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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hi, My Name is Sandy

Hi, my name is Sandy.

Jonathon and Spike at the Rainbow Bridge whispered into my mommy's ear and said that I would be the perfect puppy for mommy.

Well mommy listened and here I am. I know that I have some big paws to fill.

Mommy thinks that I am going to be a good girl but I hear that Jonathon and Spike were proper bad dogs, so I am going to try to follow their examples.

I already pee all over the house. Mommy bought me wee pads, but I run over to the rug and use that instead. I also have started chewing on mommy's and daddy's shoes. That gets a interesting reaction from both of them.

Well, I got to go for now. I need to take my nap and hear what Jonathon and Spike have to whisper to me. Hehe!

Sandy the Puppy Girl

1 comment:

Bad Dog Chronicles said...

You are off to an awesome start! Great job! I am sure Jonathan and Spike are proud of you! Keep at it!