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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Revenge of the Poodle

Hi BDG! It's Buddy the stealth poodle again. It's been awhile since I have gotten into any serious trouble. Getting older and more mellow, I guess. However, life still has it's reward. Mom sent me to the groomer after a two month break when she just trimmed me with the scissors. I hurt my back and she didn't want me to be handled incorrectly at the groomers. 

Anyway, I had a good 1.5 inches of hair on me when she finally sent me to be washed, dried and clipped. I have what is called a "show coat." This means I have a seriously thick and curly coat. I had never been to the groomers with this much hair before.

Guess what guys! I burned up a set of clippers!!! I was just too much for them. Ha ha ha!!!! The groomer had to switch to a more powerful set. Very satisfying!!

Your pal,

1 comment:

Bad Dog Chronicles said...

Whoa! That is very impressive! Must have looked like a sheep was sheared?