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Friday, October 11, 2013

Classic: Ultimate Compliment [Sam]

Ultimate Compliment

Sam: Labrador_Retriever

I was just going to visit my friend Alex, we might have discussed pack order (he is Alpha in his pack of two or six if the relatives stayover)and I am at the bottom of mine. My opinion being that since Cass is Alpha of the hood, I am over anyother dog not in my house. Well I jumped both fences and was running to visit Alex who was ready to step out of his drive. All of a Sudden I hear ALEX and see his Mom looking scared of me running. A mom yelling a dogs name can be intimidating to the most well intentioned dog when you don't know the mom well. I jumped the fence and then jumped the second fence.Well Alex's Mom told my Mom and turns out she thought I was my Uncle Cass, and she was terrified. I have always been told that they wanted me to turn out like Cass (he weighs 97# and is 27" tall at the shoulder, I weigh 50# and am shorter plus he has mass and I haven't put it on yet). {Sam you're not like Cass, he wouldn't have gone over the fence, and you're a lot slower}. Listen to my dog Aunt Molly merely a pup, but she is right. Right after my trip, Cass took one of his own {Grandma says only one submission at a time so I need to tell Cass's adventure too.}He was helping his Mom cut the shrubs back,when the orange cat strolled by. He took off faster than anyone could believe,Gmom called him back, but he said she was a threat to Gmom [Gpa taught all of this well about cats]so he kept going. He had to be called three times, before he came sorta. She took him by the collar and brought him in the house with the rest of us. He went right to his kennel without being told. Then we heard he was hot, and wanted the cool air conditioning. Later we heard about the chase. Rumor has it that if it hadn't been for the fences he would have eliminated the cat.
Cass still gets to work off leash, but I cannot go out except in the side yard, which I can't jump.
The ultimate compliment was being taken for Cass.


Date: 09-Jul-99Age: 2Sex: male
Home: Indiana, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Jeni and Tom

Comment:They say when you dream, dream big...Maggie

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