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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: More Obstacles Since the Great Escape [Cassie]

More Obstacles Since the Great EscapeCassie: Labrador_Retriever

Things are going from bad to worst around here, first Mom and Dad bring home a crunching trash container, they call it a trash compactor. It seems like it was cheeper (talk about cheeep) than the vet bill for our latest gourmet delights namely empty whipped cream I can deflate them in my jaws) cans and Ellies' favorite plastic or in a pinch aluminum. We've never had to go in for eating anything yet.Anyway I took a good sniff realized I can't knock it over or open it. When my nephew Shady (he's a cocker) came over he ate and then said where's the trash, I said follow your nose, then he tried to open the thing figuring it couldn't be any worst than the refrigerator, (he is a pro at opening the refrigerator) boy was he wrong, he left after only two nights, something about nothing good to eat.

The next time he and Sam came over, we got bored and decided to play with the human pups next door, so we stepped over the fence. Mom says it is fortunate we didn't hurt anyone.
Well the busy body human decided to come over and tell the humans Shady and I were loose, well there are things you don't do and one of them is visit my humans, so I went and opened my big labbie mouth and Tom (my brother in law human) looked over the curtain and then I hear the words Cass Come out of Moms mouth, and I never ignore that. She went out and thanked the man for coming to tell her we were loose. Shady said to keep my mouth shut next time. The next time we went to go out, Mom and Dad said I had to go out on the pool side of the yard. This is absolutely no fun, the fence is too high to jump, and no game to chase. Fortunately that only lasted a day, and we were back in the big yard. The new fence is bigger than the old one, and there are no places for the game to hide. Ellie and Sam said it was my fault, the little innocents chose not to get caught in the great escape and innocently looked up at Dad when he opened the back door to look for us. Cass


Date: 17-May-98Age: 3Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Hal and Diane

Comment: Did you say Pool Side?!?! I would luv to swim in a pool. I have only went swimming a couple times because of something called gators. But those few times sure were great.

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