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Friday, October 11, 2013

Classic: Mommy Got Nipped [Bart]

Mommy Got Nipped

Bart: Mix

Hi all,Long time no write. It's Bart the wondermutt here in Gaithersburg, Md. A lot has changed since we last wrote. Mommy and Daddy have now broken up, and Daddy is no where in sight anymore. He refuse to take responsibility for us dogs, apparently us mutts cramp his dating life. Not that he ever cared for us anyway, Mommy is the one who took care of our daily needs. She is queen and I'll beat up all those who disagree. We do wish she spends more time at home, she's got a new job working as an auditor and she travels a lot. Not to mention she does kickboxing, karate, and Brazilian Jujitsu (wrestling for short), that doesn't leave much time for her to spend with us mutts. But Mommy said if she doesn't do all those contact sports she would go crazy. It's actually therapy for her after Daddy turned out to be such a jerk.
Anyway, Mommy's friend Jesse came over to pick her up for a night out and since we never met Jesse before Bart decided to nipped Mommy on the thigh to warn her of letting strangers in the house. He left a pretty good bruise on her thigh, and he got a bop on the noggins for doing it. He still didn't learn and tried the nip her hand that's opening the door. She's not ready have company yet and it's our duty (no our right) to drive away any possible intruders!
To all with love,
Bart, Spike, and Jamie (the original bad dogs of Gaithersburg)


Date: 20-Jul-01Age: 2Sex: female
Home: Maryland, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Cindy

Comment:Not only that but sometimes they don't have a good judge of character. We have a far superior judgement of that sort of thing, mom should follow your instincts not hers. Maggie.

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