hope Mommy foster another dog again soon, the house will be so lonely with just the two cats and me. Anyway suggestions as to how I can keep Snoopy here with me?

Date: 18-Feb-99Age: 0Sex: female
Home: Maryland, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Cindy

Comment: Write your Congressman.

Classic: My Tummy Hurts:-( [Spike]

My Tummy Hurts:-(


Hi fellow Bad Dogs,I just gave Mommy a big scare and seriously drained her wallet. I had been having severe stomach upset since last night, pooping blood, vomitting, won't eat or drink at all. This morning my condition still didn't improve so Mommy took me to see the man in white (well except today he was in blue), Dr. Davis.
The vet said I had to stay hospitalize for the day and he put me through a whole series of tests. He stuck me with needles repeatedly (evil vet man!) and left one big needle in my arm (really evil vet man!). He got me on all kinds of medication with long names and put me in this funny machine that takes pictures of my insides (duh, if they want to see what I ate just check my poo). So far we have no idea why I was feeling bad, but hey at least we know I'm out of the danger zone. I am feeling better and stopped pooping blood and throwing up. I just can't wait until Mommy comes to pick me up and take me away!
Don't get me wrong, Dr. Davis is great. He's about the nicest vet I've known and he was real sympathetic when my brother Bart passed away. He even made a clay paw print of Bart for Mommy and sent her a real nice card to console her on her loss. But I just hope that every time I see him he doesn't stick me with those sharp needles. Well at least he's not going to tell Mommy to put me on any more diets, I lost 3 lbs from being sick!
I'll be checking in to let you guys know how I'm doing and you can be sure I will be MILKING every last bit of sympathy out of the humans. Heh, heh, heh...


Date: 15-Mar-04Age: 6Sex: female
Home: Maryland, United States (USA)Damage: $500.00Human: Cindy

Comment:milk it for all it's worth! Get well soon. Glad you are going to be ok! Emily

Classic: My Wonderful Trip to the Great Unknown [Spike]

My Wonderful Trip to the Great Unknown

Spike: Mix

It's me again Spike, I knew it wouldn't take me long to have another story for my pals. You see it's been raining cats and dogs here in Maryland and I hadn't had a chance to play outside. When I do get to go out I have to do my business without any moment for fun. Worse of all Mommy wipes our feet when we come in so the cream color carpet won't get all muddy. But like a good girl I manage to stamp a few prints while she's busy with Snoopy. But back to the story, Daddy was on the phone with Mommy when he was walking into the door (don't you love cell phones? They taste so good:-) Mommy was busy chasing after Snoopy when Daddy was opening the door, that's when I seized the moment and squeezed my bony body between Dad's legs and ran outside. What a trip!!! I never had so much fun with Mommy running after me (oh yeah Snoopy followed my lead too and head for the door, I knew that dog is cool). Oh the joy of rain, mud, and FREEDOM!!! Needless to say I got grounded in my crate once the folks did catch us. But it was all worth it for that brief moment of escape. That'll teach the folks to pay more attention to me. Until next time, see ya everybody.P.S. I think my older brother wrote a story too, I think Mommy said it's called "I need my fiber from the door".


Date: 14-Jan-99Age: 0Sex: female
Home: Maryland, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Cindy

Comment: We have to have our feet wiped off when we come in the house too. Dad lines us up and each of us has to pass through his legs to enter the house. Sometimes I get impatient and break the rules. ;)

Classic: Update of Our Lives [Spike]

Update of Our Lives

Spike: Mix

Hey fellow bad dogs,long time no chat. Just to catch you guys up on several things going on in my life.
Mommy got married in Vegas last May, so we're now the Davidsons. Although I did have to spend 2 weeks in a kennel, at least I didn't have to deal with the grand folks and their over bearing dog Lucky.
In September, Mommy left her old job at the Big 4 accounting firm and took a new job with an international company about to go IPO. So far the job is keeping her very busy and she's doing what she does best, telling others what to do, LOL.
Mommy bought a new car in Oct 2006, it's a cherry red Pontiac G6 hard top convertible with black leather interior and a lot of gadgets that the humans like. She finally bid goodbye to her beat up, barely street legal 1996 Toyota Corolla and got her first grown up car. I personally prefer the Corolla, the new car has them fancy bucket seats that isn't comfortable to stretch across.
Mommy started a secret santa paws exchange for bad dog folks she email regualrly in December. So far the secret santa paws was a success, with the exception of one person who didn't get her present. So next year Mommy plans to do it again and will extend it to the rest of the bad dogs clan. She invited one of her friends to join the secret santa paws this year and her friend loved it so much that she is bringing her friends to join next year.
I get to spend Xmas and Turkey Day with Daddy's family this year. I get to meet the great grand parents from Italy and the uncles and great uncles that even Mommy never met. I wowwed them all with how smart and how good I am and in return they feed me tons of treats. Hee, hee, stupid humans, they're so easy to manipulate.
In Jan 2007 Daddy has a stroke (2 strokes actually) and had to be rushed to the hospital. While he was there over night his heart stopped for 5 secs and he had to stay there for a whole 4 days. Mommy was running between the hospital, home, and work juggling everything. I never seen her more tired. On top of everything, I had a major ear infection and was not happy at all, but that could also be from having Mommy's parents dog sit me while Mommy is running around taking care of things. Daddy has came home and had been staying there for 3 weeks now, which I'm very happy about because he gets to pet me every day. Mommy has to take him to physical therapy and between all those icky human doctors (primary, neurologist, cardiologist, etc...) because Daddy is having balance problems (he couldn't walk without a cane for the first week), couldn't drive (was seeing double), has heart issues (heart skipping beats as a result of the stroke), and his whole left side is numb. Daddy is recovering very quickly but the numbness is permanent, but at least he has his motor skills and can still take me for walks, just not any time soon.
So now I get to have Daddy all to myself and Mommy is taking care of both of us while doing work fulltime. Her company is pretty understanding and allows her to work from home at times but because of the nature of her work, she has to be in the office a lot. But at least she comes home every day and cooks us dinner. I think we're get over this hump soon, it's times like this I really appreciate Mommy being the person that she is (meaning she's free with the treat giving and coddling even when things are hectic).
Oh the evil vet said I'm fat so I need to lose 10 pounds. Bad evil vet man!


Date: 06-Feb-07Age: 8Sex: female
Home: Maryland, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Cindy

Comment:you aren't fat just fluffy!I hope your daddy gets well soon. We participated in the Secret Santa with ya'll. We were the only ones that didn't get one in return. Ugh. Lady Ashley.

Classic: We got a new sister! [Bart and Spike]

We got a new sister!

Bart and Spike: Mix

Hi BDC, it us Bart and Spike (aka: the trouble makers)Mommy has gone off the deep end again and got herself another dog. Her name is Jaime, she's from the Denton, Md animal shelter (the one that got flooded). Mommy thinks she is a Colli/Dobie mix, but we think she's more of a fried chicken/pig hooves mix. She's really quiet, but then again not everyone is as sociable (or out of control as some would call it) as we are. Since we'll be moving to a new house with plenty of land we don't mind sharing, provided that she stay away from our toys that is. Mommy says she must have the word sucker tattooed on her forehead, it seems like dogs just find their way to her no matter what. She promised Daddy this will be the last one, we'll see...
Ayway, gotta go teach the new sibling how to terrorize the cats. Somehow we don't think Jamie will have too much stories to write in, but then again not everyone is as exciting and resourceful as we.


Date: 25-Sep-99Age: 0Sex: female
Home: Maryland, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Cindy

Comment:I have faith that you two will teach her well and we will be hearing from her soon... Emily

Classic: We Have Our Story Published [Spike, Bart, Jaime]

We Have Our Story Published

Spike, Bart, and Jaime: Mix

Well, it's actually Mommy's story.Hey guys it's the SBJ trio (Spike, Bart, and Jaime). Mommy writes for a magazine called Jade Magazine. It's mainly a magazine geared towards Asian Americans and issues related to them. She wrote two other stories for them; both are posted on the magazine's internet web page. This month she wrote one about dogs, specifically how Asians treat dogs. She talked about what it was like growing up in a city that forbid dog ownership and several dogs she encountered that changed her life. She even mentioned us mangy mutts (as she so lovingly calls us) and how she got involved in the dog rescue business. But most of all she mentioned us! She even got Petsmart to advertise with the magazine. Check out their cool ad next to the article. If you guys are interested, go to and click under the Me, Me, Me! section on the right side of the page. Then click on the TOC link on the right side of the page again. The name of the article is called "Truly Lucky Dogs", that's us! Let us know what you think. Oh by the way, Mommy uses a pseudynum so she won't have weirdos coming after her. Her name for the magazine is Sinstinna, don't even ask us where she gets that one. If you want you can read Mommy's other two article, which is in the past issues link. One is called "virginity hang-ups" and the other one is called "Negative Stereotypes - What We Can Do To Stop It". Sometimes we get the feeling Mommy would do better as a writer, she sure does enjoy doing it part time.


Date: 03-Dec-99Age: 1Sex: female
Home: Maryland, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Cindy

Comment:Well we are going to have to go to petsmart and pick one up for us to look at! Maggie.

Classic: What do you mean I can't jump on the kitchen table? [Harley]

What do you mean I can't jump on the kitchen table?

Harley: Blue_tick_coonhound

Hi every doggy!My name is Harley (Davidson that is :-) and I am a Bluetick Coonhound. I'm almost 2 years old (I was born in April and since I'm a rescue, my human servant Cindy designated April 1 as my birthday because she says I'm goofy) and I'm a big bundle of energy. My sister from another mother Abby (she's a black and tan coonhound mix but we won't hold that against her) and I came to live with Mommy Cindy on October 9, 2011, a week after her beloved dog Spike died after 13 years. Mommy was heart broken and going through some serious personal problems in addition to Spike's passing, so she wanted to start the search for the next dog expecting it would take a while to find that perfect match. So she went to the local Petsmart to look at dogs the Lost Dog & Cats rescue brought for their adoption event. Well guess what! I saw Mommy and knew she was to be rescued by me, I was even kind enough to overlook the fact that she specifically requested Abby to be there for her to meet. I went right up to her, stood on my hind legs, dog nosed kissed her on the mouth and wouldn't leave her side. I even played nice and made friends with Abby, we played like we were littermates. Naturally my good looks and sweet temperament won Mommy over (haha, SUCKER!) and she left with both of us hounds. The complete irony was she went in wanting to adopt a Doberman mix because she loves that breed and she left with two completely different dogs.
Since then, I've made it a point to be difficult when it comes to housebreaking, countersurf on a daily basis, rip apart a bag of raw oatmeal and ate half of it dry (I had dry oats stuck to my tongue for days), steal DVDs and methodologically destroy their paper covers (but not the plastic part), chew holes in the soft comfy down blankets on the sofa (hehehe), peed on the couch and goose everyone on the butt every chance I get. But my coup de grace was when I decided to jump on up on the 4 ft tall kitchen table, just so I can have a better view of my domain. I got to give it to Mommy, she was calmed enough to take pictures of me standing on the kitchen table and instead of yelling, she laughed. I took that as a cue and lay down on the table to take a nap. I guess it's not every day you see a 55 lb bluetick coonhound taking a catnap on the kitchen table. Unfortunately my comfort was short lived, Mommy has since continuously kicked me off the table. It took her 2 months to break that habit from me, what I didn't tell her is I've decided to take up the habit of scratching up the antique buffet table in the dining room instead (mwhahahahaha).
On the up side, after getting frustrated in trying to find all sorts of toys to keep me and my sister busy (apparently Spike was never much trouble, what a kiss up), Mommy has decided to pursue her own pet supplies business. It's all still a pipe dream for now, but she vows to get it in motion soon and we dogs will get to run the show. Now if only she can come up with a catchy name ...


Date: 21-Mar-12Age: 2Sex: female
Home: Virginia, United States (USA)Damage: $1,000.00Human: Cindy

Comment:We are so glad you found her! Some say when the person is ready the dog will appear. You two sound like a bunch of fun! We hounds love our food and fun! But I cant get on the kitchen table. Buster

Classic: What you want your lunch bag back? [Harley]

What you want your lunch bag back?

Harley: Blue_tick_coonhound

Hey bad dogs!I knew it wouldn't be long before I make another entry for my misdeeds. Mommy's new year resolution is to bring lunch to work, so she can be healthier and save some money too. To do that she got one of them fancy insulated lunch bags from Costco. Every day she carries that bag back and forth and she's been pretty good about putting it away when she gets home. Well yesterday she had her mind on something else so she left it on the kitchen counter. While she was upstairs busy I took off with the bag and ripped it to pieces. Oh how I enjoyed destroying the velcro and the insulation. When she came downstairs and tried to get it from me, I decided it was a good time to start a game of chase. Hey she said she wanted to lose weight, what better than cardio running around the house? When she finally caught up to me the look of sheer joy on my face just softened her up to just take the bag from me. Apparently I had a huge doggie smile on my face and grinning from ear to ear.
Until next time, I'm sure I'll be checking in soon.


Date: 23-Mar-12Age: 2Sex: female
Home: Virginia, United States (USA)Damage: $25.00Human: Cindy

Comment:Awesome Pawsome! My mom has one of those too.... hmmm and I love a game of c

Classic: You better pay attention to me! [Spike]

You better pay attention to me!

Spike: Mix

Hi BDC,It's me Spike again. Well after the bird incident I've been pretty much laying low for a while. Since I'm now a mature 1 1/2 yr. old Mommy decided to let me have the run of the house. Jaime and Bart still gets caged when Mommy is at work but I get the previledge to run free. So far I've been pretty good, that is until last night. You see Grandma went back to China to see my Great Grandma, who's not feeling too well. Grandpa was feeling lonely so Mommy decides to have dinner with him last night. First, she had the nerve to go to work and leave me all alone in the house. Then she was late coming home b/c she had to pick up Granpa. We were pretty happy for a few hours although we didn't get our hour long walks. Grandpa spoils us rotten. Then Mommy and Grandpa went to Aunt Mercedes' house to say hi. When they came back I was behaving once again. But the final insult was they only stayed 20 minutes and Mommy left again (without me!) to take Grandpa home. Imagine the the horror that she even forgot to leave the bedroom door open so I can go and take a nice nap! Well, now that does it. I got into the linen closet outside the bathroom and started my destruction. First I ripped open all of Mommy's nice smelling designer soaps, you know the kind that's carved into pretty shapes with different colors. Then I chewed opened all the new toothpastes and smeared it all over the downstairs carpet. Next came the toothbrushes and Q-tips, those I like best b/c of their chewy texture. I was working on the box she keeps her nail polish in when Mommy came home. She saw the mess and didn't say anything to me, which worries me b/c I know she's brewing up some scheme to punish me. When Grandpa called to see if Mommy got home alright (duh, ofcourse she did, she's sitting right in front of me) she ratted out on me. Grandpa just laughed and said that Mommy should be glad that I didn't follow Lucky's foot step and chew through doors. Ha ha, very funny Grandpa. You better watch it or you'll find one of your slippers conveniently missing next time you visit.
That's it for now, kisses to everyone. Spike the original bad dog of Gaithersburg


Date: 21-Mar-00Age: 1Sex: female
Home: Maryland, United States (USA)Damage: $50.00Human: Cindy

Comment:Go! Go! Go! sounds like you are on a roll! cant wait to hear more! Maggie.

Classic: Yum ...Chocolate [Spike]

Yum... ChocolateSpike: Mix

Hi Bad Dog Gang,Spike here. Recently Mommy's been on a health kick for me, making me eat all healthy doggy food and stuff, so I decided to get back at her. Mommy is not a big fan of chocolate, although Chris is, so there was a lot of chocolate minis left over from Easter. Well I never really went for chocolate in the past, even if it's just lying around (I'm sneaky like that) so Mommy didn't think much of it. That was her mistake, because after 6 years, I decided to have a nibble. Well that nibble turned into me eating an entire pound of chocolate. Imagine the heart attack Mommy had when she found the bag empty. I even ate the candy wrappers so there's no evidence. She called Chris and said "please tell me you ate the entire bag of chocolate minis". Chris said no, and Mommy looked at me with suspision. That was my cue to scoot out of the room.
Well Chris looked up all kind of unpleasant things to do to me on the net, and immediately drove home. Mommy tried to call the evil vet man Dr. Davis but it was late at night, so there was no answer. Mommy called the emergency doggie hospital and when she told them what I did, they just laughed. They told her to monitor my heart rate and see if I was acting funny. If not, then it's probably gone through my system. I survived the night fine and all, but Mommy swore she'd never leave chocolate lying around ever again. Oh well, I guess I'll just move on to less interesting stuff, like her hair gel or mascara.
Humans, when will they ever learn.


Date: 13-May-05Age: 6Sex: female
Home: Maryland, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Cindy

Comment:Oh my doG. Thank goodness you are ok! Maybe the wrappers helped you not absorb that much of it into your system. I know there are dogs that have died from eating chocolate. The darker the chocolate the worse it is for us dogs. Lady Ashley.

Classic: A Baby is Not All Bad But Tornadoes are [Shadow]

A Baby is Not All Bad But Tornadoes are

Shadow: Cocker_Spaniel

Finally we gots the baby order in. Like Mom went to the human hospital 3 times and 6 sleeps before we got her. Her call name is Annie. First we met her thru the fence and then on leashes. She is Purfect to this little dog cept we got no cheerios for her is she broke?Cass and Molly tried to climb in her bed with her blankie before she came home. We knew her scent, I told Dan I don't want to sniff a stupid blanket, I want the baby and cheerios. Molly wanted the blanket. Gma washed the bed down with smelly stuff after the big foot went over it. Sam isn't sure. I figure the cheerios will come in time or it was false advertising.
Oh yeah the tornadoes in FW were in our territory like we have walked there on leash. The major damage was about two miles from us. But the canine fatality was when a little guy was sucked out of his car by the tornado. We don't know his name or his family. I think the tornado made the baby come but they said she came on Friday and the nado on Saturday. Heck she didn't come home until Monday they said she had surgery to come. Nobody got seriously hurt. We pups were home by ourselves, but Dan came home to check on us and Moms friend Mary left the hospital to let her dog Lady in she out ran the tornado, but lady had let herself off her chain and was hiding in the garage with the cat and the nado never hit her area, then she came to check on us. Then Gma and Gpa came home to eat and feed us.
I gots to check out the baby.
Shadow and the FW pack


Date: 28-May-01Age: 6Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Jeni

Comment:Keep us updated on your new addition. We've had tornados here too from time to time... That big one on may third of 1999...We live in Oklahoma. Guinness.

Classic: Annie Taught Her Friend to Call Her Dog [Shadow]

Annie Taught Her Friend to Call Her Dog

Shadow: Cocker_Spaniel

Hey Guys, My little human 8 week old Annie has a sound for calling us. Well she went to visit a little friend and showed her little friend (she's 2 days newer than Annie)how to call her dog.Life with a little one is great. My friends with little humans say she can't be calling us at this young. Well she talks and we arrive. She gets very loud when we don't come. I still can't sleep in the porta crib. Sam tried having a bottle this week, and Mom wasn't happy. She was even less happy the night Cass decided to have some of the formula powder from the can it comes in. I mean she wouldn't share it with us. She put it in the compactor.(Shady you better move those little cocker paws fast, I am supposed to set a good boy example. Cass)
Oops Cass is on my tail, I'm outta here.
Shadow and the FW pack


Date: 19-Jul-01Age: 6Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Jeni

Comment:Little ones also have these wonderful things called diapers. Have you discovered those yet? Maggie.

Classic: Big Trouble for a Little Cocker [Shadow]

Big Trouble for a Little Cocker

Shady Character: Cocker_Spaniel

FINALLY!!! I did something very bad, in human terms, but great in Bad Dog terminology. Under very difficult and well supervised conditions. Unca Dan went to work. Gma was on pup patrol. Opportunity strikes a baby food jar in the door, Shady is out the door. Now I figured the others would come along, and I called them. Nope the goody four paws stayed with Gma. Great the security gate is open, adios amigos. Hey no one to play with, and its cold and rainy. Gma open the door. She calls me and the pack looks out at me. Molly and Cass tried to tell Gma, I was outside. Well she was tired of my getting stuck, and knowing (hey I wasn't)I was inside and just indignant she nored me. My mom and Annie were still sleeping.Then I hear Gma calling from the door, and Mom yelling Shadow is out in front. Finally mom comes out only partly dressed (bad dog points here)and picks me up. No punishment, I was smart enough to come on a recall.
I got to go. My coat still isn't dry totally. They used a towel and dryer, but it's a potential show coat versus a field coat like Molly's.
Bye for Now Shady


Date: 24-Jan-02Age: 7Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Jeni

Comment:So you escaped...glad you got your mom to have to come outside partly dressed... but you might pick a non rainy day next time... Andrew

Classic: Dryer Doors Cause Big Trouble [Shadow]

Dryer Doors Cause Big Trouble

Shady Character: Cocker_Spaniel

Ok guys, the pro has been at it again (but a lot safer than Andrews exploits thank goodness you're safe). Gpa and Gma went food shopping and forgot to close the cupboard door tight, well they also forgot to pass out biscuits.Now the BDC angels must have been at work, cuz the grooming box was in front of the counter, so up goes Shady and it was just a short walk across the dryer to the washer which is right under the cupboard filled with rolls, cookies and such. I just reached up and helped myself. Dan caught me and told Gma who I purred at she doesn't intimidate and grabbed my collar. On the floor I jumped. That was Wednesday.
Tonight I was preparing to shop and my Mom comes thru "SHADOW" oops "I'm a goodboy Mom. Now go eat". Oops "SHADOW get off there". Off the dryer door I go and it slid down. Mom gets a sicker look on her face than I had and I was headed to the basement not by choice. She calls Gma who gets a sick look on her face when she sees my last landing pad the dryer door. Luckily there is no such thing as double trouble or punishment in our house. Almost forgot I got caught jumping from the floor to the top of the washer by Mom. No more blaming Molly for the cleared counter tops. (Yeah ladies the little boy got caught and fellow springers now they know we springers aren't the only ones with springs in our legs try blaming a cocker)
The food was yummy and I can't wait to do it again. The lesson to be learned is find out the school (college)schedules to avoid getting caught. Both Dan and Mom were headed to class when I got caught.
Don't worry, I am working on new lessons in bad dogedness


Date: 31-Aug-01Age: 6Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $100.00Human: Jeni

Comment: Quite a set of legs you got there Shadow! Keep up the good baddogness work! MaggieCome visit me in Hawaii and we can go cliff jumping. Andrew

Classic: Grounded or I haven't met Molly Yet [Sam]

Grounded or I haven't met Molly Yet

Sam: Labrador_Retriever

Hi Guys It has been a while since I've written, the new limelight grabbing pup Molly has been doing most of the writting from our mega pack lately. I have not had the chance to introduce myself yet, but my parents have spent far too much time with her lately. The other night, Shady went over for a visit, and came home both High and Low. There is a new lady dog and she had moved in to Ellie's kennel. I came upstairs and told him he had no business going without me, Dad said that is why he was in a kennel to prevent a discussion between us. Dad and Mom said I can visit as soon as I get over the phase I am in. I am playing trash hound again. I am also trying to assert my dominance over Dad. Last time Cassie (my adopted Labbie boy uncle) was trying to work off leash for obedience in my backyard, I told him that is a bad thing for dogs to let humans know they can do. Cass said it is far easier to play the obedience game off leash than on. He then took me over to my Dad and Grandpa who were working on the garage door and told me to go in, then he ran out before I could follow. Then he played the game. As soon as they opened the door again, I went and Cass gave up on playing the game with Mom. Now I hear he and Molly will be going to public class together after she graduates from puppy class, and Santa Pup comes.Because of this helpless puppy act, Grandma and Grandpa are being protective of the little one. Shadow says she is cute and runs really good. He is really in love again. I understand she has green eyes (the vet said hazel) that are hypnotic, and is very bright. Get this guys she is a champion human trainer the first night she had Grandpa sleeping on the floor outside of her kennel until she went to sleep. There are a few things I would like to teach the humans like leave me alone when I am cooking, I like fast food too.


Date: 27-Sep-98Age: 1Sex: female
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Jeni and Tom

Comment: I sense a little jealousy. Don't worry all puppies grow up into bad dogs and the limelight will pass.

Classic: I Devalued the Tiny Beanies [Shadow]

I Devalued the Tiny Beanies

Shadow: Cocker_Spaniel

Have the rest of you run into the Beanies that come from the drive up window at McDonalds yet? They come in a bag just like burgers. Cass and Ellie came over to help Sam and I get rid of a badger who was living under my deck, once that was taken care of Dad invited me over for a sleepover, Mom [Jeni gave grandma a bag with Beanies in it] Well Grandpa took the Teeny Beanies in and put them out of Ellies reach, so I told her I would teach her how to really tease my Mom. Typical of Grandpa, he forgot about the beanies and I in the same house when he went to bed and work. Grandma came home from work and noticed a beany on the floor, but had more important things to do than pick it up. So I continued the lesson in the care of beany babies, we took them out of their bags and removed the tags, they're sharp on the mouth. Well Mom stopped by and was very upset that the Beanies had come out of the bag, and gave Ellie (she loves plastic) credit for that and then saw the tags missing, sure enough I got credit for a light mouth and the precision with which I removed the tags. Fortunatley Grandma and Grandpa respect jeni's toys but aren't really into them. I felt it was the better part of valor to spend another night at Grandma and Grandpa's as the Beanies were being put away for Jeni's birthday. I was her 18th birthday present [I did get to pick her out] and I would be hard to beat, I don't think the engagement ring from Tom beat me. Do you guys have and experience with these guys? Shadow (3 year old cocker boy)

Date: 23-Jun-98Age: 3Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Jeni and Tom

Comment: I have never touched a beany baby. Humans are crazy over those things. I think you are the first to ever get a tooth on one.

Classic: Back Massager and Worst Lab [Shadow]

I Got the Back Massager

Sammy: Labrador_Retriever

Sammy here you said do some bad stuff in humans eyes, well I did and the pack thinks it's great. Mom left Shady and I at Grandmas' house and as usual we were put in our kennels when nobody was watching us. Well we got put in the house loose (all 6 of us), Mom asked Grandma if she should put us in our kennels and Grandma said Dan is home, he'll put them in the kennels before he leaves. Then Dan left and we were still loose. Grandma has a thing she puts in her chair that makes an awful racket (like someone pounding on the door, it used to make the guys bark, but they got told they couldn't bark at it because Grandma could turn it off and on) but it makes her back feel good after playing at the computer or with some of her toys like the sewing and knitting machines or at her office. Being the pack animal I am I decided to kill the massager. Being a bright Lab and having a lot of brains to help (a Poodle, Yorkie, 2 cockers and another Lab) I was careful to only disconnect the wire that went to the controller. Grandpa opened the door and we flew out. I knew the moment he got in the living room by the exasperated yell he let out and Grandma saying what's wrong with fear in her voice (she thought we destroyed the furniture). I made the mistake of trying to take it apart totally, but didn't like the taste, or was it on the advice of a buddy (I'll never tell) so I went right to the source of the problem and chewed the wire in half. Grandpa was very impressed as I didn't touch the live wire and it was definitely a clean cut between the controller and the massager. Grandpa says he will fix it, when he feels sharper (maybe I should loan him my teeth, as they left very nice prints). Bit says he didn't help, as he likes it when it is warm on brisk days. Sammy


Date: 04-Oct-97Age: 0Sex: male
Home: Ft. Wayne, INDamage: $25.00Human: Jeni and Tom

Comment: I killed one of those back massagers myself. I chewed off its life source.

I am the worst Lab of the WeekSammy: Labrador_Retriever

I only did two things, but I understand they were major by human standards. It was 1:30 am and no sign of a train, so I started howling forgetting I was at Grandmas house,where the people live very close on one side. All of a sudden I hear footsteps,and figure it is about time Grandpa got up and made breakfast. Wrong, it is Grandma without her glasses,she opens the kennel door and tells us outside,Cass (my Lab uncle)and I go to the downstairs door, and the door shuts tight, but my mouth shuts tighter. Cass doesn't like sleeping anywhere but in his kennel or on the sofa,and he knew we were spending the rest of the night in the basement.Later, my brother Shadow and Mom Jen show up. Grandma tells Mom what I already know,I have to go home do to my howling. I think Shadow snickered his tail made his whole cocker self shake.
That night,Dad is asleep in his chair, now I have chased the pizza guy, caught a mouse or two. I am bored and a bored labbie is bad news. First, I give Dad everything I can find to run after in his lap, but no response. Well he is still sleeping with his mouth open, so I gave him a big kiss with my tongue as deep down his throat as it could get before he jumped up and ran for the mouthwash. Obviousily, Mom thought it was funny, but dad sure didn't. I heard Mom say she thought I needed more one on one attention, so Shadow could stay at Grandma's another night. When I found out that Shady was staying another night,J & T felt sorry for me and let me sleep in their bed between them,so I wouldn't fall out. First I howled with the lady (she is recovering from the 6 month surgery,I understand I am next) dog next door. Then when we went back to sleep, I started running in my sleep which means I kicked my bedmates and then got sent out of their bed.
Don't you three ever do anything minxie? Shadow is home again,and appears to have dined well.


Date: 28-Jan-98Age: 0Sex: male
Home: unknownDamage: $0.00Human: Jeni and Tom

Comment: You sure have a lot of tales to tell. What is minxie?Maggie

Classic: I Had a 5 Star Bad Dog Day [Shadow]

I Had a 5 Star Bad Dog DayShady: Cocker_Spaniel

* I told Gpa I wasn't going out. I let him win finally. * I jumped the gate to the living room. Hey MD gang and Bob I am getting more agile. * I stole Annies Pooh (from the toy box) and growled (not at Annie)as a warning to leave it with me. Mom was gettin dressed at the time and had to come down, I politely sat and discussed it with Mom at her request. She won. * I climbed over the humidifer and was in the glass cupboard when Gma called Mom to see what I was into. Mom hates to be called to correct me. Dognally speaking I love the tention cuz I make sure she is really upset before I get out of trouble. * I told Gpa to just give me the treat and skip the monthly pill. (This is a bad move and I have to feel really good to tell Gpa what is on my mind. Luckily my cuteness wins)Well Unca Dan hasn't been entertained by my badness lately so I will go see what I can do to entertain him.


Date: 18-Sep-02Age: 7Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Jeni

Comment:keep it up Shady! Your'e doing good er bad work! Lady Ashley.

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Classic: I think,I learned to Hunt [Sam]

I think,I learned to Hunt

Sammy: Labrador_Retriever

My brother Shady and I had a boring day Tuesday,and he offered to teach me how to hunt. Jeni and Tom our owners had been visiting and kissing our aunt and uncle dogs at Grandma's house. Imagine we were left at home and they said they were at work. Jeni went to bed,and left Tom to watch us from the office. First we hunted in the main bedroom,then the guest room,then we found some game in the Beanie Baby cabinet. Somehow it got opened,and Shady showed me how to remove what we heard was 50 of them when Jeni came downstairs. Now any hunting dog knows you have to have a light mouth and not ruffle any feathers or in the case of BB's labels. Shady said that since I didn't have to look for the game we should hide it,so we did. Tom thought we were being too quiet,so he came down and caught me reaching for the game on the third shelf,his scream told Jeni there was a problem and she came down and made us show her where they were. Well Thursday, Jeni let Shadow spend the night at Grandmas' house,because I was howling at the scanning radio. Well hunting was so much fun,I caught 2 little black guys and lined them up on the floor,for Tom to see what a great hunter I am,he ran to the bathroom,faster than a Lab mom after a bad pup. Jeni came down and told me what a good boy I was,so I caught another. Jeni said they were mice that I caught,and I was a good boy, she is currently trying to figure out how they got in. Grandpa said he will pay to have a human go out and make sure the entrance is closed. We are thinking about going in the bed unmaking business,we undid both beds in the house and managed to get four pillows wet (I am not telling, but Shady does have a reputation). With all of this fun, Shady was coming home,and Ellie said she was going too . The last thing two bachelor dogs need is an alpha female dog coming along to spoil the fun. She hopped up in the chair and Jeni put a leash on her after Shady growled and told her no. Shady must have been the worlds best pup in the truck,as Jeni took Ellie home after a short drive, and told G/G what a gentleman he was with Ellie in the truck. With Ellie there, nothing is done wrong,by Shady,because as both of them are Cockers,Ell is afraid that she will get blamed and loose her home (something about her being rescued for being bad). Boy is she wrong, Jeni,Tom and Grandma and Grandpa always say what a lady she is.Sorry this is so long, but we had a busy week. Sammy


Date: 10-Jan-98Age: 0Sex: male
Home: Fort Wayne, FLDamage: $0.00Human: Tom and Jeni

Comment: You guys sure did have a busy week! Can't wait to see what you do next week!Maggie

Classic: I tried having a bunch of Seizures [Sam]

I tried having a bunch of Seizures

Sam: Labrador_Retriever

I had to have Grandma do my typing for me. I told her hey, the BDC gang needs to know what is happening to Sam. It started as a normal day, Grandma's day off. I was cleaning house after bringing the dogs in . Sam had been acting a little funny lately, like he wasn't being spoiled enough. I noticed him standing against a chair with one leg up I thought Molly had played wishbone (a favorite spaniel and lab game), but Sam was shaking like a seizure, so I sent the dogs upstairs to wake up Sams Dad Tom. Everyone jumped on top and Sam refused to get off. Later, Tom came downstairs and decided we needed to take Sam to the vet. Sam was quite the center of attention in the waiting room, with the shaking. At the sametime he was getting hotter and then cooling off. The rigidness and shaking came and went with it to. One other owner recgonized it as a seizure, most others thought he just was scared. The vet gave him 10mg of valium, and it didn't phase him. The next 5mg let him relax a little and more later.(keeping in mind he weighs between 35& 40#) She confirmed he was seizing, and said it is usually primary epilepsy in dogs, but she drew blood and kept him for the day and they transferred him to the emergency animal clinic for the night. He should be home tomorrow. All of us are puzzled at the multiple seizures and him not loosing his alertness, or ability to walk (in the opposite direction of the exam room)and to fight going into the vets kennel. He growled once to get Tom to get him out of the vets office, and when Jeni and Tom went to visit him, he stood up and was ready to go home. The techs said he has threatened them thru the kennel doors. He is in a kennel where he can be watched constantly, by staff.Fortunatel it is a large hospital and most of the staff knows us on site.I am sure Sam will have BD stories to tell about his adventure when he comes home. I can't imagine for one minute him putting up with them trying to change the IV line his has going.
Sam and Grandma


Date: 07-May-99Age: 2Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $250.00Human: Jeni and Tom

Comment:Thanks for keeping us informed of Sams condtion, We anticipate his version of the story. I imagine there is a lot to be told...Emily

Classic: I'm In Big Trouble Wif Annie [Shadow]

I'm In Big Trouble Wif Annie

Shady: Cocker_Spaniel

I did it, I took the nose off Baby Annies Koala Bear she made. I thought she made it for Gma cuz it was by Gmas chair. Dan got up and found all of us in the formal rooms and then he saw Silly (the stoopid bear)minus his nose. Then I knew it was trouble big time. So far the bear is in a drawer and she doesn't know about it. Dan didn't do anything but throw us outside to play and make sure we were in the family room and kitchen when he left.Oh yeah maybe Cass won't get the surgery cuz the thingy is down and Gma and Gpa don't want the surgery unless the vet says so.


Date: 14-Oct-02Age: 7Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $25.00Human: Jeni

Comment:we will keep our paws crossed for Casio. Good going getting that bear's nose...after all wasn't it just tauting you? Emily.

Classic: Molly is Too Fussy [Sam]

Molly is Too Fussy

Sam: Labrador_Retriever

Guys, Molly my Springer aunt dog is too fussy. I have a favorite spot to mark in the yard. Molly makes me move my pile whenever I leave it in "my spot", she will make me move it with my mouth or nose, but it has to go in the flowerbed on the opposite side of the pool. Imagine if every morning, you went to your spot and a barking nipping Lady Dog (I can't use the correct word, because prissy tail would have a fit),made you change places. I mean you hold it all night,and then have to run over 20 feet to go, that's mean. Yesterday morning, Grandpa put me out first, and I thought revenge, wrong . Here I am trouncing the second dog out the door and much to my surprise I get Labbie boy Uncle Cass (he is 4 and out weighs me by 47 pounds). I ran as fast as my feet could go, and Cass kept up with me, then I run smack in to a spaniel barricade (my cocker brother Shadow and Molly). When Mom and Grandma came to let me out the nexttime, I said no way. Since they were going to work, I didn't have to go out. Now Grandpa goes out and clears the way for me. He does insist that I relieve myself in the appropriate place, but he doesn't bite. More adventures later Sam

Date: 03-Jun-99Age: 2Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Jeni and Tom

Comment:What? she makes you move it to another location? Hey, it's your spot. What's up with that?...Andrew.

Classic: My Nightmare Came True [Sam]

My Nightmare Came True

Sammy: Labrador_Retriever

Well the jokes are over, I had THE surgery. I kept telling Tom (my Dad)that if we went for the surgery and one male was leaving, it would be me. Mom had a better idea, she told him she was going out of town, and she would pick me up when she came home. Everyone knows what Mom or Grandma say goes.Mom was very impressed by the facility, and when I got outside and saw the van I jumped in (ouch) Jeni had the idea she was going to sit in the passenger seat, not a good idea, this boy was tender, finally she got in. Next thing she called home on the cell phone and said for everyone home to come out and bring me and the groceries in. I planned to spend the evening sleeping on Tom, and snubbed Mom. He might have dropped me off, but she told him too. I stole Mollies (my springer aunt) food, and had a good romp in the big yard before evening was over and happy to say feeling fine. Sam


Date: 30-Mar-99Age: 1Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Jeni and Tom

Comment: Glad to hear all ended up ok.

Classic: Possums Growl [Shadow]

Possums Growl

Shadow: Cocker_Spaniel

Last night, Cass (my labbie brother)said there was a major hunt, Mom let me out and I joined. Well, finally Mom went in and told dad she needed Male human help, so he and the human pup Dan (he's 19, but he used to be a pup)came out. Dad got up tight and told Mom to get the dogs in . No way the possum was growling at me. When Mom heard about it, her protective instincts went into high gear and she made us go in. She actually brought out a pound of hamburger to bait us. The possum was trapped in the shed and we had to go thru bikes to get it. Dad couldn't see what it was, just hear the barking and growling. Mom told him to grab me, and he said he wasn't going to be the last one out. Well I was and it wasn't going to be without the possum.Enter Moms brain again, out comes the hose and Dad sprays us, well possums aren't dumb and neither are cockers. He took off down the side of the shed and I followed, but couldn't catch out the shed door and over the fence. Guys, it was a wood fence that had been a problem for me in the past, possie dug his claws in it and so did I , He jumped off into the yard next door so did I.He ran under the neighbors fence panels they had angled against their garage, so did I. Then he hid out of reach, I did a few victory laps around the neighbors yard (the rest of the pack had already accomplished going over the fence and I got left behind now I have a way)[Dad's comment he is now confined to the pool area where they can't climb out], then I went back for the hunt. Here I am sitting listening for possie and Dad climbs the fence, he didn't want me out of his sight. Well no way Dad is getting me, he is a big guy and could just shine the flashlight on me, so much for my black cocker camoflage in the dark, possie knew where I was. Enter a strange human male with fire in his mouth. Big mouth Mom says, he doesn't bite so this human mole comes under the fence and carries me out holding my head so I can't bite just in case. Now Dad would never let a strange human male in his territory, much less to touch one of us. Which is how I let him catch me totally off guard. To add insult to injury Mom introduced us all around, and they shook hands. Next he is walking with us home, but he stopped at the house we are told to keep the humans that go there away from us. Well Dad had explained how well we protect our territory two from the rear and two from the front. Then he stopped at the house, and it hit mom who he was. He won't catch us again. Dad did give us hamburger for being such good hunters.
Shadow Shadow


Date: 10-Sep-99Age: 4Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Jeni

Comment:So who was the strange human with fire in his mouth? At least you got some hamburger out of the deal following your chase and great escape. Maggie.

Classic: Shadow is a great teacher and so is Cassie [Sam]

Sammy: Labrador_Retriever

Hi, I am Sammy the youngest of a two dog team, but with an extended pack of 6 dogs when we go to Grandmas.Although I am a Lab, my brother is a cocker named Shadow, he used to live with the big pack (before Ellie moved in) before Jeni and Tom got married.
Shadow is teaching me to be self sufficient. Part of my training is observing everything Shadow does and then doing it. Since as a 4 month old Lab I am taller than Shady, I decided if he could climb on the counter and get a drink or snack so could I. So I did, but the counter is an island and it has a lot of good things on it. One was a retrieving dummy and I knew how Cass and I love to chase those, so I decided to throw it myself and then chase it (they're also great for dropping on humans who don't pay attention). Well it was heavier than I thought and I dropped it on Shady who yelled louder than I thought possible, I heard Jeni coming and forgot how to get down, so I jumped just as she came in the kitchen door.
The way she carried on you would have thought I hurt the cocker, who just soaked up the attention (just like I would have). I told Shadow he taught me that trick well. He says forget it. Sammy


Date: 06-Sep-97Age: 0Sex: male
Home: INDamage: $0.00Human: Tom and Jeni

Comment: Some dogs are such whimps aren't they. My brother Andrew freaks out if anyone steps on even a hair on his tail. He's quite whimpy but he does get a lot of attention. Maybe I will try out the whimp routine.Emily

Classic: The Pack Deserted Me [Shady]

The Pack Deserted Me

Shady : Cocker_Spaniel

Cyber Pack Help . I saw an open door opp. and took it figuring the pack would follow me. WRONG those kitties stayed inside. (Honest little brother Molly and I tried but Gpa threw a big empty dog food bag(did he mention that Gpa was filling the feeder with fresh burger and cheese kibble) at the door so we couldn't get out Sam). Like I ran out and did the massive search circle of the yard and no pups. I heard Gpa yell stay heck I think the whole hood stayed as loud as he yelled. He had panicked almost like when Bit used to go for walks by himself. I figured they must be going in the van so I checked it out, nope. Trouble Gpa opens the door and says inside. I figured it's dark out and I would be doing a solo act so I went in. Gpa isn't one you play the chase game with. He runs in the opposite direction.The other fuzz faces were buried in the feeders, so I nosed in.
Hi JC are you aware it is one of my lady dogs you are flirting with? It's ok the cyber pack is very sociable.
Chicken for dinner, got to go get my share.


Date: 26-Sep-02Age: 7Sex: female
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Jeni

Comment:At least you were there in time for dinner! Shady, You know I'm a flirt... Lady Ashley.

Classic: The Pack is Mad at Me [Sam]

The Pack is Mad at Me

Sam: Labrador_Retriever

Samson here, G&G took all 4 of us to the field. I barked when I saw something interesting and cried for help when the other dogs got too far ahead of me. Now they are mad at me. All I did was tell them where the bird was and then howl to tell them Gpa was holding my leash too tight. Well they told me I can't go with them in the field anymore, to make matters worst G&G told Mom that.The guys at Rb were looking out for me, Mom asked Gpa if I could go if she took charge of me. I was so happy I sang like a happy lab , Mom didn't understand that, she took a long time making me shut up and the other dogs were saying leave him home, we want to go. Well Mom sat in the back seat with us and made us sit in the far back plus be quiet. First I barked and told her we were too far away from the pack. Next I made her hand leak red stuff because I pulled so hard. Gma gave her gloves and she wrapped my leash around her back, until she got a big red thing on it G&G called it rope burn from my longe line which is cotton weave and that was with a winter coat on. Well if she had just let keep up with the other dogs, I would have been fine, but they were hunting and didn't want me scaring the geese and ducks. I was trying to tell them that one of the geese was a dog in disguise (it was a goose who wanted us off his lake, he originally honked like a goose, swam like a goose was dominant like a gander and had a neck bigger than my front leg, so I didn't fall for it when he started barking like a dog, there was a still a goose accent to the bark, and he didn't get me unfortunately big mouth sam wouldn't let the pack surround him {Cass, neither would Dad and I Mom]try having a big mouth field dog giving away the strategy Casio sams labbie boy uncle). Anyway I made sure that the dogs didn't scare anything I sang and barked. Casio actually got to go by the Lake by himself off leash, until he got Gma upset because he couldn't hear her. I told Jeni let me get him, but when Gma walked towards him, he went to her. Bottomline Jeni has a lot of problems welts and blisters on her hands, her back and leaky hands so she has to wear bandaids at work, plus she sent our Dad out at 2 am for medicine for her hands now he doesn't think taking me in the field(he isn't field trained, so I can train him my why if they will just leave Shady at home{fat chance little bro. someone has to protect Mom and keep Dad in control Shady Sams cocker brother})will be fun since Jeni was a trainer and can control us. Anyway I can't do field work without Jeni being there. The other pups didn't get to flush anything and G&G say they won't hold my leash in the field so they don't get asked to leave for my big mouth.
A new trick from Sam, Gpa had me in the backyard in the dark and I started to do a pile on his foot,very effective.


Date: 15-Apr-00Age: 2Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $50.00Human: Jeni

Comment:Is your mom ok? Maggie.

Classic: Tom Blamed me for Breaking a Window [Shadow]

Tom Blamed me for Breaking a Window

Shadow: Cocker_Spaniel

Imagine you are sound asleep hiding in your Moms bed, (she has Asthma and doesn't allow me in our room ) but when my Dad Tom comes home, he sneaks me upstairs do to my mischeivious brown eyes, plus he relates to me. He can't keep his hands off me when he comes in a room, much less sleep without me) she is sound asleep. Suddenly you feel a thump on your body and then crash of breaking window glass and the bigger thump of the outside window sliding down in front of the screen. It was noisy, I think, Tom be quiet, I might get caught. Grandpa comes in to see what happened, obiviousily freshly woken up. He does what I wish Tom had done, he looks at the situation and makes sure there is nothing dangerous, it was a clean break and goes back to bed. He didn't even notice (until the next morning) that the outside window on top was open, letting all of the pollen in. It was a cold night, but being a cocker spaniel I snuggled back to sleep until the next morning when Grandma got up, I let Tom sleep. Imagine the indiginity of it all blamed for a broken window. Shadow

Date: 30-Mar-99Age: 4Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $25.00Human: Jeni and Tom

Comment: It sounds like time for revenge.

Classic: Ultimate Compliment [Sam]

Ultimate Compliment

Sam: Labrador_Retriever

I was just going to visit my friend Alex, we might have discussed pack order (he is Alpha in his pack of two or six if the relatives stayover)and I am at the bottom of mine. My opinion being that since Cass is Alpha of the hood, I am over anyother dog not in my house. Well I jumped both fences and was running to visit Alex who was ready to step out of his drive. All of a Sudden I hear ALEX and see his Mom looking scared of me running. A mom yelling a dogs name can be intimidating to the most well intentioned dog when you don't know the mom well. I jumped the fence and then jumped the second fence.Well Alex's Mom told my Mom and turns out she thought I was my Uncle Cass, and she was terrified. I have always been told that they wanted me to turn out like Cass (he weighs 97# and is 27" tall at the shoulder, I weigh 50# and am shorter plus he has mass and I haven't put it on yet). {Sam you're not like Cass, he wouldn't have gone over the fence, and you're a lot slower}. Listen to my dog Aunt Molly merely a pup, but she is right. Right after my trip, Cass took one of his own {Grandma says only one submission at a time so I need to tell Cass's adventure too.}He was helping his Mom cut the shrubs back,when the orange cat strolled by. He took off faster than anyone could believe,Gmom called him back, but he said she was a threat to Gmom [Gpa taught all of this well about cats]so he kept going. He had to be called three times, before he came sorta. She took him by the collar and brought him in the house with the rest of us. He went right to his kennel without being told. Then we heard he was hot, and wanted the cool air conditioning. Later we heard about the chase. Rumor has it that if it hadn't been for the fences he would have eliminated the cat.
Cass still gets to work off leash, but I cannot go out except in the side yard, which I can't jump.
The ultimate compliment was being taken for Cass.


Date: 09-Jul-99Age: 2Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Jeni and Tom

Comment:They say when you dream, dream big...Maggie

Classic: We took Mom Geese Chasing [Sam]

                            We took Mom Geese Chasing

Sam : Labrador_Retriever

Last night, our pack went out for our evening exercise and Cass (my 96#lab uncle)and I were walking with Mom keeping our leashes from dragging. Well being the attentive creatures we are, Cass,Mom and I turned our attention in the directions of a flock of geese sitting on the riverbank. Well Cass and my 50# self put it into 8 overdrive and headed for the river too close to a tree, which mom who was being dragged thru the pleasantly damp clay was too close to and grabbed an arm around before we could go swimming. Dad said we dragged her over 6 feet judging by the skidmarks. Those stupid geese did a victory flap of their wings in our river. We'll get them next time, because Mom said (after the fact)that she would have dropped our leashes before she went into the e-coli river. Sammy

Date: 11-Jul-00Age: 3Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Jeni

Comment:e-coli river? The chase sounds fun though! At least you put the fear of doG in those geese! Maybe you'll get one next time... Maggie.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: I Want to Take Care of the Baby [Shadow]

I Want to Take Care of the BabyShadow: Cocker_Spaniel

I've got a real handful with Molly and the umans. I say Annie is my baby and I get to take care of her. They say look but don't touch. Like you can resist a sweet smelling windup toy. Stoopid retrievers do, they watch her but don't touch. Molly thinks her job is to chase boy dogs away from the little uman. Like she bites necks and rolls back on her tail if you try to go in back of the umans. I mean Annie cries more than once, the umans are too slow so I try to help. I don't let her get a second wimper before I bark . Just until they respond. Needless to say we don't get in a room with just Mom and the pup. Gma, Gpa or Uncle Dan are always there. Yup lots of extra special treats around here and tention. I think we pups are ready for another baby.Oh yeah the puter is in the same room as the baby so we really have to work to get to it. Sorry bout two stories so close together, but this is citing. For the pups who are afraid of loosing their home we have no fear that way hope you don't either.
Annie is calling me,
Shadow and the FW pack


Date: 30-May-01Age: 6Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Jeni

Comment:Sounds like you have found you calling as a sitter for your new sibling. Emily

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Classic: In Dog Terms I was excellent, in human terms I was Cute [Shadow]

In Dog Terms I was excellent, in human terms I was Cute

Shadow Dog: Cocker_Spaniel

Today is Christmas Day,and as usual we are at Grandma and Grandpas house. We came two days ago, but I visited earlier, and Cassie (G&G's Lab and my best bud) told me that there were dog toys on the front porch, lots of them. Now the idea is for me to investigate and open the toys for the pack. Lab's are too sophisticated to do it,Ellie (there Lady Cocker)is too prissy, BJ (the poodle who is Alpha dog)doesn't dirty his paws with things the underlings should do,and Bit (the 11 year old 5.5 pound Yorkie)is not tough enough since he had dental work done. So that left it for the pro. Well knowing how the human pack works,I decided that my share of the toys might disappear if I got into the stockings that held them. No one in the pack was happy with me.This morning,we were told we had to wait for Jeni and Tom to come over before we could open our presents. They didn't even put them under the tree for us. Half way thru the day, Jeni and Tom came. Grandma went out to the porch,and I escorted her with several other dogs. I jumped up on the swing,and went to get the stockings, they were gone. Not a scent,except Grandma who was in the living room talking to Grandpa. Finally, Cassie was telling Dan to hurry up and open his toys. Cassie getting toys,in my humble opinion they had my name on them. Like a flash I was in and saw Grandpa telling people who was to help which pup open their stocking. This is what I was waiting for. We have to wait for Tom to open all of his batteries,there were more batteries than we have paws on two dogs . Well I started pushing,and finally I went to the sad eyes lying on the sofa across from Tom. Jeni finally helped him put his batteries away and then I flew over to get my toys. A new stuffed toy I was in doggie heaven and collapsed on the sofa. Well it turns out there were a lot more toys for me,and I kept getting called back for more. When it was over, the guys and Ellie said why couldn't you (meaning me)open the toys like the pokey humans did. We could have had them sooner.
I am getting too good for my own good in human terms. But I am certain that the rest of you would agree in pack terms I was very bad.
To make amends, I am wishing all the dogs on the web Happy Holidays from our extended pack. Shadow


Date: 25-Dec-97Age: 3Sex: male
Home: Ft.Wayne,IndianaDamage: $0.00Human: Jeni and Tom

Comment: I opened all my own gifts but Emily and Maggie had to get the humans to help, just like you.It's really fun ripping into presents.....esp. when you are supposed to! Merry Christmas!Andrew