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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Classic: Hal Tackled Me [Lady Elizabeth Rosalee]

Hal Tackled Me

Lady Elizabeth Rosalee: German_Shepherd

Ok It's time to let you know the begining of the Fw Pack . I was peacefully sitting in my yard, when Diane (now known as Mom)and Hal (aka Dad)came up on bicycles. He looked good, but Mom always brought guys around for my approval. This one wouldn't go home. Two days later, they took me for a long walk I tried to lead them home knowing they were lost, but no they kept walking my paws off (and I was used to long walks). Finally I wrapped my leash around them (hey I don't have to ty them together now it is automatic Cass). We eventually went home.Later on Hal came and picked my packmate Panda ( a boston terrorist)and I to go to a park. Now being a 125# Black German Shepherd I am used to being in control. Hal had me off leash and I saw the opportunit y to correct a situation down the hill and Panda was right behind me but on a leash. Well I took off and Hal went into overdrive for a human and tackled me before I could correct the problem. He was breathing funny and I can't say I felt good try being run over by a huge scared (of what Mom would do if something happened to me)human.
Well Panda didn't have much use for human Males except to bite a part behind the zipper of them. Every male who tried to date his Mom (my moms sister)got nipped, and the men who lived with us or visited regularly including (the father and brother of the house)picked up their knee as soon as Panda ran in. He decided that he liked Hal (told me he should become his Dad not mine)and Hal never had to lift up his knee because Panda liked to hang out with him. Panda told me that if Hal could catch me and do that to me he was afraid of what would happen to a little Boston who tried anything.
As I look down, Mom and Dad (they got married and had pups)from RB they are getting closer and even stricter with the pups. Hey I had it made with them and so do those guys. It has been 25 years since I first approved of the guy and am glad I did.
I will write with more shorter stories about raising Hal and Jeni (Shadow and Sams Mom) I had my picture taken with her when she was a pup and I was old. Hal loved me so much he nicknamed me Ladybug and I loved it. So did Mom but he has never done anything wrong I know of. Except for apartments with no dog clauses. Something about my size. Before I came up here they were buying the house they have now and I was going to live with them.


Date: 11-Dec-99Age: 10Sex: female
Home: Michigan, United States (USA)Damage: $0.00Human: Hal and Diane

Comment:It's alway nice to hear about beginnings. Say Hi to all our friends at the Rainbow Bridge. Emily.

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